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A national security view of the Covid pandemic: India should initiate international criminal action against bio-warfare

India could take the lead in this once-in-generation catastrophe, rated by some as the worst man-made intentional disaster after the nuclear bombing of Japan

The thrills and sweet memories of a Kabul trip 20 years back

The moment they realized we were from “Hindustan,” there were cheerful smiles and greetings, with traders giving sugar-coated almonds and other dry fruits at discounted prices, and a regular query was whether we knew Amitabh Bachchan

Change in mindset, consistent policies are a must to realize Modi’s dream of India’s 'techade'

One solution could be to privatize the CSIR labs and convert them into a joint venture between private bodies and the government, which would lead to purposive and target-oriented, and time-bound research activities

US recognizes India as a leader in the Asia-Pacific region

The US relationship with Kolkata dates back to 1794 when the first US president George Washington appointed businessman Benjamin Joy as US Consul to Kolkata

Dilip Kumar: Some fond reminiscences of India's greatest actor

As Dilip Kumar, by a wide consensus India’s greatest mainstream actor, passed away at 98 on July 7, I think of the four interviews that I did with him through the mid-1980s and early 1990s

A Taliban-led Afghanistan could come under China’s control post US troop withdrawal

India could face a serious threat following a likely unholy axis between China, Pakistan and Taliban-led Afghanistan, as they all have the common aim of weakening India and disrupting the peace in the country

Role of women in leading Indian scientific research increasing

The involvement of women as science leaders in India seems to be increasing

India needs to unequivocally commit itself to QUAD

With Pakistan now almost at China’s mercy, India certainly faces a threat of aggression from these two countries acting together against India

Remembering former Indian PM P V Narasimha Rao: A personal reminiscence on his birth centenary

I worked as a journalist in New Delhi between 1989 and 1998 which means a majority of my posting coincided with the tenure of the late Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao

Remembering former Indian PM V P Singh and the St Kitts saga

June 25, besides being the 46th anniversary of former prime minister Indira Gandhi's emergency rule, also happened to be the 90th birth anniversary of the late Indian prime minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh (1989-90)

India must show more solidarity with Myanmarese people fighting to reestablish democracy

Notwithstanding the strategic value of Myanmar as a trade partner and an important counter-terror ally, India must recognize that what the military junta in Myanmar has done through the orchestration of a coup is highly wrong and must rescind its decision immediately

Indian government needs to reconsider its decision to blend ethanol with petrol for automobiles

Though the data from the world over shows that the use of ethanol reduces air pollution from vehicles, the chaotic traffic conditions of city roads in India, which make the cars run constantly in the start and stop mode with low gear driving, may increase the emissions from ethanol blends

Self-use rapid antigen test kits: A fresh arrow in the quiver to battle Covid

The government needs to liberalize ICMR testing guidelines to enable universal weekly testing of asymptomatic individuals at varied sources as a public health intervention

Indian Navy commemorates World Hydrography Day centenary

The Indian Navy commemorated the centenary of the World Hydrography Day on 21 June through a series of coordinated events at the respective commands to spread awareness in the subject and its contribution to ensuring safe navigation at sea

Milkha Singh: Legends never die

For a teenager who once had to literally run for his life to save himself from the barbarity of the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, going on to become a legendary Olympic runner was an extraordinary feat

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