What does Independence Day mean to us?

Thus on this Independence Day let us all Indians pledge to get independence from noise pollution;poverty; general environmental degradation and from hatred based on caste, creed, and religion

The India of Our Dream

Hearts and Minds all alight

Ruminations about reading: Do publishers and society have a role to play?

The written word is history, it is also the present and the future, as also a record of a nation's culture and civilization

The climate crisis is challenging governance

In today’s climate-crisis situation, tough calls will have to be made for the cause of the environment. This will, unfortunately, become a regular part of our lives

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When sunrise and sunset both appear dark 

Is the Universe designed to end one day 

Politics of polarization and attacks on syncretic traditions

The attack on syncretism from multiple directions and the communal distraction in the face of the worsening plight of people should worry us all

US waiver to India bodes well for future of its strategic partnership

The waiver granted to India could be considered as a significant step towards strengthening the US military partnership with India

Increasing gains seen through greater Bangladesh-Northeast India connectivity

Bangladesh's Assistant High Commissioner in Guwahati. Shah Mohammad Tanveer Mansoor, feels there is a good demand for Bangladeshi products in northeast India

Are there viable solutions to India's impending fuel crisis?

Algae biofuel project and DME project are economically and technically viable and commercially proven technologies for licensing are available abroad

India's bridge-on-ice: A story that needs retelling

And so it was that serendipitously, a mere 90-foot SS Bailey bridge constructed to solve a problem, “accidentally” and fortuitously became the highest altitude bridge

West Bengal: A state crying for deep systemic changes in governance and administration

West Bengal has the potential to become a growth engine for the entire BBIN region. It can be a driver for realizing the Act East policy and gain from greater engagement with South-East Asia from Kolkata to Manila and Tokyo

Celebrating 75 years of Indian Independence: Symbols over substance

Mere symbols don’t bring the substance unless values of Fraternity, Equality and Liberty are followed, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

Why is integrity so important in life?

When you are honest with yourself, you accept yourself. Public opinion cannot shake you, writes Dr Kousar A Shah for South Asia Monitor

Improving mental health to achieve happiness

If we can reduce this anxiety by a combination of drugs and yoga, then maybe we will be able to produce a happier and less conflict-driven society and world, writes Anil. K Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor 

The depiction of Goddess Kali and India’s pluralism

Jawaharlal Nehru was pained by the abuse of religion by peddlers of blind faith and those using religion as a cover for their political goals, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

Democracy behind bars: Plight of undertrials in India

A proper monitoring of cases right from the remand stage, with a detailed look at whether the demand of the investigating agencies is justified, will set the ground for a more responsive and responsible investigative machinery

Global energy crisis hits Bangladesh: Challenge for Sheikh Hasina’s government

Until recently, the Awami League has given load shedding free electricity facility to 100% of the people of the country. But now, as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, the global energy crisis has hit Bangladesh as well, writes Sufian Siddique for South Asia Monitor

India’s foreign exchange situation worrisome after major fund outlow

The coming months will call for deft macroeconomic management of the twin deficits, on the external and internal front. A higher fiscal deficit invites higher interest rates. And a higher trade deficit invites a weaker rupee

Ancient grandeur of Hindu culture and civilisation that lies suppressed by history

That we were far more technically advanced and superior than what our western and leftist historians would like us to believe isn't a notion but a fact backed and supported by archaeological findings like in Dwarka, Sinauli, Mehrgarh and Hampi


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