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India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to send helicopter units to UN peacekeeping mission in strife-torn Mali

Several countries have pulled out of or announced plans to withdraw from the peacekeeping operations in Mali. MINUSMA is one of the deadliest operations having claimed the lives of 292 peacekeepers.

India calls for unified UNSC action against North Korea

Kamboj’s mention of nuclear and missile technology proliferation putting India at risk is a reference to the well-documented swap of Pakistan's clandestine nuclear technology for North Korea's missile technology, although she did not name the countries.

India lashes out at countries preventing 'concrete outcome' on UNSC reform; China opposes text or timetable for reforms

The paralysis of the Council, the UN’s highest decision-making body that is charged with taking action to end conflicts and ensure international peace, has brought a sense of urgency to the reform process.

India asks UNSC Monitoring Team to stay vigilant against terror groups in Afghanistan; Pakistan, China abstain on German resolution condemning Taliban

We keep mentioning and talking about our unpleasant experiences often. They are also frequently important to bring focus on specific issues, but it is also equally important to speak about the good ones - ones that make you happy and amazed at the same time.

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UN reforms: Ghana president suggests mechanism for UNSC, UNGA to take up proposals together

The barrier to UN reforms is a group of 13 countries led by Italy and which included Pakistan that has blocked the adoption of a negotiating text on which to base the discussion.

India abstains on Russia-sponsored UNSC resolution involving Ukraine; only China votes with Russia

This was at least the 11th time India had abstained on a substantive resolution at the Security Council and the General Assembly involving Ukraine.

Rohingya extremists should be held accountable for massacre of Hindus in Myanmar: UN expert calls for 'unified action' against junta

An Amnesty International investigation found that “up to 99 Hindu women, men, and children” had been massacred by ARSA fighters, who also abducted Hindu villagers in August 2017 in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Security Council reform: UNGA president finally appoints leaders for renewed negotiations

A small group of countries - which includes Pakistan - have so far blocked the reform process by preventing the adoption of a negotiating text which has meant that the IGN functions without a proper agenda or a record of the negotiations.

China blocks yet another Pakistan-based terrorist leader from sanctions

US and India have asked the Security Council committee dealing with sanctions on the Islamic State and al-Qaeda along with affiliated groups like the L-e-T to impose sanctions on Mahmood, who runs its international operations.

Guterres visiting India; to pay tributes to 26/11 victims; will visit Gujarat

At the Ekta Nagar in Gujarat's Kevadia, Gutteres is to join Modi to launch the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment), the MEA said. Gujarat is Modi’s home state.

India abstains again on UNGA resolution condemning Russia in Ukraine conflict

The Assembly session also witnessed a sideshow by Pakistan, which stuck to its gimmick of bringing up Kashmir regardless of the topic on the agenda. Kamboj dismissed it as an attempt to misuse the UN forum with “frivolous and pointless remarks”.

India votes with West on three UNGA procedural matters, while remaining silent on crucial Ukraine vote

India joining the West against Russia on procedural matters is not necessarily a precursor to a change in New Delhi’s neutrality in voting on substantive matters involving Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

UN Counter-Terrorism Committee to meet in India in rare away session

Holding the meeting in India is a special effort by New Delhi to draw world attention to the terrorist attacks and the threats it faces and to prepare the international community to deal with the emerging technologies that could be force multipliers for terrorists.

Four South Asian - three Bangladeshis, one Pakistani - UN peacekeepers killed in attacks in Africa

Over 431 peacekeepers have died in the operations in the DRC, of them 31 were Pakistanis.

Mahatma Gandhi ‘comes’ to UN, inspiring ideas of education and peace, as war rhetoric is traded in Security Council

A lifesize, speaking, gesticulating presence on the stage, the Gandhi avatar provoked, prodded and challenged a panel made up of an activist, a diplomat, a youth and an economist to delve into the meaning of education for humanity.

India abstains once again on UNSC resolution condemning Russia’s referendum to annex Ukraine areas

Kamboj said, “India’s position has been clear and consistent from the very beginning of this conflict: The global order is anchored on the principles of the UN Charter, international law and respect for sovereignty and the territorial integrity of all states”.

India projects itself as a global leader, says it believes in 'reformed multilateralism'

India’s “age-old outlook”, he said, “sees the world as one family. We believe that national good and global good can be entirely in harmony”.

G4 ministers to push 'consolidated text' for adoption for UNSC reform

A small group of countries led by Italy and which includes Pakistan has blocked the adoption of a negotiating text which would be the bases of discussions and move the reform process.

Pakistan's actions do not match words; peace possible in subcontinent when Islamabad ends terror: India

“The desire for peace, security and progress in the Indian subcontinent is real. It is also widely shared and it can be realized”, he said. “That will surely happen when cross-border terrorism ceases, when governments come clean with the international community and with their own people, when minorities are not persecuted, and not least when we recognize these realities before this Assembly”, the Indian diplomat said.


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