Tri-Services all-women world sailing expedition from India prepares to make history

This historic expedition, the first of its kind, marks a significant milestone in India’s maritime history.

Col Anil Bhat (retd) Apr 27, 2024

Two major sailing expeditions by Indian women officers drawn from all three services have been undertaken in preparation for a historic sailing expedition to circumnavigate the globe.

The first expedition flagged off from Goa by renowned circumnavigator Commander Abhilash Tomy (retd) on 28 February 24, was undertaken in double-handed mode by Lt Cdr Dilna K and Lt Cdr Roopa on board the Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini.

The first phase was 22 days of navigating through the unpredictable elements of the Indian Ocean and arriving at Port Louis, Mauritius, on 21 March 24. This visit involved a series of events where the officers interacted with government officials from the Mauritius Coast Guard and the Indian High Commission. In a gesture of camaraderie and collaboration, the vessel also undertook a training sortie with personnel from the Mauritius Coast Guard, strengthening bilateral ties and fostering goodwill between the two nations.

Following a hectic schedule at Port Louis, Dilna and Roopa embarked on their return journey departing on 30 March 24. Continuously facing challenges posed by heavy winds and rough seas, they sailed forward with indomitable spirit and steadfast resolve and guided INSV Tarini safely back to Goa on 21 April 24.

These two officers will be preparing further for their next monumental voyage of circumnavigation of the globe (Sagar Parikrama - IV expedition) on INSV Tarini scheduled to commence in September 2024.


Arduous preparation

The second expedition, Training Expedition VIII, was flagged off from Marve, Mumbai on 23 March 24 to sail to the Naval Detachment at Androth, Lakshadweep. A team of 12 women officers from all three services  (seven from the Indian Army, one from the Indian Navy and four from the Indian Air Force) completed the arduous Mumbai-Lakshadweep-Mumbai sailing expedition. The team braved the choppy waters, with varying wind conditions in sweltering heat continuously boosting the women sailors' confidence for 27 days and giving them a head start to achieve their final goal of circumnavigating the earth.

This 27-day sailing expedition was conducted in four phases. Phase 1 was from Marve, Mumbai, to INS Kadamba (orange flower) Indian Navy’s Project Seabird base at Karwar. Phase 2 was from INS Kadamba to INS Dweeprakshak (meaning island’s protector) a base of the Southern Naval Command located on Kavaratti Island in the Lakshadweep archipelago. Phase 3 was from INS Dweeprakshak to INS Kadamba and Phase 4 was from INS Kadamba back to Marve, where, on 17 April 23 the expedition was flagged in by Lt Gen A K Ramesh, Commandant, College of Military Engineering, Pune.

This eighth Training Expedition is part of the preparation for the All Women Around the World Blue Water Sailing Expedition, scheduled later this year in September 2024. This event is being planned and conducted under the aegis of the Army Adventure Wing (AAW) under the Directorate General and Army Aqua Nodal Centre (AANC) of the College of Military Engineering (CME).

The crew is undergoing numerous long and short-distance training expeditions aboard the Indian Army Sailing Vessel (IASV) Manyu Vir to build up the proficiency required to undergo such an arduous adventure. The completion of this sailing expedition embarked upon by women warriors stands as a testament to their unwavering determination and resilience throughout the journey, spanning vast stretches of the Arabian Sea, and showcasing exemplary teamwork, navigational prowess, and adaptability to varying sea conditions.


High-risk expedition

 This historic expedition, the first of its kind, marks a significant milestone in India’s maritime history. It aims to break down the geographical and cultural barriers, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the crew. It is also a great example of teamwork and one which will boost women’s empowerment through adventure. 

This high-risk expedition will also be a test of their physical and mental endurance while cultivating a sense of empowerment and sisterhood that will last a lifetime among the valiant women sailors. Despite encountering challenges such as unpredictable weather patterns and technical complexities, the team completed the voyage, demonstrating their capability to overcome obstacles with determination. These brave women warriors have so far completed more than 6000 NM (nautical miles) of watermanship training in the form of expeditions and routine training activities. This phase has been marked by great progress in preparing this team for circumnavigating the earth.

 An earlier all-women event worth recalling was in August 2022, twenty years after the induction of women officers began in the Indian Armed Forces, in 1992 when five women officers of the Indian Navy's INAS 314 (Indian Naval Air Squadron) based at Naval Air Enclave, Porbandar, created history by completing the first all-women independent maritime reconnaissance and surveillance mission in the North Arabian Sea onboard a Dornier 228 maritime reconnaissance aircraft.

(The author, a military affairs analyst and former Defence Ministry and Indian Army spokesperson, can be contacted at

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