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To wear or not to wear the hijab (Photo: Youtube)

To wear or not to wear the hijab: Global polarisation over a piece of clothing

Just like the crisis in Islam itself, the hijab will continue to spark controversies with its fair share of supporters and antagonists. Wearing the hijab is seen by many women as an exercise of their agency - the freedom to wear clothes of their woman’s choice, I have the right to wear whatever I deem fit is good for me; the state, society and community cannot dictate my choice of clothing.

Energy security and zero emission targets in India: Are they contradictory goals at present?

Ethanol production from beet sugar should also be promoted in India in a big way as ethanol from beet sugar has even more advantages than ethanol from sugarcane as it is less water consumption.

Misrepresenting Subhash Chandra Bose's philosophy

While the ruling Hindutva ideology sees Islam and Christianity as "foreign religions" and developed this ideology into misconceptions and hate against Muslims and Christians, the understanding of Gandhi, Nehru, Bose and most leaders of the freedom movement revolved around seeing the diverse religions as a point of welcome and strength to the nation.

Cryptocurrencies are alluring but associated with high volatility

Cryptocurrency is prone to cybercrime and fraud. Cryptocurrency's novelty and lack of information allow con artists to trap the less informed - often the elderly - easily.

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Why Patanjali is the teacher who I never saw

To me Patanjali has been a true scientist who gave the first knowledge about the control of mind.

India needs to give up its colonial mindset, embrace Gandhi's ideals

If India has to truly give up its colonial mindset, it must reform the bureaucracy, remove undue privileges for those in power, offer firm, enforceable and many more protections for ordinary citizens and decide on a growth journey that does not mimic the destruction that the West and China have wrought on the environment. 

Divided by borders, united by aspirations

The workshop provided a safe space to open up, share what we felt, and connect with one another. This event made us feel like one big South Asian FAMILY

Hate speech, nationalism and its impact - as seen through a celebrated novel's prism

In India, the core of the issue is that nationalism is now being built by arousing religious sentiments and instigating animosity against followers of other beliefs

Land acquisition for industrial/infrastructure projects in India: Need for a humane policy in consultation with state governments

It is high time that the Government of India creates a comprehensive policy along with a suitable compensation mechanism for acquiring land for industrial and infrastructure projects

New Education Policy in India: Frequent policy revision creating uncertainty, fundamental issues unaddressed

Instead of designing and announcing a new education policy every now and then, it would have been appropriate to bring some modifications to the existing system to the extent needed and from time to time, without tampering with the entire system

Divisive communalism, patriarchy and honouring culprits of mass rape and murder

The Supreme Court must respond to the PILs and put these Gujarat convicts back to where they belong -- the prison

A historic college walks the talk, pledges to be carbon-neutral

The movement of Net Zero signals the end of empty talks and hollow street protests and triggers real action by transforming the college and university campus into a laboratory for Net Zero.

The changing contours of India's neighborhood policy

The best part of the ongoing neighborhood policy is its flexibility and pragmatism

China's miscalculations can prove costly for Beijing

As the world is realizing, China’s words and actions are deeply destabilizing. There is bound to emerge a scenario where protests by people in different countries and territories that are sought to be occupied by China will become too hot for Beijing to handle

Can one imagine India as an inclusive, democratic haven of freedom Tagore dreamed of?

Sectarianism should not lead to conflicts regarding mutual superiority/inferiority and the beliefs and practices of a sect should not affect the public lives or right to life, food and livelihoods of others

What does Independence Day mean to us?

Thus on this Independence Day let us all Indians pledge to get independence from noise pollution;poverty; general environmental degradation and from hatred based on caste, creed, and religion

The India of Our Dream

Hearts and Minds all alight

Ruminations about reading: Do publishers and society have a role to play?

The written word is history, it is also the present and the future, as also a record of a nation's culture and civilization

The climate crisis is challenging governance

In today’s climate-crisis situation, tough calls will have to be made for the cause of the environment. This will, unfortunately, become a regular part of our lives

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