India at 75

India@75 : Much to be proud of, amid some worrisome trends

The ideological shift in politics towards prioritizing the majority religious denomination that has morphed into assertive political Hindutva goes against the fabric of the 'Idea of India' enshrined in the constitution

India@75: On right path, but some drags on growth

During the last eight years, Prime Minister Modi has elevated the quality of governance to a higher level  and has introduced several imaginative schemes,  keeping in view the requirement of the people at the lower economic level as well as the compulsive need to forge ahead in terms of technology and productivity

Make in India in defence manufacturing: Significant initiatives but still a long way to go

In recent years there has been a paradigm shift in the manner in which the government is bringing about significant policy measures to make India self-reliant and instituting mechanisms to overcome bureaucratic bottlenecks which had plagued the system for long

India-Maldives ties set for consolidation, but China remains elephant in the room

Although the Solih visit went off very well, concerns remained over domestic politics in the Maldives.

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Bhutan, the 'world’s happiest country’, needs a peace and reconciliation process

To reconcile the people of Bhutan and bring peace, we need collaborative efforts. Community agencies, local organizations, religious leaders, politicians, the King of Bhutan and businesses, all can play essential roles in this process

The importance of fraternity in India’s social democracy

The challenges in the path of the fraternity project are many. But we must overcome them, as it is on the pillar of fraternal relations that a well-functioning and healthy democracy rests

Making learning fun: And why it is important to teach students ethics of work

Yet, with new technologies of 3D printing, reasonably priced materials and the Internet, one can teach students in such a way so that learning becomes enjoyable

Pakistanis asked to renew national pride through new national anthem

The entire exercise can be seen as a striving to raise national morale among the people buffeted by economic stress and political turbulence

Modi’s call to woo Pasmanda Muslims: Clever politics or change of stance?

What is needed more is an end to the hate campaigns against the Muslim community and the start of affirmative action for the weaker sections of the Muslim population, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

Balochistan's missing persons and Pakistan's violation of the right to truth

Thousands of Pakistani families are bearing the violation of the right to truth. Balochistan has been confronted with the burning issue of missing persons for the past two decades, writes Nizam Hassan for South Aisa Monitor

Is China eyeing more territory in India and Bhutan?

The visit by the Indian Army chief to Bhutan in the backdrop of China’s territorial advances in Bhutan and India have brought into focus China’s future intentions, writes Lt Gen P. C. Katoch (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Why India should reconsider its ties with Russia

But even if we put the moral aspect aside and try to be pragmatic, to regard Russia as a future strategic partner is also wrong. It will not bring any benefit - economic or military – to India, write Prof (Dr) Vesselin Popovski, Prof Abhinav Mehrotra and Surabhi Bhandari for South Asia Monitor

Will ICJ ruling open the door to Rohingyas' return to Myanmar?

By holding the military accountable for its atrocities against the Rohingya, the ICJ might create the incentive for further international action to ensure justice for all victims of Myanmar’s security forces, writes Dr Arpita Hazarika for South Asia Monitor

Myanmar’s executions: A people let down by the world

The recent executions are an attempt to terrorize the people to move away from that path of dissidence and political activism, writes Sreeradha Datta for South Asia Monitor

Population as a democratic dividend: Skill training at international levels is key to India securing its citizen’s future

High quality STEM education will enable India to lead the world in the evolving technological and knowledge-based economy, writes Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Indian Army chief’s Dhaka visit: Bilateral security and strategic ties are set to get stronger

India-Bangladesh bonhomie on the security front has reached newer heights. Their strategic relations will continue to add more depth and momentum, writes Kamal Uddin Mazumder for South Asia Monitor

Uphill tasks for Sri Lanka’s two new leaders: Political and economic reforms an imperative

The people have determined that a new political order is required because of the negative experiences from the past, where the legislative and executive powers opposed each other, resulting in instability, writes Sugeeswara Senadhira for South Asia Monitor

Connectivity as a new paradigm in India-Bangladesh relations: Enhanced opportunities and challenges

Keeping in mind the economic progress of Bangladesh, it can be said that besides the construction of the Padma Bridge, the new communication system being developed between the two countries will further strengthen their bonds, writes Tapan Das for South Asia Monitor

Why Bangladesh is unlikely to face a debt crisis like Sri Lanka

Bangladesh has already taken cautionary measures to not be a loan defaulter to avoid a Sri Lanka like situation, writes Sufian Siddique for South Asia Monitor


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