AAPI Convention 2022


Bridgeport in US to bid for 2024 T20 Cricket World Cup matches with brand new stadium

Bridgeport in US to bid for 2024 T20 Cricket World Cup matches with brand new stadium

CCI leaders find Bridgeport to be the ideal location to bring top-level cricket to the northeast United States.

AAPI’s historic 40th convention in San Antonio, Texas; celebrating achievements of Indian American physicians

Dr. Jack Resneck, President of American Medical Association, praised the contributions and achievements of Indian American physicians who serve and provide best healthcare to every 7th patient in the United States. “It’s time our nation renews our commitment to you for the incredible services you provide to our nation,” he said.

Biden appoints Indian American scientist to US cabinet; second Indian American cabinet member after Vice President Kamala Harris

If she is confirmed to the post by the Senate -- as required for all senior appointments -- Prabhakar will be the third Indian American ever to serve in a US cabinet

Will Biden raise human rights with Modi at Middle East Quad summit?

The new Quad with India, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the US to be known as I2U2 for the initials of the countries is scheduled to be inaugurated during Biden’s visit to Israel in the second week of July


At London event, Pakistan's apex court judge talks of end to persecution and autocracy

'We must acknowledge great women like Asma Jahangir. She was a great trouble-maker, judges were terrified of her — and I say that in appreciation,' Justice Isa said

Remaining Indian students evacuated from Ukraine

India heaved a sigh of collective relief after news came from the government that the evacuation of nearly 700 Indian students stranded in Ukraine's Sumy has begun

India trying to rescue last batch of students from Ukraine; 76 chartered flights have brought back nearly 20,000 so far

About 700 Indians, mostly medical students, are waiting to be rescued from the north-eastern Ukrainian city of Sumy, close to the Russian border, with Indian authorities and media saying they were the last big group from the country still stranded there

Hundreds of Indian students still stuck in Ukraine; about 14,000 have returned abroad 63 chartered flights

Hundreds of Indian students are still stranded in conflict zones in eastern Ukraine, the government said, while around 14,000 people have returned to India from Ukraine so far by 63 flights

At least 1,000 Indian students still stranded in eastern Ukraine as evacuation runs into logistical problems

The students have no leads on how to get out of the country and have issued an appeal to the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying, "We'll all be killed"

Bangladeshi national evacuated by India from Ukraine; 16 flights bring back Indian students but more still remain

A Bangladeshi national who was stuck in war-torn Ukraine for days has been evacuated by the Indian government, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) confirmed, days after Dhaka approached India, seeking its assistance from evacuating its nationals from Ukraine

28 Bangladeshi crew stranded in vessel hit by missile in Black Sea rescued; Russia regrets sailor’s death

Twenty eight Bangladeshi crew members were rescued from northern Black Sea after a missile hit their ship, killing a Bangladeshi sailor onboard

India rebuts Russia's claim of Indian students being held hostage in Ukraine; students asked to leave Kharkiv urgently, even 'on foot'

The Indian government on Thursday countered Russia’s claims that Indian students are being held hostage in Ukraine, saying they were in constant touch with all nationals and haven’t received any such report as yet

Cross-border terrorism down, Kashmir moving normalcy, Modi has a lot of support and authority in India: US official at Senate hearing

Cross-border terrorism from Pakistan has gone down in the past couple of years, Kashmir is moving towards normalcy and the Modi government retains a lot of support within the country, a senior US official has said

US circumspect on Indian abstention on Ukraine; 'foolish' to harm India ties because of Ukraine vote, says ranking senator

Hours after India had abstained a fourth time on a United Nations vote on Ukraine, an influential Republican senator cautioned that it would be “foolish” to harm bilateral ties because of it while the US government remained cautiously circumspect and said New Delhi’s position on Ukraine was “evolving” and refrained from outright criticism

When a spray-painted India flag helped Indian, Pakistani students flee Ukraine

India and Pakistan may be at daggers drawn politically and diplomatically, but among its common people there have been many instances of fellowship and even helping each other, especially among the South Asian diaspora

India student killed in Ukraine war; 16,000 students still stranded in country

The distant Russia-Ukraine war hit home in Inda when news came of a 21-year-old Indian student being killed in shelling in Ukraine

India dispatches four senior ministers to Ukraine's neighbors to coordinate students' evacuation

India on Monday dispatched four senior ministers to countries neighouring Ukraine to coordinate the evacuation operation, named Operation Ganga, to bring back close to 15,000 Indians - mostly medical students who do not get admission into medical colleges at home - who still remain stranded in the conflict zone

Concern grows as fleeing Indian students face harassment by Ukrainian border forces

Concern among Indian officials has been growing as multiple reports emerge of harassment of hundreds of fleeing Indian students stranded in freezing temperatures at the Ukraine-Poland border

US 'okay' with India's 'distinct' ties to Russia, India, Pakistan asked to use 'leverage' to influence Moscow

The US has said it is "okay" with India's "distinct" relationship with Russia, referring to its strong defence and security ties, and suggested countries like India and Pakistan use their “leverage” with Moscow to protect a rules-based international order


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