Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)

Can ONDC be the UPI moment for India's digital economy?

ONDC is a novel initiative that has still not been attempted anywhere else in the world. However, looking at the potential value that this initiative can generate, its success will be greatly beneficial for the digital economy of the country. 

Donald Lu, the United States assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian Affairs (left), speaks with Bangladesh Foreign Minister A. K. Abdul Momen at a meeting in Dhaka (Photo courtesy Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

With some nimble diplomacy, US and Bangladesh seek to move beyond sanctions irritant

In the last two years, both countries have had 18 bilateral visits; Bangladesh sent 7 delegations to the US while the US sent 11 delegations, including the latest visit of Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu.

Pakistan Taliban end six month ceasefire with Pakistan. Courtesy Twitter/@kabulnewstv

Pakistan's mounting TTP threat and India overtures

With constant attacks on CPEC projects and Chinese workers, protests breaking out across the nation against economic hardships, and an increase in internal terrorism, Islamabad is being forced to ramp up its military even while it is being spread thin due to increasing crisis points requiring its attention.

Tensions in Pak-Afghan relations (Photo: Twitter)

Tensions in Pak-Afghan relations: Lessons in it for India?

Afghanistan is important to India’s continental economic aspirations, including closer ties with Central Asia and Iran. These goals are currently hampered by Pakistan’s blockade of Indian access to the region.