Terror attacks in Peshawar’s Police Lines (Twitter)

'Ideologically confused' Pakistan's murky past haunts its present and future

Pakistan had assiduously sought to acquire “strategic depth” against India in Afghanistan by installing the Taliban, but that has now becomes its “terror depth,” security analysts say.  They lament that the western border has become "riskier" than the eastern one with India.

Is Pakistan on the cusp of unbuilding from inside?

Every chance for Pakistan to swiftly achieve stability and peace is lost due to excessive external dependency on foreign aid, vulnerability to domestic political crisis and shortage of good governance in both vision and practice. It would be unrealistic to expect Pakistan to make the best out of its foreign relations at the geopolitical and international stage in the absence of internal stability.

Three South Asian nations - and common factors in their economic downslide

In post-colonial South Asia, the British who ruled and plundered the region also sowed the seeds of ‘divide and rule’, dividing the people along Hindu-Muslim or Sinhala-Tamil lines. Partition of the subcontinent was also a result of the same policy.

Indian action-hero SRK's latest film is a resounding thumbs-down to cancel culture; box-office success sends out multiple messages

With India's pluralist traditions coming increasingly under question under a Hindu majoritarian dispensation, and a vicious call-out culture directed insidiously against Muslim stars and their films from Bollywood, the overwhelming popular response to the film - with social media images of people dancing in the aisles and in front of the screen across cinema theatres -  has given a resounding thumbs-down to the growing cancel culture and redeemed the country's secular credentials that the world has long known and admired.

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Climate change hits home in Pakistan, causes disastrous floods

Climate experts opine that climate change has caused unpredictable and inconsistent weather conditions in Pakistan resulting in excessive monsoon rains, cloudbursts and extreme melting of glaciers which have finally swelled the rivers which are the genuine cause behind destructive floods across Pakistan

UK-India ties under PM Truss: Promise of stronger business and bilateral trade outcomes

India’s reluctance to ink comprehensive FTAs contrasts with the enthusiasm of the UK to stitch up such deals with the bustling Indo-Pacific region, especially with the 11-member Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership that includes the fast-growing Vietnam, Malaysia and Mexico, by the end of 2022

China's growing economic engagement in South Asia is a warning to India

China has already surpassed India in its volume of trade with Bangladesh and is fast catching up to replace it as the top trading partner of Sri Lanka and Nepal. It has extended aid and financial assistance to these states that surpass India’s aid to them

Sheikh Hasina: A profile in courage and emotional bonds with India

With her Awami League in power since 2009, Bangladesh has seen the army keeping away from a political role, has witnessed relative political stability and rapid economic strides, marking higher human development indicators better than most others in South Asia

Rising interest rates and looming dangers for South Asia

South Asia will require at least another decade to recover from the sociological maladies of the post-pandemic global transformations. The looming economic crisis in South Asia may also cause multiple regime changes in the region, potentially producing greater political instability

India-Bangladesh summit: Interlinked destinies, great expectations

Therefore, to create greater understanding between the civil societies of South Asia, we must encourage far more civil society interaction on B2B and people-to-people basis. 

Sheikh Hasina's visit to Delhi amid shifting geopolitical sands: Can India-Bangladesh ties rise above Asia-Pacific rivalries?

Now India and Bangladesh have to look for a new foundation to take the relationship between the two countries to a higher level. And deepening of economic ties can create that new foundation. 

Sheikh Hasina visit to India: Needed a landmark agreement on water sharing, better border management

Overall, many of the vexing problems of long standing can be mitigated quickly by bold and quick measures, denying ammunition to detractors of India-Bangladesh ties on both sides and letting our relationship flourish to its full potential

India-Bangladesh ministerial meet on rivers: A precursor to a larger deal next week but without Teesta?

The JRC discussion should have recognised the sufferings of the people of both sides because of the water scarcity during the lean season flows of the Teesta river and struck a win-win deal that was beneficial to both sides

Gwadar and Mundra: Strategic importance of two ports to Pakistan and India

Both Gwadar and Mundra ports are close to a turbulent region that is violent and militancy-prone. If Gwadar has security problems from within, Mundra has them from without

Chronicles of Rohingya genocide in Myanmar and international failure

India has repositioned its earlier policy of providing a home to refugees from Tibet, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Sri Lanka and is forcefully deporting Rohingya refugees

Who can take on Narendra Modi in 2024? Contradictions and ego hassles mar opposition unity

Given these roadblocks, it is not a surprise that the BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a runaway winner in every opinion poll to the dismay of its adversaries who wonder why the economic difficulties of inflation and unemployment are not holding it back

India’s coastal security challenge - and preventing another 26/11

While this exercise was a long overdue and necessary measure, the whole gamut of India’s coastal security in view of terrorist threats and other crimes must function effectively and consistently as there have been instances of breaches in coastal security after 26/11

Sri Lanka allays Indian concerns, says it believes in regional solidarity; extra regional powers have no strategic leeway in South Asia

Defence sources said it was significant that the Dornier was handed over to Sri Lanka by India a day before the high-tech Chinese satellite tracking ship docked at Hambantota

Indian outreach to Latin America and Caribbean: Needed more frequent and diversified interactions

India should also project the values and aspirations of the Indo-Pacific into Atlantic waters to help global development. The SAGAR (Security And Growth for All in the Region) model can be extended to a much larger canvas of mutual cooperation and benefit


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