Transwomen serve inclusion on a plate

Nov 01, 2022

Transgender - or trans - women face a lot of discrimination and stigmatization in Indian society. In the southern Indian industrial city of Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu state, a trans woman is encouraging social integration one plate at a time. In the trans community there is a practice of adopting younger trans people and teaching them skills that the mentor knows. G Madhana Amma, or Madhana Mother as she is fondly called, is leading an army of trans women to get the respect they deserve by helping fellow trans women start their own catering ventures. Famous for her biryani dish, she is training socially underprivileged #transwomen to cook biryani, the quintessential celebratory dish in India, a dish food historians say landed on the Indian coast in the 13th century as an import from the Middle East, more specifically Persia.
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