Ramesh Bidhuri MP and Danish Ali MP

Competitive communalism and the fall in values of a nation

At the root of this fall is the belief among the BJP that assertion means aggression; that hitting out is the best form of defence; that violence is in our grain and must be met with double the violence; that the 'other' must be put down; that the grammar of leadership is masculine in form, shape and action.

Name change for nation: Jinnah also opposed use of India name after Partition

The use of the word India is not a colonial legacy in any way; the word was there much before the British East India Company came here for trade and plunder. This word also was used by anti-colonial movements. This is how the country was known in the world.

Canada is at risk of losing its global identity as a peaceful nation

Canada gives a lot of importance to freedom of speech and action and some extremist elements see this freedom as license to orchestrate separatist movements in other countries from Canadian soil.  This situation has caused serious problems for other countries like Sri Lanka and India.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and the digital revolution: India needs to bridge the digital chasm

India's prowess in ML and AI is a beacon that must shine on all corners of the nation. Closing the digital divide through digital literacy and improved technological access is more than a responsibility—it's an investment in India's growth narrative.

More on Perspective

Greater Bangladesh-Northeast India engagement will be a win-win for both countries

If trade and cultural relations between Bangladesh and Northeast India improve, the picture of the entire region will change.

Teachers across borders: Connecting people, learning from each other

Writers of the three winning entries, one from Pakistan and two from India, read their works out online at the Spelt conference to a full auditorium. The meritorious list included four stories from Pakistan, three from India, two from Nepal and one from the Philippines.

India’s higher education on a neoliberal path: Rankings should not sideline dissent and diversity

The ranking process is a vicious circle wherein higher-ranking institutions can mobilize more resources and vice versa. Unfortunately, those institutions which are not part of this frenzy competition will eventually be excluded from the higher education space dominated by the current neoliberal discourse.

India Space Congress 2022: Space as the fourth frontier

The space industry is keenly looking forward to the Indian government's new space policy and hoping for ease of doing business to take a practical shape.

Climate change mitigation: Will world leaders rise to the occasion to save the planet?

What applies to India can also work for other nations. So one hopes that world leaders participating in COP27 will reach actionable decisions and obtain the funding already promised by the developed countries to make a serious start to creating a sustainable global environment and avoid further climate change within the next few decades.

India’s G 20 presidency: Unique oppportunity to place nation's narratives on global agenda

There can be no doubt that the direction of the Ukraine conflict may cast a long shadow on India’s presidency.

COP27: Should South Asia learn from Africa?

Taking a cue from Africa, can South Asian countries conduct strategic and collective consultations to build a nest?

Self-reliance in combat helicopters incomplete without replacements for 'flying coffins'!

Following the crash of a Cheetah helicopter on 5 October 2022, the second such helicopter to crash this year (the earlier one was in March 2022), the Indian Army Wives Agitation Group (AWAG) wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing anguish over the continued use of the outdated Cheetah and Chetak Light Utility Helicopters (LUH), which have claimed many lives of experienced and young officers.

Ela Bhatt: One of India’s most consequential campaigners for women's empowerment and societal harmony

Today SEWA has some 2.1 million members making it the single largest trade union of its kind in India serving and representing self-employed women workers in 18 states

Google's bigness has become bothersome: Tech giant now in India's competition watchdog's crosshairs

Interestingly CCI’s ruling was not the result of or in response to any complaint by a user, vendor, advertiser or customer. It came out of a summer project done by three student interns, who studied the EU case and its applicability to Indian conditions

Defence production strategies: Indigenisation must be the watchword for Indian military planners

The Chinese leadership's exhortation to the PLA to improve its capability sufficiently to win local wars must be a wake-up call to India's military strategists and operations planners.

Biden’s putdown of Pakistan: More to it than meets the eye

The fact that the bulk of whatever aid goes to Pakistan is grabbed by the military and used for terrorism is of little consequence to the US, as is the fact that it was Pakistan that engineered the humiliating withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Canada on a suicidal course: Giving a free run to South Asian separatists and terrorists could boomerang

The Canadian government is doing a very big mistake by thinking that such separatists and terrorist groups operating in Canada will not harm Canada but only other countries.

The population myth, prejudice and dangers of a misguided policy

It is possible to use the numbers to argue in many ways but what should be reasonable to note is that there is no conspiracy among a certain set of people to grow their numbers. Demographics tells us that as the level of education (particularly of the woman) and the standard of living of the family moves up, the number of children per woman generally comes down.

How the battle against insurgency was won in Tripura

A mere look at the map of Tripura showed that the insurgents were operating from the hills where there was no police presence as all the police stations and posts were on the main roads. I was convinced that we should move into the hills.


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