Terror attacks in Peshawar’s Police Lines (Twitter)

'Ideologically confused' Pakistan's murky past haunts its present and future

Pakistan had assiduously sought to acquire “strategic depth” against India in Afghanistan by installing the Taliban, but that has now becomes its “terror depth,” security analysts say.  They lament that the western border has become "riskier" than the eastern one with India.

Is Pakistan on the cusp of unbuilding from inside?

Every chance for Pakistan to swiftly achieve stability and peace is lost due to excessive external dependency on foreign aid, vulnerability to domestic political crisis and shortage of good governance in both vision and practice. It would be unrealistic to expect Pakistan to make the best out of its foreign relations at the geopolitical and international stage in the absence of internal stability.

Three South Asian nations - and common factors in their economic downslide

In post-colonial South Asia, the British who ruled and plundered the region also sowed the seeds of ‘divide and rule’, dividing the people along Hindu-Muslim or Sinhala-Tamil lines. Partition of the subcontinent was also a result of the same policy.

Indian action-hero SRK's latest film is a resounding thumbs-down to cancel culture; box-office success sends out multiple messages

With India's pluralist traditions coming increasingly under question under a Hindu majoritarian dispensation, and a vicious call-out culture directed insidiously against Muslim stars and their films from Bollywood, the overwhelming popular response to the film - with social media images of people dancing in the aisles and in front of the screen across cinema theatres -  has given a resounding thumbs-down to the growing cancel culture and redeemed the country's secular credentials that the world has long known and admired.

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Pakistan PM’s China visit will reinforce the anti-India axis

Indian policymakers should be ready for the next phase of synchronized China-Pakistan actions to undermine India.

South Asia in the Developing Asia perspective: Need to balance external borrowings and growth impulses

The situation however has been somewhat different in certain countries of South Asia which have raised resources through external borrowings despite having current account deficits - Afghanistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.  Caution needs to be exercised by them in resorting to such borrowings.

Pakistan: Another winter of discontent

The salvation for Pakistan’s body politic, wherein democracy is aspired by those who are not democrats themselves, may remain unfortunately with the men in uniform.

Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh: No light at the end of the return tunnel

There is no light at the end of the repatriation tunnel; one must look at other more viable and pragmatic scenarios rather than transporting almost a million people at gunpoint to Rakhine

Struggles for democracy and human rights in South Asia: Taking forward Asma Jahangir's legacy

From religious bigotry in India targeting Muslims, to Sri Lanka’s economic woes and food insecurity, to the plight of the Afghans, particularly women, discussions at the conference took up these and other issues like the impact of climate change, press freedom and creeping censorship, to transgender rights, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detentions.

Celebrating India's festival diversity: Festivals can enhance income, employment, mutual understanding

India annually celebrated major festival days of all faiths, but these festivities are largely confined to their believers. If those communities, however, were to become more open to secular participation on the principle that if faiths are for believers, associated festivities are for all to enjoy.

Can Indian and Pakistani leaders rise above politics to build bridges through cricket?

Indian and Pakistani politicians can leverage the sport to resolve many outstanding issues between the neighbouring countries, provided there is an honest will on either side and the intentions are well-meaning. And the bilateral series can resume only if a Vajpayee-Musharraf-like initiative is taken by those occupying the highest positions in the two countries.

Lessons from Sri Lanka: Need for increased governmental accountability and transparency

South Asia must develop a common framework to hold politicians accountable and increase transparency in government dealings. Regional collaboration can reduce vulnerability.

Myanmar's suspected nuclear ambitions will pose a grave threat to region

If Myanmar acquires a nuclear capability, it would be a disaster for South and Southeast Asia. A nuclear Myanmar is not in India, China, or other neighbouring countries' interests.  Recent border tensions between Myanmar and Bangladesh are the best example to understand the gravity of the situation. 

The evolving terror funding matrix: Pakistan, ISI and D Company and its global criminal web

Since Dawood moved to Karachi, the D Company syndicate has expanded incredulously. He is said to have invested over USD $28 billion in assets in Karachi alone and has diversified his businesses in several countries such as India, Morocco, the UK, UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Italy and France.

An agenda for BBIN countries: An idea whose time has come

The demonstrable success of BBIN cooperation may draw Sri Lanka and Maldives also into its ambit in the near future.  India's government and corporate sectors must work together to make BBIN cooperation a success to mutual advantage.

Red flags in India's Northeast: Is Act East Policy losing focus?

The question also arises – is  Delhi losing focus and getting diverted from the AEP by QUAD, Chinese influence on RCEP, and so on. If so then Delhi must decentralise the AEP to make it effective

BJP seeks to etch new lines on the political map of Jammu & Kashmir: Will this end its electoral drought in the Valley?

This doesn’t erase the irrefutable fact that a community that used to align with Kashmiri parties until now was shifting its preferences, the impact of which is bound to be felt in the electoral battle in the forthcoming assembly polls. If the BJP succeeds in reaping the electoral benefits in Jammu & Kashmir, it will have much more to tell the nation ahead of the 2024 polls in the country.

Bangladesh's Rohingya camps are growing security and environmental hazard

Activities of militant organizations have developed around the Rohingya camps in Cox's Bazar. A web of militancy is spreading in the camps with the money coming from six countries including the Middle East and Pakistan.

Pakistan's Chinese bugbear: Growing attacks pose a new security challenge for Islamabad

The Chinese presence in Pakistan, with or outside of the CPEC, and the TTP's defiance, although not directly related, do pose growing security challenges to Pakistan and China, especially when the two want to combine forces to extend the CPEC to Afghanistan.


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