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How can Indian government increase revenue and reduce poverty?

India is a nation where, under current laws, only 3 percent of the citizens need to file an income tax return, and only 1 percent is actually found to annually have earned a taxable income. The majority of Indians, who are engaged in agriculture, are not required to pay income tax at all

In a world heading for stagflation, can India remain immune?

The political instability in a large and industrialized state like Maharashtra is not helping.  Instability means inaction or even paralysis in decision making, since policy makers are distracted in tackling the political situation

Why the world is applauding Dhaka over the Padma bridge

The Padma Bridge will make international investors, including Saudi companies, to give a serious look at Bangladesh as an investment destination 

A rights-based approach to environmental human rights

The need of the hour is to adopt a rights-based approach to environmental protection that places the people harmed by environmental degradation at its centre

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Bangladesh needs to be friends with both US and China

It is the moral responsibility of China and the US to cooperate with Bangladesh, which needs both countries to achieve its developmental goals

Sri Lanka needs to choose its friends wisely

Sri Lanka should not go the way Pakistan has gone by almost reducing It to the status of extended territory of China

ASEI to have 34th national convention virtually

The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is hosting its 34th Annual National Convention with the theme Sustainable Technology Innovations (STI-2022)

Is the US right in sanctioning RAB in Bangladesh?

Although the RAB has paid a heavy price in its campaign against terrorists and drug smugglers, the US has unfairly imposed sanctions against the group

Is raising legal age of marriage for Indian women the answer?

Merely raising the age is not the solution; educational opportunities for women need to be promoted as well as protected from being denied

Demonising of Punjab will have negative consequences

An unfair and uncalled for narrative was built as if Punjab was out to harm the Prime Minister, demonizing a state known for its sacrifices towards nation building

India can help reduce the global vaccine inequity

Though the invention of vaccines is good news to the world, no one is safe from Covid-19 until everyone is safe and vaccinated

Brands must take a stand, not bow to bullies

None of the brands took a stand and instead bowed down to the demand of those who aggressively claimed to be offended

Raise self-esteem of girls, not age of marriage

It is important to raise the self-esteem of girls to help them make their own decisions rather than force them into a tyrannical legal system

Is a strong, 'muscular' India losing out on peace and harmony?

India is in a hurry to reach a mythical place of stardom and power, and in that rush we may not have the time to see the pain and the suffering caused by us in our midst

Understanding the road from Gujarat to India

If people don’t act now, ‘Akhand Bharat' will move toward balkanization because a modern secular State with freedom, justice, equity, and fraternity is under threat

Don't push Bangladesh beyond a point!

Push her to the edge, Sheikh Hasina will draw from her experience in successfully fending off US pressures and rally the Bengalis around her

Governance in Tamil Nadu: More politics than economics?

The DMK government has also taken steps to collect gold, silver and diamonds in possession of temples and melt the gold and silver to augment the state’s financial resource

US sanctions against Bangladesh are a cause for worry

The sanctions can cause severe economic damage to Bangladesh's development projects

Yearend reflection: Let’s love, not hate one another

Social cohesion within countries has been slowly eroding for some time; social media has accelerated that erosion


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