India government employees (Representational Photo)

Are India's government employees justified in going on strike?

While the government employees belong to organized class, there are an estimated 300 million people in India who belong to the unorganized class living on daily wages or are self-employed without economic and social security. 

Gandhi’s extraordinary idea of trusteeship of wealth at a time of vulgar ostentation

In a chapter titled “Choice before Capitalists”, Gandhi writes, “At present, there is no proportion between the wholly unnecessary pomp and extravagance of the moneyed class and the squalid surroundings and the grinding pauperism of the ryots in whose midst the former are living.”

South Asia's lack of integration: Is a union of minds at least possible? | South Asia Monitor

At present, there aren’t even any direct flights between Pakistan and Nepal, even as Kathmandu promotes itself as the meeting place of South Asia, noted journalist Kanak Mani Dixit.

India's defence modernisation goes apace; but are China, Pakistan getting the right messaging?

While the Army, Navy and Air Force are doing whatever is required to maintain their battle effectiveness, there is a dichotomy that prevails in how New Delhi is dealing with China and Pakistan.

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India needs agricultural reforms, not frequent market interventions harming farmer interests

The webs we weave in agricultural policy have entangled us from which unshackling has become very difficult. India needs massive reforms to make markets function better, much less intrusion of the State and more freedom for the farmer to participate in the market process and profit from it.

Pakistani minority rights activists seek justice for church attacks; want an end to 'unhinged bigotry'

One of the reasons that Pakistan is making an effort to deal more appropriately with such cases is that it “wants to show itself in a better light than India,” comments Zohra Yusuf. That is not a bad competition to be in.

Celebrating Independence: Why remember Partition horrors?

The Partition Horrors Remembrance Day selectively wants to project the killings and mayhem that Hindus faced. The truth is the Hindus and Sikhs coming from Pakistan (west and east) and Muslims migrating from India to Pakistan, both suffered immensely. As such if we see the whole process of two-nation theory, communal violence was equally promoted by the politics of communal streams, Hindu and Muslim.

Is the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar reaching a flashpoint?

The junta must understand that forcible occupation of a land has its pitfalls. The international community is not as politically invested in Myanmar as it ought to be, but the civil society is closely monitoring the Myanmarese atrocities, the killing of innocent children and the vulnerable.

Reflections on India's Independence Day: Living ethically is the key to the greater good

By doing our jobs properly and ethically the country will progress and become great. The paradigm of development should be based on the maxim of Spirituality + Technology = Happiness. It will help us all become ethical human beings. 

'INDIA versus Bharat' or ‘'India that is Bharat’?

The opposition to the INDIA alliance is also rooted in the thesis which sees a ‘clash of civilizations’ (Samuel Huntington), in contrast to what the UN report emphasizes on Alliance of Civilizations, well articulated in Nehru’s belief system. 

The violence within us: Is Indian society failing in many ways?

But wild, in-your-face violence of the kind seen in some of the crimes that continue to happen, particularly against women, indicates that the nation isn’t really progressing, never mind what the GDP numbers may say. 

With Pakistan again cosying up to the US, can Washington be trusted?

The Pakistan-US-UK ties remain strong. Pakistan’s removal from the FATF’s ‘grey list’ and recent $3 billion IMF loan to Pakistan had an obvious nod from the US.

Ramgarh land port will give a boost to India-Bangladesh-Myanmar trade and regional development

Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India need mutual friendship in their national interest. Bangladesh's improved road and rail connectivity with India will open up new doors of trade and commerce.

Tribal humiliation: Urination incident shows up caste oppression is rife in India

The politics being pursued by the BJP and its related organizations have a multipronged strategy to win over indigenous communituies electorally by emotive symbolic actions, to Hinduise them on the one hand, and to maintain the upper-caste hegemony on the other.

Modi's silence on atrocities against minorities is disturbing

Modi's singular aversion to media engagement starkly contrasts with the active media engagement of leaders like Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's one year in office. A notable analysis of his public relations strategy (Sydney Morning Herald, 20 June) reveals his tireless efforts to engage the public.

Does Gita Press deserve the Gandhi Peace Prize?

Gita Press is the intellectual and cultural base on which conservative Hindu values, mainly Brahmanical values, are promoted, and it provides the base for Hindu nationalist politics by promoting and propagating a narrow, exclusive version of Hinduism. Gandhi’s Hinduism was, on the other hand, humane and inclusive and he evolved with time to live the humanistic aspects of religion.

US double standards seen in its Bangladesh and Pakistan policies

The US has continued to support Pakistan for short-term geopolitical considerations. On the other hand, the US has been unfair to Bangladesh by alleging that the democratic process there had been disrupted.

A great innings, a growing ‘dosti’

The relationship has grown with extraordinary speed. India and Australia are strategic partners – unthinkable a few years ago! An extraordinary bipartisan friendship reflects the way in which both countries have now come to see each other.

IAF’s daring rescue of Indians from conflict zones

This approximately two-and-a-half-hour operation between Wadi Sayyidna and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will go down in the annals of IAF history for its sheer audacity and flawless execution - akin to that carried out in Kabul, in which almost 400 Indians were brought back by the IAF in August 2021 in very challenging conditions following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.