Turkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, September 19, 2023. (Photo: UN)

Erdogan modifies stance, calls for bilateral dialogue on Kashmir in UN speech

Erdogan said that the Security Council “has ceased to be the guarantor of world security and has become a battleground for the political strategies of only five countries”.

‘Global governance stuck in time’: Guterres calls for Security Council reform to prevent ‘great fracture’

Calling for compromise, he said, “Leaders have a special responsibility to achieve compromise in building a common future of peace and prosperity for our common good”.

UN chief discusses Nepal's LDC graduation, peacekeeping role with PM Dahal

The 76th session of the UN General Assembly in 2021 unanimously adopted a resolution endorsing Nepal's graduation from the LDC category with a preparatory period of five years. 

UN, powerless to stop Ukraine War, to focus on development, climate change at annual session

Guterres convened the Climate Ambition Summit to turbocharge action and funding to meet what he has repeatedly called the “existential threat” to humanity.

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India sides with China, Russia to abstain on UNSC resolution on Myanmar

The complex situation in Myanmar requires “quiet and patient diplomacy”, Kamboj said. The welfare of the people of Myanmar is of “utmost priority” and at “the core of our efforts” there, she said.

UN chief says adding permanent members to Security Council ‘now seriously on the table’

India is pressing for Council reforms, which have stalled for decades, and lobbying for a permanent seat. As its president this month, India convened a ministerial-level meeting of the Council on reforming the UN which put a spotlight on the Council’s basic architecture of permanent membership mired in post-World War II geopolitics which has changed dramatically in 75 years.

A War of the Vermin at UN - after ‘peace pact with nature’ in Montreal

Known as the Convention on Biodiversity, the agreement was announced after hectic negotiations early Monday towards the end of 15th UN conference on biodiversity in Montreal.

'I shiver even today': Valiant Mumbai nurse recounts to UNSC 26/11 night of hospital terror

She said, “We the victims of 26/11 Mumbai attacks continue to wait for justice. As the sponsors of these dastardly attacks remain free even after 14 years. “Too many lives have been lost. Too many children have been orphaned”.

Pakistan must clean up its act, can't fool world any longer: Jaishankar

It is because about a decade ago when Sanaulah was a minister, Hillary Clinton who was visiting Pakistan warned him about terrorism and said that if you have snakes in your backyard, you can't expect them to bite only your neighbours because eventually, they will bite the people who keep them, Jaishankar said.

‘We cannot let another "9/11 of New York” or “26/11 of Mumbai" happen again’: Jaishankar hits out at ‘double standards’ of China, Pakistan

Before Jaishankar spoke, Anjali Vijay Kulthe, a nurse from Cama and Albless Hospital in Mumbai, told the Council about her face-to-face encounter with Pakistan-based terrorists on 26/11 and how she worked to save mothers, mothers-to-be and newborns at the medical centre.

Gandhi sculpture unveiled at UN HQ; hailed for vision guiding world body

“Recognizing that diversity is one of India’s greatest assets, he strove for harmonious relations between religions, cultures and communities”, Guterres added.

India to preside over high-level ministerial meeting for Security Council reforms

India is using its prerogative as the president of the Council – in the last month of its two-year elected membership – to take the long-delayed and contentious issue right to its chamber.

India sole country to abstain on UNSC resolution that could potentially divert aid to terror groups

After abstaining, India’s Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj called the move a “mockery” of the UN sanctions on terrorist groups and warned, “Such exemptions must not facilitate 'mainstreaming' of terror entities in the political space in our region”.

No one pushes India around; nobody needs to preach to India: Kamboj

“We don't need to be told what to do on democracy”, she said here on Tuesday when an Italian journalist raised the criticism that press freedom was being eroded in the country. 

Indian woman helms top UN body: Her message: 'To the girls out there, we all can make it'!

At the Security Council, Kamboj is the chair of its high-profile Counter-Terrorism Committee and organised in India a rare special session outside the headquarters to bring home the dangers of international terrorism.

India takes over UNSC presidency December 1; will focus on terrorism

India last presided over the Council in August last year when T.S. Tirumurti was the permanent representative and before that in 2011 and 2012 during current Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri’s tenure as the envoy to the UN.

India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to send helicopter units to UN peacekeeping mission in strife-torn Mali

Several countries have pulled out of or announced plans to withdraw from the peacekeeping operations in Mali. MINUSMA is one of the deadliest operations having claimed the lives of 292 peacekeepers.

India calls for unified UNSC action against North Korea

Kamboj’s mention of nuclear and missile technology proliferation putting India at risk is a reference to the well-documented swap of Pakistan's clandestine nuclear technology for North Korea's missile technology, although she did not name the countries.

India lashes out at countries preventing 'concrete outcome' on UNSC reform; China opposes text or timetable for reforms

The paralysis of the Council, the UN’s highest decision-making body that is charged with taking action to end conflicts and ensure international peace, has brought a sense of urgency to the reform process.


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