US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at Munich Conference

Is US influence in world politics declining?

The struggle that the United States has faced to garner support for the Yemen campaign illustrates its diminishing ability to rally its allies to its causes. The lack of nations willing to engage in a war for US interests signals a shift in global dynamics. Even longstanding allies, such as Israel, appear less inclined to align with US policies.

My brush with Bharat Ratnas

In the choice of these awards Modi has again shown political astuteness and statesmanship of a very high order.

Will 2024 be any different from 2023? Little to cheer about

The world has learned nothing in the year 2023 from the miseries suffered by innocent people due to wars and conflicts.

COP28 actions on Indian streets, setting the stage for net-zero reality

As India positions itself for post-COP28, this youth-led initiative not only captures the attention of the masses but positions youth as catalysts for sustainable transformation. 

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Before Uniform Civil Code, how about a Uniform Women Code?

In the proposed UCC now  being formulated, all aspects that are related to protecting the privileges of women should be  taken out and  included in a new Uniform Women Code.

A Uniform Civil Code will help Muslim women in India fight injustices

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  government has proposed a Uniform Civil Code for India where all citizens  would have the same law apply to their economic, social  and religious rights. If such a law were to be enacted, it would ensure that injustices done to Muslim women in India were wiped out in  one stroke.

The real meaning behind Modi's Hindu Invocations at new parliament inauguration

It is high time that every Indian, whether Christian, Muslim, Sikh, or Buddhist, recognize that India is essentially a country based on Hindu ethos, even as people belonging to other religions are at total liberty to follow their religious dictums.  Any objection to Modi following Hindu religious practices for inaugurating the new parliament is not appropriate. Modi has shown the way and blown away the unreal secularism phobia.

Maharashtra power tussle: Question marks over the Supreme Court judgement

There was clearly visible cheap politics on all sides but the Supreme Court seems to prefer the politics of the Thackeray faction rather than the legislative majority.

Challenges in Ladakh: Appropriate technology can improve standard of living

Ladakh is endowed with an excellent water supply through pristine rivers which flow across the land.  This water can be used in the greenhouses to grow vegetables, fodder and other produce.

New US visa policy for Bangladesh not against Hasina government

As a result of this new US policy, a major change is being observed in the policy of the Western world towards Bangladesh. If the BNP boycotts the elections as a result of the new policy, they will not get any support from the Western world - that is clear.

Modi should also espouse the cause of hapless Tibetans

Modi’s laudable efforts for world peace by trying to bring accord between Ukraine and Russia would be an incomplete exercise if he fails to espouse nearer home the plight of the Tibetans and highlight their pain

Modi, in his tenth year as PM, should launch a war on corruption and dynasty politics

With just around 12 months before the next parliamentary election, Modi has little time to lose in meeting the expectations of the people in eradicating corruption.

A farcical democracy? Need to restore inner-party democracy in India

Otherwise, democracy will remain meaningless-- once in five-year exercise by ordinary citizens who are represented by MPs/MLAs who themselves are bonded labourers of a controlling coterie. 

Need to sensitise Indian Muslims to the knowledge economy

India has made school education free and compulsory for all and even provided additional privileges to minority and traditionally disadvantaged communities. However, the spread of education among the Muslim communities still lags behind the mainstream for a variety of reasons, mostly economic, regressive social practices, and an inadequately enlightened clergy.

Need to build trust among Rohingyas first for smooth repatriation

The Rohingyas will not consent to reside in the "model village" that is being constructed in Maungdoo for the rehabilitation of the Rohingyas. Most significantly, not a single Rohingya wants to go back to Rakhine until they can be assured of citizenship.

Artificial intelligence says ‘India has emerged as significant player in global AI landscape’

ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing on Edge are the trending experimental uses of artificial intelligence, harnessing its powers to write reports and collate information.

U75: Historic national launch of carbon neutrality in 75 universities across India

Under SCCN universities are encouraged to kick start the localising and implementing the SDGs and Net Zero on their campuses.

Should PM Modi be spending so much time campaigning in state elections?

The net result is that the valuable time of PM Modi, which should be spent on the governance of the country, has been sacrificed for winning an election in one state.

South Asian peace activists condemn Kashmir terror attack, support Pakistani foreign minister’s India visit

Sapan has long been advocating for bilateral engagements and liberalisation of visas for family members, students, pilgrims, exchange of artists, and cricket bilateral series. The petition #MilneDo (let people meet) coordinated by the group has garnered several thousand signatures.