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Division appears within Taliban as some leaders openly back girls’ education

The remark is significant as it comes ahead of a crucial Taliban meeting where the group is scheduled to revisit the issue pertaining to education for girls. Prior to Stanekzai, who is widely considered a moderate within the ultra-conservative group, senior leaders of the infamous Haqqani Network had also backed the education rights for girls.

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Amnesty expresses concern over Maldives’ crackdown on anti-India protestors

The decree came after the country’s National Security Council concluded that the ‘India Out’ campaign, led by former president Abdullah Yameen, posed a threat to national security, to Maldivians living in India, and Indians living in the archipelago

Blow to Pakistan's ruling coalition: Election Commission disqualifies 25 defecting lawmakers of the Punjab assembly

With today’s order from the Election Commission, the position of Chief Minister Hamza Sharif, who was relying on the support of defectors from Khan’s party, appears shaky. The Lahore High Court also issued a notice to Hamza in response to a petition filed by Elahi, challenging his election as the chief minister as “illegal.”

African swine fever outbreak in Nepal; over 900 pigs have reportedly died

The virus, however, is “not a danger” to human health, but it could have a devastating impact on the pig population, according to the World Health Organization. The spread, if remains unchecked, could wipe out the entire population of pigs in the affected areas.

Ruling BJP should set goals for India for the next 25 years, says PM Modi

In an apparent swipe at opposition parties, Modi said some political parties keep looking for "small incidents of tension" to inject poison for their selfish interests, without making any direct reference to recent upsurge in communal tensions and allegations of assault on minorities by state outfits and organisations aligned ideologically to the BJP.

Sri Lanka stares at food shortage amid persistent fertilizer crunch; G7 extends support for debt relief

The United States government has forecast a global food shortage and identified Sri Lanka and Afghanistan as two countries that are likely to be badly hit by the crisis.

Pakistan bans import of non-essential and luxury items; trade deficit breaches $40 billion mark for first time

The import ban, though a necessary measure, will also impact the government’s revenue as luxury items are usually taxed heavily. The move was expected, especially when the government has failed to raise funds for its foreign exchange reserves. The talks with the IMF and other bilateral lenders in Gulf have yet to produce results.

Taliban tightens its moral policing, orders female television presenters to cover their faces; university girls with colorful headscarves barred entry

Since coming to power in August last year, the ultra-conservative group has imposed several restrictions, including ban education for secondary level girls, and barring women from driving and traveling without male relatives

Rohingya refugees living in India entering Bangladesh; Dhaka concerned

“Unfortunately, many Rohingyas are coming to Bangladesh from India,” Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen was quoted as saying by Dhaka Tribune. He added that it was “a matter of concern” for them as those Rohingyas went to India in 2012.

TTP extends ceasefire in Pakistan as peace talks progress with Afghan Taliban mediation

In a separate statement, the Afghan Taliban, which had earlier denied the existence of the TTP in the country, released a public statement, confirming talks between the two sides in the capital Kabul

Several ruling party leaders arrested in Sri Lanka for alleged role in violence; New PM seeks to placate protestors

"There is direct evidence against the two MPs and that is why they were arrested," the official said. This is the first significant action by new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who relies on the support of the SLPP, in pacifying the demands of protestors.

Taliban dissolves Human Rights Commission, bans private security companies, saying these were no longer needed

The ministry also ordered companies to hand over their weapons, operation information, contracts signed in the last two decades, and a list of the people and organizations they guarded so far. Importantly, a number of firms were also providing security to foreign embassies and international aid groups operating in the country

Pakistan’s former spy chief holds peace talks with TTP in Kabul

Significantly, the attacks by the TTP in the last few weeks have reduced significantly, as a result of the ceasefire announced last month, reportedly brokered by the intervention of the Afghan Taliban and tribal elders.

India targeting rollout of 6G network by end of decade to boost economy, create jobs, says Modi

Teledensity and internet users are fast expanding, Modi said, adding that mobile manufacturing units in India have expanded from just 2 to over 200 and the country is now the world's biggest mobile manufacturing hub.

IED explosion in Pakistan’s Karachi leaves one dead, eleven injured; Chinese concerned at deteriorating security environment

In Pakistan, the security environment has deteriorated rapidly, especially in the few months, as the country sees a spike in violence, including bombings. Last month, three Chinese nationals were among four dead when a Baloch female suicide bomber detonated herself just outside the Karachi University (KU) Campus

Sri Lankan PM lays bare ‘terrifying’ facts of economy: petrol stocks for a day, powercuts to last 15 hours; says will not hide truth

“Although these facts are unpleasant and terrifying, this is the true situation,” he said, mincing no words while describing the state of the economy, which has all but collapsed


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