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The bulldozing of the 'idea of India' (Photo: Twitter)

The bulldozing of the 'idea of India'

The manner in which bulldozers as tools of retaliatory State violence and punishment are being normalised now is akin to illegal 'encounter' (extra-judicial) killings which have now been normalised by police forces across the country.

Why I'm boycotting the World Cup in Qatar: FIFA stadiums built on the blood, sweat, and lives of migrant workers

I learned, too, that on average, the Gulf countries send half a dozen coffins a week to Nepal with the remains of somebody’s beloved family member. This didn’t just apply to Nepal — workers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and African countries faced a similar fate. 

Sri Lanka's dire food insecurity: Need for a well-planned policy framework

The root causes behind the food insecurity status of Sri Lanka are two-fold. Short-sighted policies such as the chemical fertilizer ban imposed by the Rajapaksa government generated a domino effect on agricultural production. Additionally, foreign exchange constraints severely limited food imports.

The hypocrisy of COP meetings: Be the change you want to see

As Mahatma Gandhi said we should be the change that we want to see or in other words we should practice what we preach. That is never the case.  So we heard pontification on how we should reduce the carbon footprint to make this world sustainable by people who never practice sustainable living in their personal life. 

More on Perspective

Developing unity in diversity: A prescription to unite India culturally

Efforts should be made to translate the literary heritage of each state and union territory into each of the national languages of India. This will create a whole new education, employment and business ecosystem in the publishing and media industries, sensitising each Indian to the national and civilisational heritage they inherited and building a sense of unity and common purpose.

Sealing the Ozone Hole: Lessons from the Montreal Protocol

The progress of the Montreal Protocol till now is, however, not without hiccups and bumps

INS Vikrant in its new incarnation marks India as a major warship-building nation


Both these carriers, which are floating cities with massive flying and firepower, still do not adequately fulfill India’s maritime force requirement. With two vast seaboards and the Indian Ocean region and two rogue adversarial nations, the considered assessment by old-salt veterans is that even three aircraft carriers, meaning two on the sea and one in refit, are not enough

Making India a developed nation by 2047: An agenda for the nation

The other pillars of democracy, the judiciary and media, must remain steadfastly independent and impartial guardians of the Constitution. The people still repose their greatest faith in them to protect their rights and uphold their aspirations

Importing wheat for India’s food security is an imperative

Thus, more than one third of the world’s hungry and undernourished people are in India, which is alarming and embarrassing, if not shameful. India’s rank in the global hunger index also (GHI) has dropped to 101 out of 116 countries

Rupee convertibility: Can it make the Indian currency stronger?

Days are ahead when the rupee will tend to become fully convertible. Full convertibility means fully capital account convertibility in the balance of payment. It opens the market for foreign investors, businessmen and trade partners

Is Bangladesh heading for stagflation?

Bangladesh is going through a tough economic situation; the government’s two largest sources of foreign currency revenues are the export of readymade garment products and remittances from overseas. Remittances are already suffering

On their 75th independence anniversary, peace pilgrims from India bring message of love to Pakistan

This is part of a long tradition of celebrating the two countries’ independence days together, started by activists like the late Dr Mubashir Hasan, Nirmala Deshpande, Asma Jahangir, Kuldip Nayar, and others.  Peace groups on either side have been doing this for a couple of decades now, even as administrations in both countries try to prevent them

Indian cultural diplomacy - and creation of a South Asian identity

The basis of all Indian philosophy is the recognition of divinity in the human species and giving respect to all faiths and shades of opinion

Indian Navy’s all-woman aircrew creates history

Over the years, women officers in the Indian armed forces have begun notching various types of achievements

Welfare spending is not freebie culture

It must be understood that welfare spending is essential to partly redress the widening inequality in Indian society

Ameliorate plight of cross-border prisoners: Joint appeal by South Asian organizations

Release prisoners on completion of jail term, decriminalise inadvertent border crossings, especially for fisherfolk and minors

Misuse of Indian Army uniforms has dangerous consequences: Army’s distinctiveness must remain paramount

Uncontrolled proliferation of the existing combat uniform has led to many cases of breach of security of military establishments and personnel and, while it has been a cause of concern, not enough action has been initiated

Save the children: Millions of children victims of acute malnutrition, hunger and diseases in Afghanistan; girls shut out of education

The country is already one of the worst places in the world to be a child, And, in the past year, the situation has become grimmer because of crippling poverty, violence, and drought, according to UNICEF.

Militants, separatists better than opposition: Imran Khan's remark shows Pakistan's deteriorating democracy

His remarks came days after some media reports indicated that the Pakistan Army could try to facilitate a dialogue or deal between Khan and the ruling coalition to create a consensus on early elections, which remains Khan's primary demand, writes Shraddha Nand Bhatnagar for South Asia Monitor


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