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The human brain and the desire to reproduce and enhance knowledge

Evolution is driven by the desire to reproduce. Thus, sex desire is the most powerful desire in a living being

How battle warriors can become climate warriors: India's visionary policy to rescue a planet on fire

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has operations in more than 130 countries. In places where people are already displaced, Agniveers could help them prepare for and adapt to climate change

How can Indian government increase revenue and reduce poverty?

India is a nation where, under current laws, only 3 percent of the citizens need to file an income tax return, and only 1 percent is actually found to annually have earned a taxable income. The majority of Indians, who are engaged in agriculture, are not required to pay income tax at all

In a world heading for stagflation, can India remain immune?

The political instability in a large and industrialized state like Maharashtra is not helping.  Instability means inaction or even paralysis in decision making, since policy makers are distracted in tackling the political situation

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Why the world is applauding Dhaka over the Padma bridge

The Padma Bridge will make international investors, including Saudi companies, to give a serious look at Bangladesh as an investment destination 

A rights-based approach to environmental human rights

The need of the hour is to adopt a rights-based approach to environmental protection that places the people harmed by environmental degradation at its centre

Yoga has no place for violence and hatred

Indian yogic and spiritual masters have been very clear in their thinking. Hating anyone, particularly any other religion, was a major no-no

International Day of Yoga launched in Trinidad

Yoga has its roots in ancient India. Over the centuries, it has spread to other parts of the world including East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe

Role of corporates in bringing social transformation

If corporates produce technologies and solutions to improve the quality of life of rural population, then they need to reduce the profit margins for rural goods and services

AAPI to celebrate International Yoga Day

Dr. Anupama Gotimukula, President of AAPI, said: “We do acknowledge that these are challenging times, more than ever for us, as physicians, who are on the frontline to assess, diagnose and treat people are affected by this deadly pandemic with Physician burnout post Covid-19. Our colleagues have sacrificed their lives in order to save those impacted by this pandemic around the world."

'Sorry' seems to be the hardest word to say for the BJP

Like Janus, the RSS and the BJP have two faces, one face has marks of the actions of the past on it. Some of these marks are too clear and deeply etched to allow a makeover, writes Ganesh N. Devy for South Asia Monitor 

RSS chief's statement unlikely to change fundamental ideology of Hindu rightwing

The present statement of the RSS supremo reinforces the belief that Islam was spread by aggressors. This again is a superficial and selective projection of history

Sri Lankan PM should heed more expert advice, rather than voices of politicians

Sri Lanka’s governance should be guided by technologists, engineers and economic experts, and not by politicians at the present time

A touching farewell to a battle-hardened warship

Battleships decommissioned in the future should also be developed as museums to attract general public -- on ground and on water too

Is this the India of Gandhi and Patel's dreams?

In contrast to what Gandhi envisioned, the gulf between the two communities in India has been made wide and deep

Custodial deaths: Murder by police in India needs to end

The explicit duty to respect human rights should be added to the duties of police mentioned in the Police Act, 1861, and respect for human rights should be included in the training

AAPI’s 40th convention to discuss the future of healthcare

Representing the interests of the over 120,000 physicians of Indian origin, leaders of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), the largest ethnic organization of physicians, for 40 years, AAPI Convention provides a platform for medical education programs and symposia with world-renowned physicians on the cutting edge technology in medicine.

Need for more women in India's police force

According to a June 2018 study, the opening of all-women police stations in India led to an 11 percent increase in crime reporting. This is because the women population - particularly in rural and semi-rural areas - is more comfortable approaching these stations.

ASEI’s engaging Cyber Security Summit brings 20 thought leaders together

As part of the digital agenda and with increasing adoption of cloud, DevOps and Agile becoming mainstream as a result of embracing microservices and containerization, over 55% of organizations release software products weekly. This naturally causes strain if security principles are not adopted upfront by developers.


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