Desiderata VI

Beware of heights

Ashok Sawhny May 28, 2021
Desiderata VI

Beware of heights
When you’re in your lovely penthouse
Might make you feel really tall
But, remember should something happen
How deep, the impending fall.

We don’t get nearer the stars, alas
Nor within a handshake of the Moon
And, even if we did someday
Why play the clown, why the shining buffoon.

Sound, indeed, the age-old advice
And, we need no Socrates for this,
Stay grounded, ‘tis stabler  for sure
And, a source of available, earthly bliss.

Head in the air is, again, never wise
More so now when the air is bad,
Let swords in their scabbards lie
Tragedy is nothing but, simply sad.

Never lose heart, an old adage true
As old as the rivers and the faraway hills,
Hope, is the lamp that must stay lit, but
Hope won’t help pay those pending bills.

Speaking of hearts, nothing more fickle
No greater a chameleon, was ever there,
The changing of colours is for Guards to do
But hearts too are prone, so take good care.

Keep things simple for complex is Man
Egos within egos, and selves within selves,
The altar is there for obeisance and more
But, the Alter Ego is much like the magical elves.



Unmasked, remember, was Grand dad.

(The author is a prolific poet who has over 40 poetry books to his credit. He can be reached at

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