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Border killings of Bangladeshis by India’s BSF must stop

Indian security agencies should respect the sovereignty of Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi people, writes Hafizur Talukdar for South Asia Monitor 

Mica art: By Indians, of Indians - for the English

Mica paintings were attractive to many Englishmen because they documented life in 19th century India

Remembering the Indian soldiers of Flanders Fields: And their unsung Belgian commemorator

A truly unsung hero of the Indian diaspora, Hans Vermeersch deserves some recognition for his lifelong dedication to India. 

Glasgow climate meet: A lot of tall talk - and deafening silence

The world climate did not become better after the Paris meet and it will not become better after the Glasgow meet too

Women in Cloud and Indiaspora launch community fundraising campaign in US to support women in India

Women in Cloud and Indiaspora have announced the launch of a community fundraising campaign in the United States to provide cash assistance to women in India who have lost the primary earning member of their family due to COVID-19

Can Bollywood stand up and drive change?

Bollywood can serve India by supporting movies that are more nuanced and back the rights of victims of establishment overreach

Peace in Afghanistan looks distant

If Pakistan is not reined in, peace will always elude Afghanistan

Kerala Center announces 2021 honorees for Annual Awards Banquet

The Indian American Kerala Cultural and Civic Center ( will honor eight Indian American Malayalees for their outstanding achievements in their field of specialization or for their service to the society at its 29th Annual Awards Banquet to be held on November 13, 2021

India's foreign policy a saga of commitment to universal moral values

India had to gear its foreign policy to play its desired role in international relations while maintaining its strategic autonomy and commitment to universal ideals and moral values

India must strengthen natural defenses to combat climate change impact

The annual monsoon poses a persistent threat for millions of people and governments should do more to reduce the risk to life and property

Need for all to practice sustainable living for building a sustainable world

The consumptive lifestyle of Western societies is putting tremendous pressure on the world

Why did India not invite the Dalai Lama to the Kushinagar airport inauguration?

By denying the invitation to the Dalai Lama for the inauguration of Kushinagar international airport, it is obvious that  India wants to ensure that China is not displeased

In a democracy, judiciary must constrain an autocratic executive

Amid a brute parliamentary majority, the judiciary in India remains the only hope for restraining an autocratic executive

Intense social movements, robust economic development must for sustaining Bangladesh’s democratic freedoms

Bangladesh exhibits some positive aspects of democracy that are highly dependent on some economic and political factors

ASEI’s Design Summit: Design Thinking and User Experience Design for Innovation highlighted

On October 9, the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) convened this Design Summit with a number of academics, authors, speakers and practitioners covering innovation in Design from multiple perspectives