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Violent attacks in Afghanistan and the Maldives threaten human rights and democracy

Only the harshest and most forceful terms would be fitting to describe terrorist attacks that specifically target children, no matter in which part of the world

Ending the 'forever war' in Afghanistan: Implications and options for India

Washington has formally started the process of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, beginning the end of what President Joe Biden has famously called "the forever war"

My Banyan Tree and I, It’s not a Tea Party

There’s a Tree that I see in front of my home

Is Peace, Even Remotely, the Desired Objective

I think there is an enormous gap

Nonprofits in Kolkata and Bangalore named finalists in Global Environmental Contest

Solution Search, an effort by international environmental organization Rare’s Center for Behavior & the Environment recently announced the ten finalists in its ‘Water Pollution & Behavior Change’ contest that highlights local solutions to the world’s most challenging environmental problems

India must have international research team probe truth behind second Covid wave

The truth behind Covid 19 and its second wave in India should be thoroughly investigated, so that the world knows whether it is God-made or man-made

The Weight of the World on Your Shoulders, O Lord

The Weight of the Pandemic and the World

The Candle of Hope and Faith

The Candle that carries Hope throughout the nights, dark

The Inclement, English, Weather

Inclement is a funny word

'Save 100 lives, you are a nurse'

May 12 is celebrated globally as International Nurses Day  and recalls the pioneering contribution of Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910),  who is considered to be  the founder of modern nursing

The Shipwrecked Men at Sea

We dare not go ashore lest, perchance, we get into a snare

The Fairies and I, ( a tete-a-tete )

Willows swaying by the riverside

Desiderata II

The aching heart needs some love

The Pandemic and Us

Let’s cut the mournful numbers out

Corny is the World of Men

You may not always as you desire, succeed

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