United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks at the General Assembly on Wednesday, February 7, 2023, outlining his priorities for 2024. (Photo Source: UN)

World entering an 'age of chaos’, UN needs urgent reforms, says Guterres

Mechanisms that were used to manage superpower relations during the Cold War are missing now, “and so our world is entering an age of chaos” creating “a dangerous and unpredictable ‘free-for-all’ with total impunity”, Guterres warned.

Democratic forces gaining ground against junta, says Myanmar envoy at UN in significant claim

Although Myanmar is now effectively ruled by the military known as the Tatmadaw,  the UN recognises only the representative of the overthrown democratically-elected government.

India pays up $32 mn annual UN dues, getting place on ‘honour roll’

Thus, India’s assessment is only 1.044 per cent of the UN’s budget of $3.465 billion despite it being the world’s fifth largest economy. Thus, India’s share is less than that of even some developing countries like Brazil and Mexico. 

Pakistani peacekeeper killed in UN mission in Africa

Of UNISFA’s 2,587 troops, 571 peacekeepers were from Pakistan. So far, 169 Pakistani peacekeepers have been killed while serving in UN operations, according to the UN.

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UNCTAD sounds alarm over Red Sea conflict’s impact on global trade

“Prolonged disruptions in major trade routes would disrupt global supply chains, leading to delayed deliveries of goods, increased costs and potential inflation”, he said.

Pakistan warns Ram Mandir consecration in India ‘significant threat’ to ‘regional peace’

A press release from Pakistan’s UN Mission on Wednesday said that Akram raised the Ram Mandir during a meeting of the ambassadors of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the group agreed to include it in the agenda for the next meeting.

Pakistan, Iran asked to deal with mutual security concerns through dialogue

Iran and Pakistan carried out attacks inside each other’s territories against what they said were terrorist bases

Now South Asia is being seen as the new driver of global economic growth

Pakistan and Sri Lanka are pulling down South Asia’s overall performance.

UNSC finally adopts resolution calling for increased aid to Gaza to avert humanitarian crisis

Friday’s resolution was the sixth to come before the Council since the Hamas terror strike on Israel that killed about 1,200 people and took about 240 people hostage on October 7, and Israel's retaliation that has resulted in about 20,000 deaths, mostly of civilians in Gaza.

Combating terrorism in Afghanistan ‘immediate priority’ of India

Kamboj made it a point to reiterate that all of Kashmir, including those under occupation by Pakistan, is a part of India by describing India “as a contiguous neighbour to Afghanistan”.

UNESCO recognises India’s garba dance and Bangladesh’s rickshaws as humanity’s cultural heritage

“Over the decades Garba has been an integral, multivalent component of Gujarati culture in India and among the Indian diaspora across the globe”, it said.

Call at UN to make India-launched Mission LIFE a collective movement to address environmental challenges

Mission LIFE adds “a synergy of individual choices and global collaboration” as “an important force in addressing environmental challenges”, the senior UN official said.

Pakistan set to get elected to UNSC as non-permanent member

If elected, Pakistan, which has used every opportunity at the UN to bring up Kashmir even on unrelated discussions, can be expected to keep harping on it on a platform that will give it more visibility.

India-UN Development Fund is seen as ‘epitome of South-South cooperation’

India’s Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj said, “India stands as a pillar of leadership and advocacy for the Global South”. 

Why the UN is unable to condemn and fight global terrorism

The justification of terrorism has prevented the adoption of the CCIT and Pakistan presents the prime example of this ideology.

Fighting climate change: India walks the talk

An unusual project of the Fund was to install solar panels on the official residences of heads of state of 11 Pacific island nations as a way to highlight the importance of solar power and demonstrate its use.

With the Security Council ‘crumbling’, India says ‘naysayers’ should be stopped from blocking UN reform

A 12-member group of countries known as Uniting for Consensus, which is led by Italy and has Pakistan as a leading member, has used procedural tactics to prevent the adoption of a negotiating text because they oppose expanding the permanent membership of the Council, a demand of the majority of UN's 193 members.

Two Bangladeshi peacekeepers injured in attack on UN convoy in Mali

It was the second deadliest peacekeeping operation - 310 peacekeepers have died in the mission, 18 from Bangladesh, according to UN data.

Former Indian diplomat to head UN panel on artificial intelligence

Guterres cast a wide net for talent to be on the panel, which includes government officials and religious leaders, academics and activists, and business figures from technology companies like Google and Sony, drawn from every continent.