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Need for a multi-polar solidarity and holistic strategy to counter China (Book Review)

India's ability and potential to act as a geopolitical and geo-economic pivot to China, both in Asia and the world, has been well highlighted, both of which require greater focus on building economic heft

Beyond cities - where the climate is challenged by heaps of garbage (Book Review)

Reading Saumya Roy’s absorbing account one wonders if the trillions that the world plans to spend on climate control would find a solution to the problem that cities like Mumbai are stumped by

India, Pakistan unlikely to shake hands soon (Book Review)

Experts warn that the onus of keeping Russians away from Pakistan is on India, which must take proactive steps to improve the economic partnership and strengthen the strategic understanding with Russia

Facebook: surveillance capitalism at Its worst? (Book Review)

It was initially known as The Facebook and one of its original aims was to rate hot Harvard girls

A pathbreaking critique of the rise of Kamala Harris and Indian Americanism (Book Review)

This book is a treasure trove of forgotten gems about the history of the Indian American community, their rise to prominence and their role in ensuring the acceptance and adoption of the India US Nuclear Deal

Ramakrishna Paramhansa: A mystic, saint and philosopher despite being 'unlettered' (Book Review)

The Kathamrita records Ramakrishna as saying that no faith should be disrespected or denigrated; references to Christ and the Bible are part of its great fabric

Understanding of divine energy in our daily lives (Book Review)

In his literary works, Dr. Gupta takes a management approach to advancing sciences while explaining the hidden mysteries of nature, relationships of scientific advancements with the processes existing in mother nature

A fascinating glimpse into the forgotten world of Mughal art and culture in India (Book Review)

Mughal art, as it branched into many areas of creativity, blended seamlessly with local socio-cultural ethos of the adopted country

A damning expose of how Canada is blatantly condoning Khalistani terrorism (Book Review)

The Khalistanis in the West are thriving even though the Khalistan project is in shambles in Punjab, the state that is home to the Sikhs. Milewski insists that it is the Pakistanis who are driving the campaign – to avenge 1971

Obama: Didn’t Trust Pakistan, Found Manmohan Wise (Book Review)

Manmohan Singh admitted to Obama that his failure to retaliate against Pakistan after the Mumbai terror attack had cost him politically and he feared that rising anti-Muslim sentiments had strengthened the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) appeal

The riveting saga of hiccups, evolution and achievements of India's DRDO

The book reveals how DRDO’s growth/progress was hampered by bureaucratic apathy and politico-bureaucratic aims which often resulted in the organisation’s innovative projects being dumped, so that the required weapon/system could be imported with large kickbacks

Won't write about India due to lack of knowledge or confidence: Jeffrey Archer

English novelist and former British politician, Jeffrey Archer, had his book Turn a Blind Eye launched in India at a virtual event of Kitab organised by Prabha Khaitan Foundation and presented by Shree Cement

Journey of Women scientists: From career to patent professionals

An inspiring journey of 100 women scientists who returned to science after a break in career has been documented in a book form

Al Qaeda and Islamist terrorism: A battle of hearts and minds

Osama bin Laden is dead. But the idea of Al Qaeda lives on. And as long as the idea of Islamist resistance provides oxygen, terrorists wedded to the cause of Islam will continue to strike, when they can

Fascinating stories of Indian war heroes

The book takes the reader on a remarkable journey from WW II through the conflicts of 1962, 1965 and 1971 to Operation Vijay (Kargil, 1999), that witnessed daring young officers leading from the front, and at great cost to life and limb vanquishing a well-entrenched enemy who had the tactical advantage of being well dug-in on steep-sloped heights occupied months before the Indian Army reacted