India-Pakistan T20 World Cup ticket in New York

India-Pakistan T20 World Cup ticket in New York on resale market for $175,400!

ICC said that the demand for the  India-Pakistan match tickets at the 34,000-capacity stadium exceeded supply by 200 times.

T20 Cricket World Cup sparks popular interest and business in insular New York

Anderson Economic Group, an economic and business consultancy, has estimated that just the India-Pakistan match is expected to benefit the New York metro region by $78 million – $46 million in direct benefits and $32 million indirectly.

Crowd-pulling India-Pakistan cricket match in New York threatened with terror attack

ISIS-K has carried out attacks in Pakistan and has threatened terror strikes on India. In March, ISIS-K terrorists attacked a concert hall in Moscow killing about 130 people adding gravity to the latest threat.

Canada's policy of giving a free run to South Asian separatists might boomerang on it

When the LTTE waged ethnic war in Sri Lanka with a base on Canadian soil, Sri Lanka could do nothing about it, as it was a small country facing a tough local challenge. But such would not be the case with India, a large country with considerable muscle power to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty.


India weaponises humour as it ridicules Pakistan for raising Kashmir issue in UN Ukraine debate

India has lampooned Pakistan as having a “Pavlovian response” for raising Kashmir regardless of the topic under discussion at the UN.

Caste becomes hot politics in US tech city; caste discrimination ban is opposed by Hindu rightwing groups

Caste discrimination as a cultural and social phenomenon is practised in India and other countries, even beyond South Asia, by members of many religions, including Christianity and Islam.

Indian American community leaders see in Haley candidacy leadership aspirations of Indian-origin people

A sign of the growing political involvement of Indian Americans is that in the 2020 general elections over 300 from the community ran for city, state and federal offices, Rangaswami said.

India’s diplomatic influence rose in 2022 due to leadership, says Australian think tank; China displacing India as South Asian investor

The index also cited what it asserted was India’s “displacement by the United States and China as a top investor and trade partner for several South Asian neighbours in recent years”.It noted that the US displaced “India as a top investor in two South Asian economies: Bangladesh and Nepal”.  Pakistan ranks 15 on the Index, Bangladesh 19, Sri Lanka 21, and Nepal 25.

Pro-Pakistan Democratic Party Representative critical of India ousted from US Congress panel

During her visit to Pakistan, she had gone close to the Line of Control and complained that Kashmir was not “being talked about to the extent it needs to in Congress but also with the administration”.

US official to hold talks in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal; Afghanistan also to figure in regional consultations

Although the US and India have been drawing closer together, India's apparent neutrality in the Ukraine war and its continued purchase of oil from Russia remains a sticking point, although Washington's diplomats gloss over it.

Now an Indian American aspires to lead the Grand Old Party

Harmeet Kaur Dhillon, who immigrated to the US as a child, drew national attention when she said a Sikh prayer at the opening of a session of the Republican National Convention in 2016 – the first time a non-Abrahamic religion figured in a national party convention. Her Sikh religion has come up in the campaign for the chair with accusations that there has been a whispering campaign about her faith.

India ‘great example’ of countries US discussing arms purchases to wean it away from Russia

India has been diversifying its defence sourcing and purchases from the US have increased ten-fold between 2016 and 2021, according to the Stockholm Peace Research Institute.

Indians 'represent some of the best citizens we have in America', says Congressman

A Republican lawmaker has praised the contributions of Indian Americans, who he said pay 6 per cent of taxes despite being 1 per cent of the population, as a model community who “represent some of the best citizens we have in America”

In Pakistan-Afghanistan spat, Islamabad ‘has right to defend itself from terrorism' says US

A Doha-based Taliban official Ahmad Yasir taunted Pakistan in a tweet reminding it of the surrender of nearly 100,000 of its military personnel to India during the 1971 Bangladesh War.

Biden to renominate Garcetti as envoy to India

Despite the growing importance of New Delhi-Washington relations, the post has been vacant for two years after Kenneth Juster, who was appointed by defeated former President Donald Trump resigned

Illegal immigration from India to the US surges, doubled in 2021-22

TRAC provides a breakdown by languages spoken by those whose asylum cases are pending and Punjabi speakers, who could be from India or Pakistan or elsewhere, numbered 21,961. There were 6,770 Hindi speakers, 6,315 Bengali speakers, who could be from India or Bangladesh or elsewhere, and 376 Tamil speakers, who could be from India, Sri Lanka or other countries.

Sikhs in Marine Corps training can sport beard, long hair, US court rules

The Sikhs suing the Marine Corps were supported in court by several organisations, including the Jewish Coalition for Religious Liberty and the American Islamic Congress

Pakistani foreign minister fails to get a meeting with Blinken in Washington

Before going to Washington, Zardari-Bhutto had made personal attacks on India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in crass terms at a news conference at the United Nations. Earlier, India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar had described Pakistan as the “epicentre of terrorism”.

US doesn’t want ‘war of words’ between India and Pakistan

Asked about the nature of US relations with India and Pakistan, Price reiterated his earlier contention that they stand on their own, were not a “zero-sum game” and Washington does not “view them in relation to the other”.