Sri Lanka needs to choose its friends wisely (Photo: Wikipedia)

Sri Lanka needs to choose its friends wisely

Sri Lanka should not go the way Pakistan has gone by almost reducing It to the status of extended territory of China

ASEI to have 34th national convention virtually

The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is hosting its 34th Annual National Convention with the theme Sustainable Technology Innovations (STI-2022)

Is the US right in sanctioning RAB in Bangladesh?

Although the RAB has paid a heavy price in its campaign against terrorists and drug smugglers, the US has unfairly imposed sanctions against the group

Is raising legal age of marriage for Indian women the answer?

Merely raising the age is not the solution; educational opportunities for women need to be promoted as well as protected from being denied

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Who will fund the new Taliban government?

The squeeze of western donations would make it difficult for the Taliban government to pay salaries to its employees, continue welfare schemes that were started by the previous government, and contain high inflation

Remembering Hal Gould, a friend of South Asia

When some of us launched a South Asia initiative earlier this year, Hal Gould came to mind

Is the Taliban patriotic?

The people of Afghanistan have become pawns and everybody in power is painting this story to suit their respective national interests

Sterley Stanley, first South Asian From Middlesex County in New Jersey General Assembly; third Indian American in state legislature

New Jersey state’s Asian population has experienced remarkable growth within the last decade

India: A case for Right To Protest To Be Heard

What needs to be understood is the fact that protests raise significant human rights issues that force the state to act upon its obligations to prevent, investigate, prosecute and punish those responsible

'India's vaccine program is slow, making country vulnerable to a third or fourth wave'

Global research has established that protection by vaccines doesn't last long anywhere near a full year, as previously hoped. It is now clear that the efficacy of all vaccines drops sharply every month after a person is fully vaccinated

It is inconceivable to call Aligarh by any other name

The impact of rechristening Aligarh and other towns and districts on their local communities, especially those belonging to the Muslim faith, is likely to have disastrous consequences

Kerala-origin doctors hold their annual convention in Atlanta; raise over $200,000 for Covid relief in Kerala

The 42nd annual Association of Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMG) convention was held from Friday, August 13 to Sunday, August 15, At the Inter-Continental Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia

Spirituality and galactic travel: Was Sage Patanjali an extraterrestrial being?

The future of mankind is to become a galactic traveling civilization and mastering the technology to do so can only come when we develop the wisdom through spirituality to use it wisely

The world should now allow the Afghans to settle their issues themselves

If a Taliban administration is unable to build its credibility, provide effective governance, bring in reforms and control narco-terrorism, it would just need a spark to ignite passions in tribal regions for a Greater Tajikistan and Pashtunistan, leading to the de facto partition of the country

Free knowledge sharing, lifetime memories help in the evolution of mankind

Since our most significant memories remain after death and go to KS, we should all live a full, purposeful, and happy life – a life doing good deeds and karma

Power of response: How Neeraj Chopra crafted his ‘golden’ moment for India at the Olympics

 Neeraj Chopra did not wait for the things to happen, but made them happen

Indian American women doctors lead the healthcare challenge

“Never has there ever been such a strong representation of women leaders in AAPI’s leadership positions”

Framed to die: The case of Stan Swamy

PUDR’s report, Framed to Die: The Case of Stan Swamy, offers an exhaustive account of what lay behind Stan Swamy’s death in judicial custody in a private hospital on 5 July 2021

India needs to quicken speed of vaccination, targeted testing to control another Covid wave

The speed of inoculation across India should be increased by supplying the exact doses required by each state

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