India's Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar addresses the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (Photo: Twitter)

From nonalignment to ‘Vishwa Mitra’, a power for global good: Jaishankar outlines evolution of Indian foreign policy

Jaishankar challenged the existing global power structure as a multipolar world emerges: “The days when a few nations set the agenda and expected others to fall in line are over”. 

Global South leaders hail India’s contribution; seek its larger role in resolving crises affecting them

Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji said that India providing Covid vaccines to about 100 countries “was one of the biggest humanitarian initiatives”. 

Pakistan’s old chestnut; caretaker PM keeps up Kashmir rant at UN

Kakar qualified Islamabad’s opposition to terrorism by giving a free pass to those he considered involved in “freedom struggles” – that in Pakistan’s view would include terrorists against India.

India-to-Europe Economic Corridor is a ‘blessing’, says Israeli PM at UN

Netanyahu, who uses props in his addresses to the UN, pulled up a map of the region and with a red marker dramatically traced the route of the India-to-Europe corridor.

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India raises UNSC ineffectiveness in Ukraine War, renews call for reforms to restore world body’s credibility

Verma said that the collateral damage from the war has devastated the Global South and the voices of these countries should be heard and their perspectives taken into account.

Trudeau says not seeking to ‘provoke’ India, a country of ‘growing importance’

People of Indian origin who are not Sikh and Hindu organisations have expressed fears for their safety in Canada after receiving threats, and Indian diplomatic missions have come under threat.

Erdogan modifies stance, calls for bilateral dialogue on Kashmir in UN speech

Erdogan said that the Security Council “has ceased to be the guarantor of world security and has become a battleground for the political strategies of only five countries”.

‘Global governance stuck in time’: Guterres calls for Security Council reform to prevent ‘great fracture’

Calling for compromise, he said, “Leaders have a special responsibility to achieve compromise in building a common future of peace and prosperity for our common good”.

UN chief discusses Nepal's LDC graduation, peacekeeping role with PM Dahal

The 76th session of the UN General Assembly in 2021 unanimously adopted a resolution endorsing Nepal's graduation from the LDC category with a preparatory period of five years. 

UN, powerless to stop Ukraine War, to focus on development, climate change at annual session

Guterres convened the Climate Ambition Summit to turbocharge action and funding to meet what he has repeatedly called the “existential threat” to humanity.

Guterres pays ‘tribute’ to India’s leadership of G20; commends Gandhian methods to Palestinians

Asked by a Palestinian journalist why Palestinians “when they resist occupiers” are labeled terrorists, including by UN officials, Guterres said, “I came from India and I went to pay tribute to Gandhi. Let's not forget the example of Gandhi”.

‘UN would consider India’s name change to Bharat if request received’

It has become a politically fraught issue after the opposition coalition named itself the  Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance with INDIA as its acronym ahead of next year’s election campaign.

Modi not scheduled at UN high-level meeting; Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistani leaders to attend

Instead of Modi,  External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar is to speak on behalf of India, according to the latest roster of speakers. Jaishankar is set to speak on Tuesday, September 26, morning at the last session of the high-level Assembly meeting.

Initiative to launch private sector alliance at UN for global humanitarian aid

Major corporations, which were approached, said that while they wanted to raise funds and make in kind contributions they did not know whom to contact or how to route them, Hoxha said.

Guterres going to G20 summit to highlight global financial reform, climate change issues

At the meeting with the ASEAN, Guterres said that he will also take up the issue of Myanmar, where a military junta ousted the elected government in February 2021.

UN chief hopes Cricket Asia Cup will bring countries of South Asia together

Six South Asian nations will be vying for the trophy in the tournament that will be played in Sri Lanka and Pakistan. India and Pakistan, which have few avenues for direct people-to-people contacts, will face off in Kandy in Sri Lanka on Saturday.

Building bridges for peace in Bhutan

As an organisation committed to promoting peace and reconciliation, Peace Initiative Bhutan “aims to foster an atmosphere of trust, understanding, and collaboration among Bhutanese communities and the government of Bhutan.”

With moon landing, India sets sights on ‘limitless possibilities’ for humanity: India’s UN envoy

“A very significant number of scientists who worked on India's moon mission Chandrayaan 3 are women, very much in sync with India's model of women-led growth and development and also linking beautifully with SDG 5, which is all about gender equity”, Kamboj said.

G20 health ministers to meet in India to enhance scientific rigour in traditional medicine systems

“Bringing traditional medicine into the mainstream of health care – appropriately, effectively, and above all, safely based on the latest scientific evidence – can help bridge access gaps for millions of people around the world”, the UN spokesperson said.


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