A World at War: When Hell you create, you too will burn

The World’s at war

Ashok Sawhny Oct 10, 2023
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The World’s at war
So sad to say,
When peace is slaughtered
Every day,

There is now no place
Called heaven on earth,
It wasn’t like this
At my birth,

That’s a long time ago
When Peace was King
And, anything else
Was an ugly thing,

Alas, what we see today
Is the cauldron of fire and brimstone,
Man’s anger and wrath replacing God’s Will
Man, for this, will have to atone.

Does no sense prevail, no reason hold
Collective wisdom in tatters now,
Are we just some enemies old
Slaughtering all and barbarically, how.

Must we hear impotent sermons
From those we invest with the power to decide
And act, in the service of Mankind at all times
Not collude, deceive and, brashly, deride.

The World at war with itself
The unabashed use of power and pelf,
Look within, O infantile Man
Look within your fragile self.

Dust you are, to it you shall return
Fire and Smoke, Ashes in Urn,
Let Life survive, let Peace reign
When Hell you create, you too will burn!


(The author is an English and Urdu poet. He can be read at www.ashoksawhny.com)

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Ashok Sawhny
Tue, 10/10/2023 - 17:49
Honoured to see you have published this poem of mine.
Most grateful. Thank you very much.
Regards to allat South Asia Monitor.