Sri Lanka needs to choose its friends wisely (Photo: Wikipedia)

Sri Lanka needs to choose its friends wisely

Sri Lanka should not go the way Pakistan has gone by almost reducing It to the status of extended territory of China

ASEI to have 34th national convention virtually

The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is hosting its 34th Annual National Convention with the theme Sustainable Technology Innovations (STI-2022)

Is the US right in sanctioning RAB in Bangladesh?

Although the RAB has paid a heavy price in its campaign against terrorists and drug smugglers, the US has unfairly imposed sanctions against the group

Is raising legal age of marriage for Indian women the answer?

Merely raising the age is not the solution; educational opportunities for women need to be promoted as well as protected from being denied

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India’s new trade policy: An action plan for promoting exports from the states

Indian enterprises, financial institutions and government agencies must invest in the acquisition and analysis of knowledge and information on target markets 

Gandhi's legacy cannot be allowed to fade away

Indian politicians have long used Gandhi’s legacy of secularism, non-violence and tolerance in a cynical and opportunistic manner to further their political agenda, but today Gandhi’s legacy has glimpses of irony

Pan masala ad and the social responsibility of Indian film icon Amitabh Bachchan

The on-screen star can become a real-life hero if he withdraws from the tobacco ad, calls out paan masala as harmful to human health and triggers a movement within Bollywood to protect the health and rights of consumers

Japan's silence on Rohingya Issue is puzzling

It is Japan’s vital responsibility to join and influence other key players in the region to play a visible and effective role to address major regional issues like the Rohingya crisis for peace and stability

A tale of two Modis and political doublespeak

PM Modi is trying to ace a fine balance between his domestic credentials and his global image

Draupadi, Dalit writers and Delhi University: Inconvenient truths as politics rules

This is not the first time that political considerations will determine what universities in India should teach, or which books may be banned

Pakistan needs a vibrant people’s movement that can marginalise Islamic extremism

A forward-looking government can certainly achieve this task of Pakistan remaining an Islamic country while simultaneously emerging as a progressive and peaceful nation

India needs a People’s Charter - a referendum of the type of India people want

An apolitical mass movement is imperative, given that India’s secular democracy and constitutional freedoms are facing an existential threat 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's governance is on the right track

The central theme of Modi’s governance - both as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister of India - is his undiluted focus on poverty alleviation, industrial and economic development and social progress

The taboos that are pulling India down

No society can progress if it does not muster the courage to question taboos, particularly those which trample on human rights, dignity, and liberal values

China must help in resolving the vexed Rohingya issue that has overburdened Bangladesh

China must become the region's new peacemaker, with its approach to resolving the Rohingya situation bringing out the hesitancy of the western powers to take a decisive stand on the vexed issue

Rural Media Network Pakistan rejects proposed Pakistan Media Development Authority; says it is 'unconstitutional' and against press freedom

The Rural Media Network Pakistan (RMNP ) board meeting held under the chairmanship of its president Ehsan Ahmed Sehar has  turned down the proposed Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) unanimously

Afghanistan sliding towards its worst humanitarian crisis

It is the core responsibility of the Muslim Ummah to rescue Afghans from the clutches of an impending civil war

Commemorating 9/11 and aftermath: The South Asian experience

As we honor the legacies of those lives lost on September 11, 2001, we also reflect on the dramatic impact that day had on our nation and communities like ours

Now a world-class sports school in India that balances sports and academic schedules

As India’s first integrated school for sports and academics, TSS is a potential winner model balancing between the needs of budding athletes to excel at their chosen sport and the kind of academic pursuits they also prefer

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