Canadian journalist-writer Terry Milewski speaks with Mayank Chhaya on the Khalistan movement and it’s implications for India-Canada ties | SAM Conversation

Sep 13, 2023

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to have a less than edifying visit to New Delhi to attend the high-profile G20 summit with his government’s indulgent handling of the often unvarnished and aggressive pro-Khalistan groups.

Reports from Delhi said Trudeau got an earful from his Indian vis-à-vis Narendra Modi over the way his government has been dealing with the separatist Khalistanis. Trudeau looked visibly disengaged in some of the official videos of the G20 summit which ended for him with a meeting with Modi. The Indian prime minister was reported to have taken a sharply unambiguous stand on Canada’s Khalistan problem.

Even as a separatist group called Sikh for Justice held a referendum in the town of Surrey in British Columbia, Trudeau was stranded in Delhi because of his official aircraft developed a technical snag. A chastened Trudeau stuck in Delhi after a tense exchange with Modi because of a malfunctioning aircraft became emblematic of his visit.

To understand Canada’s and Trudeau’s Khalistan problem Mayank Chhaya Reports spoke to the well-known journalist and writer Terry Milewski who has tracked the global Khalistan movement for decades. Two years ago he wrote a celebrated book titled Blood for Blood : Fifty Years of the Global Khalistan Project to mark the 50th year of the movement’s nascent beginnings on October 12 1971 with the advertisement I the New York Times.