Name change for nation: Jinnah also opposed use of India name after Partition

The use of the word India is not a colonial legacy in any way; the word was there much before the British East India Company came here for trade and plunder. This word also was used by anti-colonial movements. This is how the country was known in the world.

Canada is at risk of losing its global identity as a peaceful nation

Canada gives a lot of importance to freedom of speech and action and some extremist elements see this freedom as license to orchestrate separatist movements in other countries from Canadian soil.  This situation has caused serious problems for other countries like Sri Lanka and India.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the digital revolution: India needs to bridge the digital chasm

India's prowess in ML and AI is a beacon that must shine on all corners of the nation. Closing the digital divide through digital literacy and improved technological access is more than a responsibility—it's an investment in India's growth narrative.

Manipur continues to be a victim of partisan politics and state callousness

India's restive Northeast appears heading towards more turbulence with the situation in Manipur and the central government not moving beyond bland statements. 

More on Perspective

Global Biofuels Alliance: Still a long way to go

After much euphoria over green hydrogen and other alternative energy options, biofuel has gained worldwide attention with the launching of the GBA in New Delhi. While this is a good initiative, there are many hurdles in the way, and any thought that biofuel would become a total substitute for fossil fuel amounts to wishful thinking at this stage.

India requires a different approach to family planning than sterilisation

The entire burden of population control in India has been borne and continues to be borne by women. And this is especially the case with sterilisations. 

Implementing One Nation One Election in India will not be easy

Not much has been done by lawmakers to reduce black money in elections. ONOE is not likely to make a dent to that effect, though that is its ostensible purpose.

Is the worst really over in Manipur?

Why did it take five months of violence to appoint Col Sanjebam who lives in the heart of Imphal even while projecting the worst is over? Why was this done without Manipur Police asking for such an appointment? Why was he posted to the police department, not as a military advisor to the Chief Minister?

Learning from the scientists: Big step on moon cannot be accompanied by smallness of mind

No one in ISRO said ‘I’ did it. The ISRO leadership gave full credit to leaders, past and present. They showcased the team spirit that is so crucial for the mission. In the words of the ISRO chief: “This is not our work alone. It is the work of a generation of ISRO leadership and ISRO scientists … This is incremental progress.”

India needs agricultural reforms, not frequent market interventions harming farmer interests

The webs we weave in agricultural policy have entangled us from which unshackling has become very difficult. India needs massive reforms to make markets function better, much less intrusion of the State and more freedom for the farmer to participate in the market process and profit from it.

Pakistani minority rights activists seek justice for church attacks; want an end to 'unhinged bigotry'

One of the reasons that Pakistan is making an effort to deal more appropriately with such cases is that it “wants to show itself in a better light than India,” comments Zohra Yusuf. That is not a bad competition to be in.

Celebrating Independence: Why remember Partition horrors?

The Partition Horrors Remembrance Day selectively wants to project the killings and mayhem that Hindus faced. The truth is the Hindus and Sikhs coming from Pakistan (west and east) and Muslims migrating from India to Pakistan, both suffered immensely. As such if we see the whole process of two-nation theory, communal violence was equally promoted by the politics of communal streams, Hindu and Muslim.

Is the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar reaching a flashpoint?

The junta must understand that forcible occupation of a land has its pitfalls. The international community is not as politically invested in Myanmar as it ought to be, but the civil society is closely monitoring the Myanmarese atrocities, the killing of innocent children and the vulnerable.

Reflections on India's Independence Day: Living ethically is the key to the greater good

By doing our jobs properly and ethically the country will progress and become great. The paradigm of development should be based on the maxim of Spirituality + Technology = Happiness. It will help us all become ethical human beings. 

'INDIA versus Bharat' or ‘'India that is Bharat’?

The opposition to the INDIA alliance is also rooted in the thesis which sees a ‘clash of civilizations’ (Samuel Huntington), in contrast to what the UN report emphasizes on Alliance of Civilizations, well articulated in Nehru’s belief system. 

The violence within us: Is Indian society failing in many ways?

But wild, in-your-face violence of the kind seen in some of the crimes that continue to happen, particularly against women, indicates that the nation isn’t really progressing, never mind what the GDP numbers may say. 

With Pakistan again cosying up to the US, can Washington be trusted?

The Pakistan-US-UK ties remain strong. Pakistan’s removal from the FATF’s ‘grey list’ and recent $3 billion IMF loan to Pakistan had an obvious nod from the US.

Ramgarh land port will give a boost to India-Bangladesh-Myanmar trade and regional development

Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India need mutual friendship in their national interest. Bangladesh's improved road and rail connectivity with India will open up new doors of trade and commerce.

Tribal humiliation: Urination incident shows up caste oppression is rife in India

The politics being pursued by the BJP and its related organizations have a multipronged strategy to win over indigenous communituies electorally by emotive symbolic actions, to Hinduise them on the one hand, and to maintain the upper-caste hegemony on the other.


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