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Lt Gen. Mohan Subramanian has been appointed the commander of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan. (Photo: DSSC)

Indian Army general appointed commander of UN peacekeeping in South Sudan

Nepal has deployed 1,751 troops in the mission and Bangladesh 1,627

An ‘F-Bomb’ hurled at the UN Security Council for its inaction on Syria

An unprecedented “F-Bomb” hurled by a Syrian activist struck the Security Council in a bid to explode the myth of its mighty prowess in enforcing peace around the world

UN chief calls for respecting all religions in aftermath of killing of Hindu; says freedom of expression also very important

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday called for “full respect for all religions” in the aftermath of the daylight killing of a Hindu tailor in Udaipur, India, reportedly by two men in retaliation for his social media post supporting suspended ruling BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma for her comments that were seen as derogatory to Islam and Prophet Mohammed

India says civilian deaths in Russian mall attack in Ukraine ‘deeply disturbing’; UN condemns ‘depravity’

New Delhi has given financial assistance as well as foodgrains to countries affected by the conflict, he said. In the last two months, it had sent 1.8 million tonnes of wheat to several countries including Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan and Yemen and was helping Sri Lanka, he added

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Global food security threatened by Ukraine war: Countries to meet to review urgent humanitarian needs

Cooperation between the US and India on averting a food crisis figured in talks between the leaders of the two countries last month. India is sitting on a wheat stockpile estimated at about 100 million tonnes, far in excess of a safety net

Over 1,000 Indian peacekeepers get UN award for serving in South Sudan mission

The Indian contingent is also "well known, and beloved" for its frequent mobile veterinary clinics in different parts of Upper Nile State that provide veterinary services, which are otherwise rarely available to cattle owners, for cows, goats, donkeys, sheep and other animals in the country.

UNGA votes measure for making UNSC permanent members answer for vetoes; India calls for complete reform of UN structure

As a “double victim of colonialism,”  Guterres said, “Africa is underrepresented in decision-making processes, in most of the multilateral institutions. And so, I do believe that a stronger representation of developing countries in many areas, from the Bretton-Woods institutions (like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund) to the Security Council, would be an important reform”

UN refugee agency appreciates India's role in giving refuge to people fleeing Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Tibet

"One of the first reasons that I wanted to come to India was the fact that India has a very long history of support for refugees. India opened its borders and it protected many people over many centuries," Triggs said

UN rights experts urge US to ease Afghan assets freeze

Since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan last August, and the western sanctions that followed it, crippled the country’s economy and pushed millions back into poverty. Today, the country has the highest number of people, around 23 million, requiring urgent direct food assistance

UN condemns attacks at schools in Afghanistan

The ISKP, the regional branch of ISIS, is known for bombing mosques, community centers, and schools in the area. Last year, over 90 students were killed when an ISIS suicide bomber detonated himself in a girls’ school in the area

World needs to make big bets on India to tackle climate crisis: UN climate representative

"Everybody I've encountered here is thinking about this (green hydrogen). India can become not only a provider of green energy to its own economy, but can also start exporting it," reiterated Kyte, also an advisor to the UK government for the UN climate negotiations

UNGA suspends Russia from Human Rights Council; India, other South Asian nations, abstain on vote

Of the South Asian countries, Afghanistan was absent from the Assembly, while all the others abstained

UN condemns killing of Nepali peacekeeper in Democratic Republic of Congo, a week after death of six Pakistanis

South Asian peacekeepers dominate the 14,000-strong military segment of the MONUSCO operation with 1,974 from Pakistan, 1,888 from India and 1,634 from Bangladesh in addition to the Nepalis

India finally speaks out, ‘unequivocally’ condemns civilian killings in Buscha

While making probably the harshest criticism of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the Indian diplomat straddled the fine line of neutrality by not naming Russia.

It’s important to respect democratic process in Pakistan: Guterres

The opposition has challenged the Pakistan Assembly dissolution before the Supreme Court, which heard the case on Monday but did not give a verdict

UN raises $2.44 billion out of $4.4 billion needed for Afghanistan in the pledging conference

The pledging conference, co-hosted by Britain, Germany, and Qatar on Thursday, fell way short of the $4.4 billion that UN Secretary-General Antonio-Guterres had appealed for Afghans, he said, are being forced to take extreme measures

Six Pakistani UN peacekeepers killed when chopper crashes in DRC, Africa

South Asian peacekeepers dominate the 14,000-strong military segment of the operation with 1,974 from Pakistan, 1,888 from India, 1,634 from Bangladesh and 936 from Nepal

Announcing initiative for Ukraine ceasefire, Guterres says he is in touch with India, China others

“I've been in very close contact with our Turkish friends, with Qatar, with Israel, with India, China but also France, Germany”, Guterrres said

India calls for action on Pakistan, North Korea nuclear bomb-missile tech nexus, says it’s threat to regional security

Pakistan's former President Pervez Musharraf had admitted that Khan had given North Korea centrifuges for enriching uranium for nuclear weapons


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