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India to be most populous nation into next century; Pakistan third most populous

According to the data accompanying the report, India’s population is projected to grow from the 1.45 billion now to a peak of 1.7 billion in 2064 when the decline begins and register 1.5 billion in 2100, a 12 per cent drop.

UN warns of ‘risk of full-scale’ war on Israel-Lebanon border

The Indian peacekeepers are a part of the 10,000-strong 49-nation UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) charged by the Security Council to work with Lebanese national forces to keep order in the volatile section known as the Blue Line that separates Lebanon and Israel.

Pakistan’s desperate attempts to raise Kashmir at UN gets no traction; India is dismissive

While India does directly take on Pakistan by naming it by exercising its formal right of reply on major issues, New Delhi does not name it on other occasions like on Tuesday to deprive Islamabad of an opportunity to prolong the issue, which is ignored by almost all the other 192 members of the UN, but at the same time making a clear rebuttal.

UNSC needs comprehensive reform to remedy structural dysfunction, declares India

It is high time to bring the Council in line with its Charter responsibility to act on behalf of the entire Membership”, but “this will not be achieved without enhancing the membership in both the categories” permanent and non-permanent, he emphasised.

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UN chief urges global fight against tyranny of algorithm-driven digital media promoting disinformation

Turning to the role of governments, he said, “Commit to creating and maintaining a free, viable, independent, and plural media landscape”.

Yoga Day: An island of mindfulness in New York’s frenetic Times Square

The “Mind Over Madness” yoga celebrations at Times Square on Solstice Day has been going on for 22 years, starting a dozen years before the United Nations General Assembly created the International Day of Yoga.

Uniting power of yoga: World’s citizens to gather at UN

Modi presented the idea of an International Day of Yoga in September 2014 at his first address to the General Assembly, declaring, “Yoga is an invaluable gift from our ancient tradition”.

India for universal condemnation of countries providing arms to terrorists

India, he noted, is a member of the Wassenaar Arrangement, an international pact against illegal transfer of arms and dual use items. Pakistan and China are not participants in 

Pakistan elected to UNSC; potential axis with China next year to protect terrorists?

Islamabad’s place in the Council will give it a grandiose soapbox to amplify its campaign on Kashmir, which it has been bringing up even on unrelated matters.

Afghanistan is a history of ‘lost opportunities’, says UN humanitarian official

“And those hopes have been dashed. The edicts against women and girls have come one after the other”, he said of the Taliban fiats against education for girls and women working outside the home.

Indian Army major to get Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award at UN

The UN said that Sen, who led mixed-gender engagement patrols and activities, became a role model for both men and women by fostering “a safe space for men and women to operate together under her command”.

India's remains world's fastest growing large economy

“India has become an alternative investment source or destination for many Western companies” he said.

Indian Army veteran on UN assignment killed in Gaza attack

Kale joins the roster of more than 200 Indians who have died in the service of the UN.

Indian is first international UN employee killed in Gaza conflict

Kale, who worked for the UN Department of Safety and Security (DSS) joins the roster of more than 200 Indians who have died in the service of the UN.

UNGA votes to upgrade Palestine’s membership to special status; strong support from South Asian nations

More than 24,000 people, most of them women and children, have been killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza, from where Hamas launched the attack in which about 1,200 people were killed and about 240 were kidnapped.

Mahatma Gandhi invoked at UN to underline importance of press freedom

“We advocate for the strengthening of policies that promote free, independent, and pluralistic media, thereby fostering a vibrant and robust public sphere, a pillar of peaceful, just, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous societies”, they said.

Bangladesh to join non-UN international force in Haiti

Bangladesh is taking a bold step in joining the mission after the catastrophic end to the previous UN mission with military peacekeepers ended in 2017 amid accusations that Nepali troops introduced a strain of cholera from South Asia.

South Asia gaining in foreign investment as developed economies seek out India as an alternative manufacturing base

The report released on Tuesday said that in contrast to large swathes of the developing countries, “investment in South Asia, particularly in India, remains strong”.

India-backed landmark resolution on AI safeguards adopted unanimously at UNGA

The unanimity at the UN underscores the fears over AI’s potential to disrupt politics and society through deep fakes and spreading misinformation, and its more sinister capabilities in warfare, development of weapons and disrupting economies.