Kavilmadam Ramaswami Parvathy of India who has been appointed the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Tajikistan. (Photo: UN)

Indian-origin development expert K R Parvathy appointed top UN official for Tajikistan

During her career of over 30 years in international humanitarian and development work, Parvathy had worked with the Asia Pacific, West Africa, Regional and Global Headquarters of WFP, according to the UN. Her experience includes strategic planning, risk management, conflict analysis and humanitarian access negotiations, the UN said.

Pakistan frustrated at not being able to get Kashmir on UN agenda; credits strong Indian diplomacy

Reflecting the confused attitude of Pakistan towards India, Bilawal stumbled in his attempts to refer to India, starting with “our friends within...” then trying “with our friend... our... our...” and then backtracking to settle on “our neighbouring countries”.

UNSC to hold high-level debate on combating terrorism

“Terrorism is terrorism”, he said dismissing excuses some countries make.

The ways of the UN: Representatives of ‘Kailasa’, a fictional Hindu nation, worm their way into UN discussion

A woman with heavy makeup wearing a turban, a pendant on her forehead and necklaces introduced herself with what sounded as Vijayapriya Nithyananda, USK’s representative to the UN, She claimed that under “Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism” Nithayananda, “Kailasa has been implementing the ancient Hindu policies and indigenous solutions that are in alignment with a time-tested Hindu principles” for sustainable development”. 

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At the UN, rivalry even in mourning the dead in the Ukraine war

Blinken said, “When President Putin couldn’t break the Ukrainian military, he intensified efforts to break Ukrainians’ spirit”, he said listing what he said was the war’s toll: Tens of thousands of Ukrainian men, women, and children; more than 13 million uprooted people from their homes; more than half of the country’s energy grid destroyed; more than 700 hospitals, 2,600 schools bombed; and at least 6,000 Ukrainian children taken away to Russia.

UN chief urges G20 finance ministers to find bold solutions to debt crisis; calls India's presidency 'very important'

Many developing countries, including Pakistan and Sri Lanka in South Asia, are teetering on the brink of an economic catastrophe and need international bailouts.

Mahatma Gandhi's 'doctrine of trusteeship' recalled amid Ukraine debate at UN

India is guided by the concept of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam,” the “world being one large interconnected family”, and has emerged as the “first responder” to the crises around the world showing “altruism of the highest kind” as during the Covid pandemic. She listed India’s most recent responses to the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria, and to the crises in Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Mozambique and other countries.

India again abstains on UN resolution on Ukraine passed with two-third majority

Kamboj said that India was concerned that the “conflict has resulted in the loss of countless lives and misery, particularly for women, children and the elderly, with millions becoming homeless and forced to seek shelter in neighbouring countries. economic reports of attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure are also deeply concerning”.

UN faces existential challenge a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; India under pressure to vote against Russia

India, which was a member of the Council last year, was caught in the middle of the polarisation at the UN, both at the Council and the Assembly, because of its dependence on Russian arms and the support it had received at crucial times in the Security Council from its predecessor the Soviet Union.

AS UNGA meets for emergency session, Guterres warns of 'possible consequences of a spiralling conflict'

“The war is also fanning regional instability and fueling global tensions and divisions, while diverting attention and resources from other crises and pressing global issues”, Guterres said outlining the war’s fallout on the global economy, the food crisis affecting the global south and the nuclear danger.

Indian, Nepalese peacekeepers in Syria ferry earthquake relief supplies to victims

India contributes 200 personnel and Nepal 415 to UNDOF, which is headed by Major General Nirmal Kumar Thapa of Nepal. 

China's growing clout at UN powered by its growing contributions

China pays almost 120 million to the annual budget of WHO the second highest contributor and has the third-largest voting power at the World Bank based on its shareholding. Beijing has made a concerted effort to have its nationals head international organisations,  and the West later organised a pushback.

'Delhi Declaration symbolises UNSC determination to fight terrorism': ISIS posing growing threat in South Asia

The report noted that the Dae’sh - or ISIS - has threatened to attack India’s diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. It said that the Dae’sh “remained a significant terrorist threat in Central and South Asia, and the group retained ambitions to conduct external operations” and that “it had positioned itself as the primary rival to the Taliban and was reportedly set to portray the Taliban as incapable of providing security in the country”.

Guterres warns of dark days for the world; calls on G20 to come up with economic stimulus for Global South

Focusing on the Abrahamic faiths, Guterres said, “antisemitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, the persecution of Christians, racism and white supremacist ideology are on the march”, but left out the attacks on and threats faced by minorities belonging to religions like Hinduism, Sikhism and Bahaism.

India will remain world’s fastest-growing economy with 5.8% growth; overall South Asia outlook poor

For South Asia as a whole, the report said the region’s “economic outlook has significantly deteriorated due to high food and energy prices, monetary tightening and fiscal vulnerabilities” and it forecast a 4.8 per cent growth year and 5.9 per cent next year. 

Countries using cross-border terrorism should be held accountable: India alludes to Pakistani actions at UNSC

“The application of rule of law at the international level should protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States from aggression, including terrorism, and including cross border terrorism”, Kamboj said. The remarks were directed at Pakistan, but without mentioning it by name.

South Asians ‘15 times more likely die from climate change impact’: UN head

Guterres also brought up the issue of the international debt burden faced by some countries, notably Pakistan, which he called “a victim of the manmade disaster of a morally bankrupt global financial system”.

India’s leadership at UNSC draws wide praise from an array of nations

This month External Affairs Minister presided over two high-level meetings of the Council covered by India on reforming multinational organisations including the Council and on fighting terrorism, both of which have proved popular.

India sides with China, Russia to abstain on UNSC resolution on Myanmar

The complex situation in Myanmar requires “quiet and patient diplomacy”, Kamboj said. The welfare of the people of Myanmar is of “utmost priority” and at “the core of our efforts” there, she said.


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