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Twitter tantrums: Free enterprise, unfree enterprises, public distrust

Yet, many of the advocates of free speech and unhindered competition and zero controls fail to see that the enterprises themselves are anything but places where free speech is tolerated, let alone encouraged.

Inserting communal angles in sensational murders: Grave threat to social peace

What is needed is to combat the ‘love jihad’ propaganda, which is being done with unimaginable intensity and is vitiating social peace. The need for national ‘help lines’ and support systems for such isolated girls in painful relationships is the need for the hour. 

Act or perish: Youth in universities ' zero' down to stem climate change

Carbon-neutral university campuses would not only be inspiring to government and businesses but also a pressure point for climate negotiators who are endlessly compromising the text of the climate agreement resulting in diluting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Bangladesh needs no diplomatic lecturing on democracy or human rights

There have been numerous instances in Bangladesh when diplomats, especially from the UK, the US, and the European Union, have voiced their opinions openly about the fairness of elections, or the democratic functioning of the government, which in no way falls under the purview of conventional diplomacy.

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Better time management for happiness and success

Thus to create better and well-balanced citizens we need to inculcate in our children the power of concentration and make them focus on the work at hand. They will then have all the time in the world to do great and wonderful things.

Bangladesh as a peace promoter: Opening doors of future possibilities for nation

Peacekeeping missions have created indirect financial benefits for the Bangladeshi economy, particularly in the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors, creating new markets for Bangladeshi businessmen.

Once sought after by the world, Indian education is today lagging far behind

Digital Edtechs are now thriving by promising to do what appointed schoolteachers are supposed to do in exchange for their salaries. They come at a very high cost, affordable only to the relatively wealthy.

A day at the Bangladesh Visa Application Centre in Kolkata: A pleasant experience that needed to be told

We keep mentioning and talking about our unpleasant experiences often. They are also frequently important to bring focus on specific issues, but it is also equally important to speak about the good ones - ones that make you happy and amazed at the same time.

Amid global food crisis, Bangladesh is food sufficient

Among South Asian countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are facing major food security risks. But Bangladesh, fortunately, is not at risk though there is a danger of food inflation in Bangladesh.

Ambani and Adani: Growth promoters or disparity creators?

To alleviate poverty, wealth generation is absolutely necessary and, in a developing country like India,  the task of wealth generation has to be accelerated as much as possible.

Should Indians have much expectations from Rishi Sunak and Kamala Harris?

It appears that some people in India think that Rishi Sunak being the Prime Minister of Britain and Kamala Harris being the Vice President of the USA would provide several benefits to India.  This can never happen, as they are not Indian citizens anymore.

As the Congress prepares for 2024, can Kharge provide a steady hand in its revival?

Doing all this and more does not indicate that a Congress revival is assured but the election of Kharge as Congress president is the best bet on a journey that the party must undertake at this crucial time when Inda faces threats that it rarely has before.

The genesis of fear and how to overcome it

In Patanjali Yoga, it is clearly written that once you remove 'sanskars' or psychological knots then true liberation takes place. Thus total removal of fear is liberation. 

Bangladesh stands vindicated after its election to UN Human Rights Council

The fact that Sheikh Hasina's government received the largest number of votes at the UN is evidence of the faith that world leaders have in it.

The 'Rashtra' that Hindus must seek to achieve

While a lot of good work has been done in this regard in the past seven decades, the accelerated access to education and services for the hitherto underprivileged  Hindus and tribals have in fact created vested interest in the perpetuation and expansion of the caste system for social, economic and political advantage.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina spoke up for Global South in UNGA address

As a result of the Ukraine war, the socio-political landscape of world politics has deteriorated and has gone through a paradigm shift with the disruption of supply chain management and exorbitant price hike in fuel, food, and consumer goods. This has brought the economy under massive pressure.

Hijab controversy is a pointless exercise: Unshackle the feminine force instead

Whether a woman wears a dupatta wrapped over her head, a ghunghat, ghomta or hijab as an expression of fashion, custom or faith, they should be at perfect liberty to do so. It is part of their right to equality and freedom of expression. They should not be castigated but respected for making their choice, whether they be Hindus, Christians or Muslims.

Rahul Gandhi's Uniting India March: Ignored by media but welcomed by social groups

Another welcome part of Yatra is the proactive response of these social groups and many political parties to affirm the values of pluralism, diversity and democracy. 

To wear or not to wear the hijab: Global polarisation over a piece of clothing

Just like the crisis in Islam itself, the hijab will continue to spark controversies with its fair share of supporters and antagonists. Wearing the hijab is seen by many women as an exercise of their agency - the freedom to wear clothes of their woman’s choice, I have the right to wear whatever I deem fit is good for me; the state, society and community cannot dictate my choice of clothing.


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