Online Learning in Pandemic Era | Amb Amit Dasgupta (retd.), Dr. Rukmini Banerji & Ms. Bhavna Jolly | SAM Conversations

Dec 21, 2020

Dr. Rukmini Banerjee, Amb. Amit Dasgupta and Ms. Bhavna Jolly discuss the impact on primary education and the online system and the increase in the gender gap due to digital learning. They further go on to discuss the situation of students aspiring to pursue higher studies in the United States and the Australian Universities' hybrid education while answering some frequently asked queries by the students. 

Dr. Rukmini Banerjee is the C.E.O. of Pratham Education Foundation. She completed her B.A. at St. Stephen’s College and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

Amb. Amit Dasgupta is the Strategic Advisor at the University of New South Wales  and served as the Ministry of External Affairs’ Director of Finance and was the first head of the Ministry’s Public Diplomacy Division

Ms. Bhavna Jolly is the Senior Program Advisor for the United States Education Fund. M.P.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology - University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Table of Contents-
1. Effects of primary education because of Covid – 19 -1:23
2. Impact of the online system on education in India – 4:00
3. Increased gender gap due to digital learning – 6:42
4. Students seeking higher education in the United States of America – 9:46
5. Australian Universities Hybrid Education – 12:48
6. Government of Maharashtras radio initiative – 17:28
7. FAQ’s by students – 22:19

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