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South Asia gaining in foreign investment as developed economies seek out India as an alternative manufacturing base

The report released on Tuesday said that in contrast to large swathes of the developing countries, “investment in South Asia, particularly in India, remains strong”.

India-backed landmark resolution on AI safeguards adopted unanimously at UNGA

The unanimity at the UN underscores the fears over AI’s potential to disrupt politics and society through deep fakes and spreading misinformation, and its more sinister capabilities in warfare, development of weapons and disrupting economies.

Pakistan, allies at UN, blocking Global South from getting rightful due at UNSC, says India

The Pakistani representative also introduced a strange element into the discussion, attacking the Council’s designation of international terrorists, claiming that the Council’s actions against terrorists are “arbitrary”.

India assails ‘disguised veto’ at UNSC anti-terrorism panel protecting Pakistan-based terrorists

China has repeatedly blocked the listing of Pakistan-linked terrorists as international terrorists subject to UN sanctions.

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With moon landing, India sets sights on ‘limitless possibilities’ for humanity: India’s UN envoy

“A very significant number of scientists who worked on India's moon mission Chandrayaan 3 are women, very much in sync with India's model of women-led growth and development and also linking beautifully with SDG 5, which is all about gender equity”, Kamboj said.

G20 health ministers to meet in India to enhance scientific rigour in traditional medicine systems

“Bringing traditional medicine into the mainstream of health care – appropriately, effectively, and above all, safely based on the latest scientific evidence – can help bridge access gaps for millions of people around the world”, the UN spokesperson said.

Pakistan urged by UN chief to ‘respect due process’ in Imran Khan case, avoid violence

Khan and his party have called for peaceful protests but the response has been feeble and the expected mass demonstrations have not materialised so far unlike in May when he was arrested on corruption charges.

India to leverage its G20 presidency to ‘depoliticise’ global food, medical supplies

It was a tacit criticism of Russia for dumping the UN-sponsored agreement that allowed Ukraine to export foodgrains through Black Sea ports.

UNSC warns about conflict-driven increase in hunger, calls for global concern and help

Blinken warned that by 2050 when the world’s population could reach 10 billion, “climate change could cut output by as much as 30 per cent even as global food demand increases by over 50 per cent”. 

UNSC to focus on food security, human rights during US presidency in August

“Our second area of focus is the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms around the world”, Thomas-Greenfield said.

UN Security Council condemns Pakistan suicide attack; calls for strong action against terrorism regardless of motivation

The Council’s statement that “reiterated that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed”, was unanimous, even though one of its permanent members, China, often comes to the aid of Pakistan-based terrorists and protects them against sanctions.

India concerned over Ukraine developments; indirectly criticises Moscow for ending grain deal

Maintaining New Delhi’s delicate balancing act on the Ukraine issue over which it faces tremendous pressure from the West, while being dependent on Russia for crucial defence and energy needs, she did not name either country.

Modi, Sharif scheduled to address UNGA on same day

Guterres will expect Modi to come up with concrete proposals to raise India’s goals to fight climate change.

India donates $1M for Hindi promotion at the UN

Hindi was introduced in the UN by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who became in 1977 the first Indian official when he was the external affairs minister to speak at the UN in the language.

Delhi G20 Summit an opportunity to start reform of global financial system: UN chief

Guterres, who was speaking at the release of the report on the international debt problem by the UN Global Crisis Response Group (GCRG), said, “Half our world is sinking into a development disaster, fuelled by a crushing debt crisis”. 

UN chief calls for global help to end Haiti’s ‘living nightmare’

Indian Central Reserve Police personnel served with MINUSTAH and MINUJUSTH for 11 years starting in 2008 to the UN operations’ end in 2019.

UN drops India from list of countries needing attention over children in armed conflicts; Pakistan chastised for ‘grave violations’

Explaining the steps involved in getting India off the list, Gamba said, “India came forth two years ago to our offices and to our people on the ground, resident coordinator in Delhi as well as the UNICEF representative in the country, and indicated that they were ready to start engagement to see if they can put in place measures that could be sustained through time that would allow for them to be removed”.

UNGA seeks adoption of comprehensive anti-terror pact proposed by India

The main roadblock to adopting the convention proposed by India in 1996 is the definition of terrorists, with some countries like Pakistan claiming that their favoured terrorists are “freedomfighters”.

Modi to participate in International Yoga Day celebrations at UN

Following the UN lead, Yoga Day has become an international celebration around the world with group practices and asana demonstrations across the globe.