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Pandemic diplomacy: Re-engineering Indian diplomacy to cope with a 'Black Swan event'

The COVID pandemic is now well into its second year. In India we are fighting an exceptionally severe second wave

The Raconteur, the Child Within You

The Raconteur’s the story-teller

176th Indian Arrival Day: Struggle for recognition of Indian community in Trinidad and Tobago

For Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago and beyond, the Indian diaspora must aggressively pursue excellence in science, business and politics as these ideals could better define the Indian identity and reinforce the virtues of culture and values

Desiderata VII

Imagination will not bring you nor lead you to, Paradise

Vaccination for all: Is it going to be a long waiting time for India?

As events unfold by the day, the vaccine shortage story only gets more baffling with little hope for an early replenishment to meet the government’s objective of procuring 2.67 billion doses by the yearend 

Mankind’s yearning for heaven

Alternatively, we can all work together to make this earth a very nice and hospitable place to live where the lives of all its inhabitants are emotionally satisfying and sustainable. Then this planet earth will become the heaven that we all dream to reach after death.

Desiderata VI

Beware of heights

Foolish, indeed, is the World of Men

How arid is Mortality

Relevance of SAARC: South Asian nations are tied by a common culture and a shared future

Today, with the overarching presence of China in South Asia, if India has to hold its ground as the paramount power, it is imperative to keep the bilateral differences aside

The Wasp and I

It buzzed around my ears and nose

Perennial, A Hapless Word

Perennials, things that last a long time

Blasphemously Yours

Fill the cup before you bring it

Is Sri Lanka falling into a Chinese trap like Pakistan?

While the world will view Tibet with sympathy as a victim of aggression, it will hold the rulers of Pakistan and Sri Lanka responsible for reducing the country to the level of willing tools in China’s hands

The Essence of Time

All things need time , we know

CHRI demands investigation into the death of UP teen

The Uttar Pradesh Police leadership must ensure a time-bound and impartial investigation into the reported custodial torture and death of Faisal Hussain, an 18-year old vegetable seller, at the hands of police in Unnao district, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) said today

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