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South Asia gaining in foreign investment as developed economies seek out India as an alternative manufacturing base

The report released on Tuesday said that in contrast to large swathes of the developing countries, “investment in South Asia, particularly in India, remains strong”.

India-backed landmark resolution on AI safeguards adopted unanimously at UNGA

The unanimity at the UN underscores the fears over AI’s potential to disrupt politics and society through deep fakes and spreading misinformation, and its more sinister capabilities in warfare, development of weapons and disrupting economies.

Pakistan, allies at UN, blocking Global South from getting rightful due at UNSC, says India

The Pakistani representative also introduced a strange element into the discussion, attacking the Council’s designation of international terrorists, claiming that the Council’s actions against terrorists are “arbitrary”.

India assails ‘disguised veto’ at UNSC anti-terrorism panel protecting Pakistan-based terrorists

China has repeatedly blocked the listing of Pakistan-linked terrorists as international terrorists subject to UN sanctions.

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Fighting climate change: India walks the talk

An unusual project of the Fund was to install solar panels on the official residences of heads of state of 11 Pacific island nations as a way to highlight the importance of solar power and demonstrate its use.

With the Security Council ‘crumbling’, India says ‘naysayers’ should be stopped from blocking UN reform

A 12-member group of countries known as Uniting for Consensus, which is led by Italy and has Pakistan as a leading member, has used procedural tactics to prevent the adoption of a negotiating text because they oppose expanding the permanent membership of the Council, a demand of the majority of UN's 193 members.

Two Bangladeshi peacekeepers injured in attack on UN convoy in Mali

It was the second deadliest peacekeeping operation - 310 peacekeepers have died in the mission, 18 from Bangladesh, according to UN data.

Former Indian diplomat to head UN panel on artificial intelligence

Guterres cast a wide net for talent to be on the panel, which includes government officials and religious leaders, academics and activists, and business figures from technology companies like Google and Sony, drawn from every continent.

UN fails the world again: Big-power duels stymie efforts to mitigate humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Four resolutions on Gaza have failed at the Council in the last ten days, with Russia and the US vetoing one each, illustrating the inefficacy of the UN’s highest decision-making body when the national interests of the permanent members collide.

Blinken cites India's 26/11, L-e-T while denouncing terrorism as 'unjustifiable'; Pakistan reacts

Some have suggested that Western countries have double standards in how they view Palestinian and Israeli lives....Blinken said, “There is no hierarchy when it comes to protecting civilian lives.  A civilian is a civilian is a civilian, no matter his or her nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, faith”.

Modi 'stood in solidarity with Israel' as they faced terror attacks, says India

He said that “India backed the establishment of a sovereign, independent and viable state of Palestine, living within secure and recognised borders, side by side in peace with Israel, taking into account the legitimate security concerns of Israel”.

Pakistan defends terrorism under guise of ‘freedom-fighting’; bizarre attempt to link Palestine with Kashmir

It is this facile logic of Pakistan and some other countries that terrorists deemed by a country to be “freedom fighters” are not terrorists that has impeded the adoption of an international convention against terrorism proposed by India.

2017 massacre of Hindus by Rohingya in Myanmar could qualify as ‘international crime’: UN investigator

Amnesty International said that its 2018 report on the massacre of the Hindus was “based on dozens of interviews conducted there and across the border in Bangladesh, as well as photographic evidence analysed by forensic pathologists”.

An isolated US vetoes UNSC resolution calling for ‘humanitarian pause’ in Hamas-Israel conflict

The US sole negative vote that was a veto of the Brazil-sponsored resolution plays into the hands of the Palestinians and Russia by showing Washington’s isolation from even its allies on the broader situation.

Gaza ceasefire resolution co-sponsored by Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia fails in UNSC

Guterres has said that the Middle East is on “the verge of an abyss” and called on Israel to lift the blockade on Gaza where food and water supplies are perilously dwindling and people are not able to move out.

Guterres reiterates ‘utter condemnation’ of ‘abhorrent’ Hamas attack; cautions Israel against military action on civilian population

Guterres also said that he was “deeply distressed” Israel’s “complete siege” of the  Gaza Strip and added that the already “dire” situation there will “deteriorate exponentially”.

Pakistan needs massive support, says UN chief; links floods there to ‘climate chaos’

Seeking to link Pakistan’s floods to climate change, Guterres said, “The country is responsible for less than 1 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions – but its people are 15 times more likely to die from climate-related impacts than people elsewhere”.

From nonalignment to ‘Vishwa Mitra’, a power for global good: Jaishankar outlines evolution of Indian foreign policy

Jaishankar challenged the existing global power structure as a multipolar world emerges: “The days when a few nations set the agenda and expected others to fall in line are over”. 

Global South leaders hail India’s contribution; seek its larger role in resolving crises affecting them

Bhutan’s Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji said that India providing Covid vaccines to about 100 countries “was one of the biggest humanitarian initiatives”.