Naxalite killing in Chhattisgarh (Photo: Twitter)

Unveiling the complexities of Naxalism: Socio-economic disparities, violence, and resistance in contemporary India

The narratives elucidate how historical marginalisation, compounded by contemporary socio-economic inequities, lays fertile ground for the propagation of Naxalite ideology, which promises liberation from caste-based oppression and economic deprivation.

War drums in the Middle East are bad news for the economy

The war clouds just keep getting thicker and darker. And the warmongers have so far outshouted those pleading for peace. The leaders have failed to bring any sanity, let alone ceasefire or peace talks. All this does not bode well for the Indian economy, which has already been struggling with the challenges of inflation, stagnant private investment, high youth unemployment and widening inequality.

Electoral bonds scandal in India speaks of a compromised private sector

This is the inner rottenness of India’s growth story, a self-imposed colonisation of a nation that has lost its standing, never mind the growing GDP.

If Trump returns, will India-US economic ties take a hit?

The significance of American investment is that it plays an important role in transforming India’s industrialization and paving the path to challenge China to become the next-generation supply chain hub.

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New criminal justice laws in India are repressive

What is perceptible is the government’s intention to destroy the fabric of human rights protection in India and to increase the power of the government to control and oppress the people of India.

IMF prescribed mantras not in Sri Lanka's interests

From Sri Lanka’s example of periodically falling into a BOP crisis, one might wonder if IMF-prescribed solutions (or terms and conditions attached to IMF funding) ever help small nations like Sri Lanka to achieve long-term BOP stability. 

The flawed criminal justice system in India: Rape law reforms need political will to transform mindsets

The cavalier attitude and patronizing politics of a patriarchal society need to change to eliminate the social stigma of the victim in rape trials in India.

IAF set for critical replenishments to meet growing threats

Reportedly, a part of China’s dole to Pakistan in March 2022 was the multirole J-10C fighter jets which can be interconnected with their Chinese counterparts through the PLA air force's KJ-500 early warning aircraft.

Avoiding Himalayan disasters: Need to heed geological warnings

A number of such disasters could have been avoided if local geology was understood or warnings from experts had been heeded

Crying for justice: Need for Indian government to make speedy justice delivery a mission

The time for half-hearted attempts, and/or conventional methods, has gone by when it comes to delivering justice in India.

Bangladesh Army's stellar role in bringing peace and development to CHT

Local sources claim that multiple tribal terrorist groups are holding hundreds of thousands of people in the Chittagong Hill Tracts as hostages. These groups are active in controlling and influencing their areas through various sabotage and terrorist activities, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, attacks, and counter-attacks.

India celebrates Navy Day commemorating its operational power and maritime history

Indian Navy celebrates Navy Day on 4 December to commemorate "Operation Trident", the Navy’s lethal attack on Karachi harbour during the 1971 war.

COP28 commitments: Need for India to go beyond lip service and gimmicks

The pollution severely affecting the health of the population is of no consequence to India's politicians. It is high time our policymakers look at themselves in the mirror.

Roots of terrorism: Wrong to blame it on a religion

In recent years, a central phenomenon that spurred the rise of terrorist groups has been the United States cultivating fundamentalist Islamist groups through the CIA in client states such as Pakistan. 

Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) framework needs incorporation in India's Blue Economy vision

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is working towards making the UDA framework an agenda for the multilateral forums in the IOR. 

Free food and election promises: Why India's food security system needs an overhaul

The Niti Aayog estimates using a multi-dimensional approach, that poverty has fallen below 15 percent. Why then are 58 percent of Indians getting free food? Or even if their food security needs have to be addressed, would this be better served by direct benefit transfers?

Why RSS is paying lip service to Ambedkar: Two poles of Indian political spectrum

Ambedkar was for implementing the concept of fraternity; on the contrary, the politics of majoritarianism has spread hatred against minorities, leading to violence and polarization of society.

Furore over 70-hour work week: The message Narayana Murthy could have given instead

It may serve Infosys to have zombies but it can never serve the nation to valorise this as the route to a national revival. Many in India suffer low wages, zero benefits and long work hours. Murthy’s remarks will be used to legitimise these malpractices. 

Amid growing Chinese presence, resumption of old ferry service will boost India-Sri Lanka connectivity

Sri Lanka has always been a very important and strategically critical Indian Ocean neighbour and removing the bottlenecks in their relationships has been a top priority for New Delhi.