Women militants and insurgency in India | Conversation with Ms. Rashmi Saksena | 10min with SAM

Jul 10, 2020

Ms. Rashmi Saksena talks about women militants, terrorism, and insurgency. How women get drawn into the dark world of terrorism and insurgency, from Kashmir to the Northeast, and their fascinating journeys as they try and balance two worlds. 

Ms. Saksena is a veteran journalist and author of the book "She goes to war".

Table of contents
1. Encounters with female militants - 1:07
2. Differences between militant cases - 3:25
3. Lessons from research - 5:41

Check out "She goes to War: Women Militants of India  by Rashmi Saksena" here: https://www.amazon.in/She-Goes-War-Women-Militants/dp/9387693449