Gandhi, 1918  flu pandemic and COVID19

Gandhi, 1918 flu pandemic and COVID19

In sheer statistical terms, the 1918 flu pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic are not comparable.

Faith and judiciary: A case from Pakistan

The mosque was small and was never used as a place of worship. When Maharaja Ranjit Singh took control of the entire Punjab, the Sikhs took over the mosque, placed the Guru Granth Sahib inside it and converted it into a gurudwara. 

Geetanjali Shree first Indian to win International Booker Prize: Will it open doors for translations of great literature in all Indian languages?

Shree winning the International Booker Prize may be a cause for celebration in India and among the world of Hindi publishers. However, as Sanjaya Kumar Singh, a well-known Hindi journalist, writer and editor, said on Facebook, “Indian publishers have contributed nothing to Geetanjali Shree winning the Booker. She won despite them and not because of them.” 

A search for Guru Nanak in Pakistan

Amid Hindu-Muslim antagonism that existed even then, Nanak wanted to show that there is a direct path to God, one that doesn’t travel through temples and shrines. 

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A compelling story from Trinidad and Tobago

The narrative is meticulously researched and infused with historical data that supplements the development of the personal story

A revolutionary book on Islam that non-Muslims should also read

According to the author, the wealth of the Muslim community and government spending on the rituals of Islam for centuries would have been better utilized for establishing universities and technical and research institutes. The absence of these is a key reason for the decline of Muslims as a productive part of the society or country where they live

Hatred impedes bhakti; all religions are alike and one: Swami Vivekananda

At a time when Hindu zealots are using even religious observances to whip up hatred against Muslims in particular, a re-reading of Vivekananda can provide welcome relief

Cans of worms from untold history of British Raj and after

A matter with important long-term implications brought out in the book is Nehru’s refusal to an India-US partnership offered by the US in 1949, which could have proved to be a game-changer for India

Is China setting up Wuhan-kind of lab in Pakistan?

The studies have been funded by China and appear to be a precursor to the secret new China-Pakistan military bio-program exposed by The Klaxon last month

How an advertising blitz helped Congress to turn tables on BJP

There is no doubt that the bulk of India was not impressed by the BJP’s “India Shining” slogan of 2004 although it did create quite a hype ahead of the Lok Sabha battle

A scholarly African journey: Can priorities match principles?

In 2011, India's Ministry of External Affairs commissioned a commemorative volume to coincide with the India-Africa Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that was jointly released by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the 50-odd African heads of government

Connecting the South Asia dots through common cultural heritage

How many people know that the Vishwakarma festival is not only celebrated across parts of India but in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan as well?

When LTTE tried to take Sri Sri hostage

This book is also a story of the foolish short-sightedness that destroyed the LTTE – and along with it the future of tens of thousands of Tamils it claimed to represent in Sri Lanka

Spirituality can lead to genuine happiness

According to the author, the mantra for India’s and the world’s development should be spirituality with high technology

How to take on China: A fictional narrative

The book has in places discussions that are so realistic that it well could be held in the decision-making meetings in the corridors of power

In defence of the ordinary

The book is a collection of essays with serious sarcasm, poetic polemics and suggestive propositions on a wide range of aspects related to ordinariness

A definitive account of the 1971 war that altered South Asia's geography

If you want to read just one book to know what happened in 1971 and the events that led to Pakistan’s break-up, this is it.

Englishmen who resurrected and preserved India’s golden past

If Indians have to name one Englishman for invaluable contribution to rediscovering India’s lost history, it must be William Jones, who helped Indians to locate their lost heritage and understand the ancient glory of their past

Will Yogi Adityanath get to govern India one day?

Adityanath, the book says, is at the vanguard of the Hindu consolidation process along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah