March 16, 2019 | Volume 3 | Issue 6

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Why South Korea matters to India
By Amb Vishnu Prakash (retd.)

An admirer of South Korea, PM Modi has always believed that "for India's growth, Korea&#...

Battle for India: An election like no other
By Tarun Basu

With a lot at stake and invectives flying both ways in what is likely to be a no-holds-barred 17t...

Pulwama-Balakot can be defining moment for India in a long drawn out war
C Uday Bhaskar

Balakot has a significant symbolism to it, in that it marks the assertion  and resolve of In...

What the India-Bangladesh military exercises signify
By Anil Bhat

The aim of the exercise, much like the current state of bilateral relations between India and Ban...

India, Pakistan to be part of SCO's joint anti-terror exercises 

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) eight member states, including India and Pakistan, will participate in a joint anti-terrorism exe


India should guard against further terror acts By J.K.Verma

Delhi has the right to annihilate terrorist camps as extremists are trained and infiltrated into India. Hence the Balakot airstrike was a defensive


India should be part of regional trade agreements: Prof Amita Batra

Global trade trends have seen significant shifts in the last 20 years, said Dr Amita Batra, Professor, Centre for South Asian Studies, Jawaharlal N

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