Japanese Prime Minister’s arrival in India (Photo: Twitter)

Is Japan's move towards militarisation beneficial for the region?

Instead of relying solely on the West and strengthening military preparations against Beijing, Japan should play its own diplomatic role as China's neighbor in de-escalating regional tensions, creating a different atmosphere in the Indo-Pacific region. 

Firefight-phobic PLA purchases advanced maces. How much longer will India manage disputed borders ‘bulletlessly’?

The CPC-PLA combo’s very smart use of bullet-less border management agreements, incursions/transgressions, and building villages along the LAC is continuing because the Indian Army is following bullet-less methods initiated by the Chinese even after losing 20 soldiers including a colonel by PLA’s brutal and barbaric attack in June 2020.

The free world should not succumb to Beijing’s Taiwan blackmail

The rest of the democratic world and the alliance of free nations need to stand in solidarity with Taiwan now more than ever, as Taiwan remains the last bastion against the growing autocratic forces, even surpassing Ukraine in terms of criticality and the costs at stake.

Hard power replacing soft power: China’s spy balloon marks a new phase of big-power confrontation

The balloon incident is a brazen willingness by Beijing to flex its power outside its region, and to challenge the US at its continental base, magnifying its continuous attempts to expand its influence across the world through intelligence efforts targeting businesses, universities and other institutions.

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When Chinese yuan challenges US dollar: Can India consider yuan-based payment mechanism to increase export competitiveness?

Currently, the total trade between India and China is exchanged through US dollar per se. As the Chinese yuan is not a global currency, it is more stable than the US dollar, writes S. Majumder for South Asia Monitor

In a turnaround, China offers to support Sri Lanka’s IMF assistance bid

Significantly, Colombo is also seeking bridge financing through bilateral means from India and China as the negotiations with the IMF will take at least three-four months. So far, New Delhi has provided assistance worth $2.4 billion dollars in form of lines of credits and loan repayment deferment.

Amid growing threats, Pakistan to review security of CPEC projects and Chinese nationals

“Conventional security for CPEC projects is essential, but state institutions cannot ignore the strategic and political context. Cursing external elements alone cannot solve the problem,” Muhammad Ameer Rana, a security expert, wrote in Dawn. He suggested engaging with the Baloch people to address their concerns, the most prominent among them are the cases of missing people.

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi's assets seized over foreign exchange violations

Xiaomi India is a trader and distributor of mobile phones in India under the brand name MI. It procures the completely manufactured mobile sets and other products from the manufacturers in India. "It has not availed any service from the three foreign-based entities to whom such amounts have been transferred," the ED said.

Chinese says it will take back 'some' Indian students, when 23,000 students awaiting return to their medical colleges

But there was no clarity on what China meant by allowing the return of "some" Indian students, when over 23,000 Indian students, mostly studying medicine in Chinese colleges, are stuck in India after they returned home as the coronavirus broke out in China in December 2019

Nehru 'made a blunder' in recognising China's claim over Tibet, but India's policy has changed since 2014: Tibetan government-in-exile president in US

India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru "made a blunder" when he recognised China's claim over Tibet but he did what he thought was best for his country, said Penpa Tsering, the president of the Tibetan government in exile, in Washington

India makes official clearance mandatory for tie-ups with China’s Confucius Institutes

“Any collaboration with any NGO/Foundation is subject to Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA). Hence, all Universities/Institutions having collaboration with Confucius Institutes/Hanban/CLEC or planning to collaborate to set up Confucius Institutes (CIs) or any other joint venture in any other name will be required to seek prior clearance under FCRA,” reads the communication

Xi’s endgame and strategic power manoeuvres: Prospects of regional instability loom

In preserving its strategy of breaking the containment policy, Moscow, Tehran, Islamabad, Taipei and Pyongyang remain at the forefront. All five will be used as a bargaining tool with Washington and the containing squad in exerting greater influence and say on the pull-push tussle in the Indo-Pacific domain, writes Collins Chong Yew Keat for South Asia Monitor

China expresses ‘extremely grave concern’ over Karachi bombing, demands security for its nationals amid deteriorating security situation in Pakistan

The attack, which came hours before Sharif departed for his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, raised concerns both for Pakistan and China amid an increasingly deteriorating security environment in the wake of a spree of deadly attacks by the Pakistan Taliban (TTP), Baloch groups, and the ISIS

Why China pushes yuan as reference currency for rupee-ruble rate?

As China is the biggest trading partner of India as well as Russia, its yuan has significant economic and trade potential to mediate the rupee-ruble rate, writes S. Majumder for South Asia Monitor

India says China must be treated equally, with transparency, once talks begin with creditors to restructure Sri Lanka’s debt

The country will need bridge financing of around $3 billion till the IMF finalizes its aid package. Talks are already underway with India and China for raising the money. Significantly, Bangladesh is expected to postpone the repayment of around the $450 million currency swap facility that it had extended to Sri Lanka

Pakistan government to abolish controversial CPEC body; concerns over rising debts

Significantly, almost 37 percent of the power projects built under the CPEC remain non-functional as the payments to Chinese contractors remain stalled, the new cabinet noted in the first meeting held this week on the CPEC

Chinese hackers' attempts to target India's power system near Ladakh blocked, says Indian minister

The report claimed that one of the load dispatch centres was at the crosshairs of a hacking group called RedEcho which allegedly shares ‘overlaps’ with a hacking group that the United States has tied to the Chinese government. 

Indo-Pacific: Strategic theatre of growing political, economic interest

Placing Quad in the Indo-Pacific seems critical to tackle the Chinese aggressive stance in the region

No scope for third party in China-India border issues, says Beijing after 15th round of military talks

"China-India border issue is a matter between China and India," China Military Online quoted Wu as saying


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