Nepal Earthquake (Representational Photo)

Climate crises affect women more: Vulnerabilities of Nepalese women increased manifold after 2015 earthquake

According to a UN report, three months after the quake in Nepal at least 245 children had been preyed upon by traffickers and that was just the “tip of a growing iceberg”

Meeting of Nepalese and Bangladesh foreign ministers in Dhaka

With a little help from India, an energy deal will open new avenues in Dhaka-Kathmandu relations

A trilateral energy sales and purchase agreement between Bangladesh, Nepal, and India are required for any Dhaka-Kathmandu power transaction to be implemented because Bangladesh and Nepal do not have a direct land link.

Pakistan’s nuclear missile

Pakistan abides by the highest standards of nuclear safety and security

Pakistan’s nuclear tests of 28 May 1998 not only demonstrated the resolve of the Pakistani nation to safeguard the country's territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty but also the desire to preserve strategic balance in South Asia. 

India soft power (Representational Photo)

India should leverage its soft power as a trade multiplier

India should make concerted efforts to corner a bigger role in the governance of global multilateral bodies and should get involved in resolving global conflicts and issues. It should take its success to the world, contributing to capacity building wherever required, especially in Africa. 


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