AAPI Convention 2022


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How can Indian government increase revenue and reduce poverty?

India is a nation where, under current laws, only 3 percent of the citizens need to file an income tax return, and only 1 percent is actually found to annually have earned a taxable income. The majority of Indians, who are engaged in agriculture, are not required to pay income tax at all

In a world heading for stagflation, can India remain immune?

The political instability in a large and industrialized state like Maharashtra is not helping.  Instability means inaction or even paralysis in decision making, since policy makers are distracted in tackling the political situation

Why the world is applauding Dhaka over the Padma bridge

The Padma Bridge will make international investors, including Saudi companies, to give a serious look at Bangladesh as an investment destination 

A rights-based approach to environmental human rights

The need of the hour is to adopt a rights-based approach to environmental protection that places the people harmed by environmental degradation at its centre

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‘Mystics and Music: Southasia’s Legacy of Love’

Hosted by *Khushi Kabir*, social activist, feminist and environmentalist, Dhaka. Bangla tribute to Lata Mangeshkar by *Sohana Ahmed*

Sexual health education: Lessons from India's Dholpur

The importance of sexual and reproductive health education for adolescents cannot be stressed enough as this is a crucial but extremely confusing time for young people

India needs a robust foreign policy to deal with strategic challenges

There is an urgent need to conclude a South-East Asian Nations Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation to resist and counteract Chinese hegemony

ASEI to honor engineers, scientists and community leaders at 34th National Convention

American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is hosting the awards event for its 34th Annual National Convention focusing on Sustainable Technology Innovations (STI-2022).

The Rahul Bajaj I knew - he always supported a good idea

Rahul Bhai was harsh on the outside but soft inside, with tremendous humanity

Lata's voice and melodies gave renewed hope to mankind

Lata Mangeshkar redefined culture as we knew it for she was a citizen of the world

It's in Pakistan's interest to build economic ties with Bangladesh, but it should apologise first for 1971

Bangladesh can also benefit by using Pakistan’s Gwadar Port and the China-run CPEC. Bangladeshi products can be exported to Central Asia

Bangladesh-Japan ties touch new high in 50 years

Bangladesh-Japan relationship has reached a new level in investment and trade, with Tokyo offering plenty of assistance to Dhaka

Inclusive elementary education: RTE still seen as charity, not a right

Educational inequality in India widened during the pandemic with children from disadvantaged sections dropping out of school due to the digital divide, writes Manab Singha 

Pakistan stares at an uncertain future

Pakistan's terror-friendly tag and economic decline has also had an impact on the political standing of the country

Cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar to address Indian physicians in US

Indian cricket veteran and former captain Sunil Gavaskar will be a keynote speaker at the 40th Annual Convention of AAPI  to be held in San Antonio, Texas from June 23-26, 2022,” AAPI President Dr. Anupama Gotimukula announced

A dress code that does disservice to education in India - and the global reputation of a state

The girls at the centre of the protest have lost in the near term, but the longer-term loser is the state of Karnataka and India as a plural society and nation

Art and resistance in South Asia: Fighting the challenges of dark times through creativity

The deliberations highlighted how political turmoil and violence in South Asia have catalysed creativity with many artists grounding their work in response to the challenges

A growth-oriented balanced budget for India

This is a very balanced budget as it boosts spending towards growth-oriented policies that would boost manufacturing, help agri economy and infrastructure creation

What is wrong with India's language policy?

India's insular upper class is one of the major problems in the way of learning regional languages or dialects


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