AAPI Convention 2022


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The human brain and the desire to reproduce and enhance knowledge

Evolution is driven by the desire to reproduce. Thus, sex desire is the most powerful desire in a living being

How battle warriors can become climate warriors: India's visionary policy to rescue a planet on fire

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has operations in more than 130 countries. In places where people are already displaced, Agniveers could help them prepare for and adapt to climate change

How can Indian government increase revenue and reduce poverty?

India is a nation where, under current laws, only 3 percent of the citizens need to file an income tax return, and only 1 percent is actually found to annually have earned a taxable income. The majority of Indians, who are engaged in agriculture, are not required to pay income tax at all

In a world heading for stagflation, can India remain immune?

The political instability in a large and industrialized state like Maharashtra is not helping.  Instability means inaction or even paralysis in decision making, since policy makers are distracted in tackling the political situation

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Gender equity must extend to transgenders as well

Despite many favourable developments, what transgenders face is systemic oppression, phobia, fear, bias and distrust. This keeps transgenders from living their simple lives as ordinary citizens

Sports has the power to unite: Let’s teach our children about peace before someone teaches them about hate

Can we rally support around South Asia and get friends and fans to raise their #WhiteCards for peace at the ICC event even as they root for their favourite teams

Sri Lanka should form a national government and stop depending on China

There is this accusation that Sri Lanka is governed like a family concern by the Rajapaksas. This impression should be removed

Missile mishap: India and Pakistan need long term risk-reduction measures

Though India and Pakistan showed great restraint to prevent any escalation, the missile episode has raised eyebrows among those who consider South Asia to be a 'nuclear flashpoint'

The hijab ban in India and the unnatural uniformity it seeks to enforce

The research relied upon by the petitioners, which was unceremoniously sidelined as being unauthentic and without proper credentials of the researchers, showed that head coverings are commonplace for most Hindu, Muslim and Sikh women outside their homes

Pakistan's politics of confrontation: Is it a lost game for Imran Khan?

It is, however, apparent that Imran Khan and his aides have forgotten the norms of political battles a long ago

Beyond borders: A tribute to Sara Suleri

Sara’s name is on Sapan’s Founding Charter calling on South Asian nations to institute soft borders and a visa-free South Asia

How to contain India’s TB pandemic

Unless the national programme for TB is made strong, we may end up well short of the desired impact

Need for bringing India's notorious bureaucracy to account

The BJP government has done better in preparing lists of those officers who are inefficient or corrupt

Gandhis and the TINA factor in India’s Congress party

Within the Congress also, the entire blame cannot be put at the door of the Gandhis

The world should sympathize with the plight of Tibetans too

Tibetans wonder why the world is largely indifferent to their plight at the hands of the Chinese government and has not responded the way it sympathizes with the plight of Ukrainians

50 years of Sri Lanka-Bangladesh ties: Stable ties amid changing global equations

Neutral alliances of smaller countries are again becoming important in the tug of war between the major superpowers in the region

Women in civil service: The price you have to pay

Women in civil service in India are still a small minority. Yet they have achieved so much and broken glass ceilings in their individual journeys

Corporate India needs a new crop of directors

If credibility is to come to corporate governance, the pool of directors must be widened to include people from a variety of fields

US-Bangladesh air exercise reflects a broader strategic understanding

The US has started to consider Bangladesh as an important security partner in the region


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