Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita and the concept of time

In the beginning time and space were together and in equilibrium. We do not know how this equilibrium was disturbed. But once it did, time came out and space started flowing and that was the beginning of the Universe.

Interim caretaker system is inconsistent with democratic politics

The interim caretaker system mostly benefits the military as seen in conflict-prone countries like Pakistan and even in Bangladesh in its last term.

Instead of lecturing other countries like Bangladesh, the US should look at its own human rights record

Faced with growing gun proliferation, US politicians have done nothing more than indulge in empty talk and prolonged debates, while pointing fingers at the human rights situation of other countries like Bangladesh.

Pietermaritzburg and Gandhi: Seeing a wicket gate to justice and reconciliation in adversity

When the world saw only the watertight compartments, Gandhi could see the presence of a wicket gate amidst repression, which made him build on the path of nonviolent struggle. He said, ‘humans are essentially good, susceptible to error and amenable to truth.’

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Ambani and Adani: Growth promoters or disparity creators?

To alleviate poverty, wealth generation is absolutely necessary and, in a developing country like India,  the task of wealth generation has to be accelerated as much as possible.

Should Indians have much expectations from Rishi Sunak and Kamala Harris?

It appears that some people in India think that Rishi Sunak being the Prime Minister of Britain and Kamala Harris being the Vice President of the USA would provide several benefits to India.  This can never happen, as they are not Indian citizens anymore.

As the Congress prepares for 2024, can Kharge provide a steady hand in its revival?

Doing all this and more does not indicate that a Congress revival is assured but the election of Kharge as Congress president is the best bet on a journey that the party must undertake at this crucial time when Inda faces threats that it rarely has before.

The genesis of fear and how to overcome it

In Patanjali Yoga, it is clearly written that once you remove 'sanskars' or psychological knots then true liberation takes place. Thus total removal of fear is liberation. 

Bangladesh stands vindicated after its election to UN Human Rights Council

The fact that Sheikh Hasina's government received the largest number of votes at the UN is evidence of the faith that world leaders have in it.

The 'Rashtra' that Hindus must seek to achieve

While a lot of good work has been done in this regard in the past seven decades, the accelerated access to education and services for the hitherto underprivileged  Hindus and tribals have in fact created vested interest in the perpetuation and expansion of the caste system for social, economic and political advantage.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina spoke up for Global South in UNGA address

As a result of the Ukraine war, the socio-political landscape of world politics has deteriorated and has gone through a paradigm shift with the disruption of supply chain management and exorbitant price hike in fuel, food, and consumer goods. This has brought the economy under massive pressure.

Hijab controversy is a pointless exercise: Unshackle the feminine force instead

Whether a woman wears a dupatta wrapped over her head, a ghunghat, ghomta or hijab as an expression of fashion, custom or faith, they should be at perfect liberty to do so. It is part of their right to equality and freedom of expression. They should not be castigated but respected for making their choice, whether they be Hindus, Christians or Muslims.

Rahul Gandhi's Uniting India March: Ignored by media but welcomed by social groups

Another welcome part of Yatra is the proactive response of these social groups and many political parties to affirm the values of pluralism, diversity and democracy. 

To wear or not to wear the hijab: Global polarisation over a piece of clothing

Just like the crisis in Islam itself, the hijab will continue to spark controversies with its fair share of supporters and antagonists. Wearing the hijab is seen by many women as an exercise of their agency - the freedom to wear clothes of their woman’s choice, I have the right to wear whatever I deem fit is good for me; the state, society and community cannot dictate my choice of clothing.

Energy security and zero emission targets in India: Are they contradictory goals at present?

Ethanol production from beet sugar should also be promoted in India in a big way as ethanol from beet sugar has even more advantages than ethanol from sugarcane as it is less water consumption.

Misrepresenting Subhash Chandra Bose's philosophy

While the ruling Hindutva ideology sees Islam and Christianity as "foreign religions" and developed this ideology into misconceptions and hate against Muslims and Christians, the understanding of Gandhi, Nehru, Bose and most leaders of the freedom movement revolved around seeing the diverse religions as a point of welcome and strength to the nation.

Cryptocurrencies are alluring but associated with high volatility

Cryptocurrency is prone to cybercrime and fraud. Cryptocurrency's novelty and lack of information allow con artists to trap the less informed - often the elderly - easily.

Why Patanjali is the teacher who I never saw

To me Patanjali has been a true scientist who gave the first knowledge about the control of mind.

India needs to give up its colonial mindset, embrace Gandhi's ideals

If India has to truly give up its colonial mindset, it must reform the bureaucracy, remove undue privileges for those in power, offer firm, enforceable and many more protections for ordinary citizens and decide on a growth journey that does not mimic the destruction that the West and China have wrought on the environment. 


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