United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks at the General Assembly on Wednesday, February 7, 2023, outlining his priorities for 2024. (Photo Source: UN)

World entering an 'age of chaos’, UN needs urgent reforms, says Guterres

Mechanisms that were used to manage superpower relations during the Cold War are missing now, “and so our world is entering an age of chaos” creating “a dangerous and unpredictable ‘free-for-all’ with total impunity”, Guterres warned.

Democratic forces gaining ground against junta, says Myanmar envoy at UN in significant claim

Although Myanmar is now effectively ruled by the military known as the Tatmadaw,  the UN recognises only the representative of the overthrown democratically-elected government.

India pays up $32 mn annual UN dues, getting place on ‘honour roll’

Thus, India’s assessment is only 1.044 per cent of the UN’s budget of $3.465 billion despite it being the world’s fifth largest economy. Thus, India’s share is less than that of even some developing countries like Brazil and Mexico. 

Pakistani peacekeeper killed in UN mission in Africa

Of UNISFA’s 2,587 troops, 571 peacekeepers were from Pakistan. So far, 169 Pakistani peacekeepers have been killed while serving in UN operations, according to the UN.

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UN recognition for Bangladesh's Community Clinics

The government has so far established more than 14,000 community clinics in public-private partnerships across the country to provide basic healthcare to the people. 

India will continue to be the 'bright spot' in world economy: UN review

The latest UN report cut the overall growth projects by 0.1 per cent for all of South Asia to 4.7 per cent this year and 5.8 per cent next year. The inflation rates for Pakistan and Sri Lanka are expected to be in the "double digits" due to the weakening of local currencies.

Can UNSC that excludes world’s largest democracy be inclusive, India asks

“Is the UNSC in its present form -- which denies permanent representation to entire continents of Africa, Latin America and the world’s largest democracy – can it be deemed to be ‘inclusive’”, Kamboj asked at an open debate at the Council.

India criticised for attacks on press freedom at UNESCO-sponsored UN event

Earlier, at the 30th Anniversary of the World Press Freedom Day Global Conference, New York Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger got the criticism of India rolling, saying that “in India, authorities have raided newsrooms and treated journalists essentially as terrorists”. 

UNSC condemns Taliban ban on UN women workers in rare unanimity show

The unanimous adoption of the Council resolution proposed by the United Arab Emirates and Japan and co-sponsored by about 90 countries underlines the Taliban regime’s international isolation and signals international unity before the Doha meeting.

Abolish veto rights or give them to new permanent members in a reformed UNSC, demands India

The root cause in the view of India and many countries is the architecture of the Council that reflects the post-World War II scenario and gives veto-wielding permanent seats to the five victorious allies - Britain, China, France, the United States and Russia, which hold the seat originally given to the Soviet Union.

Template for reformed Security Council could reflect G20 composition, says Russia

Lavrov said that the United States and the West were against a multipolar world and wanted their dominance to continue.

Whither UN reform? India warns of 'anachronistic’ UNSC, as calls for reforms echo - with exceptions

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram struck a discordant note by opposing the addition of permanent members to the Council.  China's Permanent Representative Zhang Jun supported calls for reforming international financial institutions but was silent on the Council -- opposing it would have roiled the African nations that form the largest group at the UN.

With safety of Indians in Sudan in mind, Jaishankar intensifies diplomatic efforts

There are about 4,000 Indian citizens in Sudan, and according to the Indian embassy in Khartoum of them, about 1,500 are longtime residents. An Indian ex-serviceman. Albert Augustine, who was working in Sudan, was killed by a stray bullet as he was speaking to his son while standing at the window of his apartment.

‘Big news' is India’s population growth is below replacement level: UN expert says that's 'window of opportunity for country

The challenges for India, she said, are “there's so many people that are in the informal labour market. Again, educational standards are highly uneven – if you go north to south, south to north in India, we see tremendous diversity within such a large country”.

UN protests to US over spying, 'interference'

Secret documents floating in social media and chat groups showed that the administration of President Joe Biden has been spying on UN officials as well as other international leaders, including US allies.

India seeks global condemnation of Pakistani drone delivery of weapons to terrorists

Indian officials have reported drones coming in from Pakistan to drop weapons and drugs for terrorists in Punjab and Kashmir. Last year till November, at least 22 such drones were reported captured by Indian agencies and 266 drone infiltrations were reported during the year.

India elected to UN statistical body as China suffers diplomatic rout

China’s poor performance in the Statistical Commission election, securing only 19 votes and trailing South Korea was a surprise because of the extensive diplomatic and economic campaigns it has undertaken around the world. 

UN in touch with India for food supplies to Afghanistan

India and the UN’s World Food Programme signed an agreement last month to provide Afghanistan with 20,000 tonnes of wheat that would be sent through the Chabahar port that India is developing in Iran near the Afghanistan border, bypassing Pakistan.

India demands UNSC reform documents name opponents of permanent seats for Africa

The strategy advocated by India would expose countries like China and the members of the Uniting for Consensus (UfC) group of which Pakistan is a leading member in relation to Africa, the largest regional group in the UN.