Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr.A.K.Abdul Momen hands over a consignment of medicines to the Sri Lankan envoy Dr. Sudarshan (Photo: Newsin)

From donation seeker to donor: Bangladesh's assistance to Sri Lanka is a governance lesson for others

Bangladesh continues to generously host the world’s largest and growing refugee settlement despite the huge burden on economy, food management, limited resources and other circumstances, writes John Rozario for South Asia Monitor

Kartarpur Corridor

Bridging the India-Pakistan divide: Let families reunite before it's too late

Today, in the 75th year of Independence, both India and Pakistan must honour their 2012 agreement and allow at least the elderly to meet relatives across the divide, writes Tridivesh Singh Maini for South Asia Monitor

The Indianisation of education: Education with a not-so-hidden agenda

The Indianisation of education: Education with a not-so-hidden agenda

Overall, the changes proposed in the country's education system are in tune with the concept of nationalism and culture that sectarian nationalists want to impose on the country, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Russia-funded Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh: Wise move or potential catastrophe?

Though Russia has agreed to accept spent fuel, it is unclear how safe the procedures for removing it from reactors and transporting it from Bangladesh will be, writes Aashish Kiphayet for South Asia Monitor


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