China's strategic missteps can have dangerous consequences for Indo Pacifc region (Photo: Twitter)

China's strategic missteps can have dangerous consequences for Indo Pacifc region

Beijing should be wise enough in realizing the dangerous impact of its using pugnacious responses to Pelosi’s visit that can risk greater backfiring from its strategic adversaries in the future

With eye on China, India's armed forces incorporate AI systems in three services

In view of China’s build-up all along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) till Arunachal Pradesh, it is just as well that India is pursuing efforts to equip its armed forces with AI-backed systems

Pelosi’s Taiwan trip: upholding values of democracy over autocracy

A new spectrum of tactical competition has begun in the Indo Pacific, and it requires more than threats and deterrence to determine the path and pattern of the conflict; it needs wisdom and strategic foresight by all the players in playing both the short and long game with both conventional and new tools of war and diplomacy

Sharpening China Watch: Indian Army seeks to up language and knowledge expertise on China

The Indian Army’s notification in July 2022 inviting applications from persons fluent in Mandarin to properly communicate with the Chinese military along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a beginning in fulfilling a decades-long important requirement

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China expresses ‘extremely grave concern’ over Karachi bombing, demands security for its nationals amid deteriorating security situation in Pakistan

The attack, which came hours before Sharif departed for his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, raised concerns both for Pakistan and China amid an increasingly deteriorating security environment in the wake of a spree of deadly attacks by the Pakistan Taliban (TTP), Baloch groups, and the ISIS

Why China pushes yuan as reference currency for rupee-ruble rate?

As China is the biggest trading partner of India as well as Russia, its yuan has significant economic and trade potential to mediate the rupee-ruble rate, writes S. Majumder for South Asia Monitor

India says China must be treated equally, with transparency, once talks begin with creditors to restructure Sri Lanka’s debt

The country will need bridge financing of around $3 billion till the IMF finalizes its aid package. Talks are already underway with India and China for raising the money. Significantly, Bangladesh is expected to postpone the repayment of around the $450 million currency swap facility that it had extended to Sri Lanka

Pakistan government to abolish controversial CPEC body; concerns over rising debts

Significantly, almost 37 percent of the power projects built under the CPEC remain non-functional as the payments to Chinese contractors remain stalled, the new cabinet noted in the first meeting held this week on the CPEC

Chinese hackers' attempts to target India's power system near Ladakh blocked, says Indian minister

The report claimed that one of the load dispatch centres was at the crosshairs of a hacking group called RedEcho which allegedly shares ‘overlaps’ with a hacking group that the United States has tied to the Chinese government. 

Indo-Pacific: Strategic theatre of growing political, economic interest

Placing Quad in the Indo-Pacific seems critical to tackle the Chinese aggressive stance in the region

No scope for third party in China-India border issues, says Beijing after 15th round of military talks

"China-India border issue is a matter between China and India," China Military Online quoted Wu as saying

Amid rising Chinese presence, India, France begin mega naval wargame in the Arabian Sea

The maritime cooperation between India and France has witnessed a major expansion in the last few years

Wang Yi’s Nepal visit: Conflicting messaging over key issues

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi wrapped up his-three day Nepal visit—his first under the Deuba government—with both countries issuing separate accounts of their meetings marked by notable diversions

China to host meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors, hopes for ‘inclusive’ government

The upcoming meeting in Beijing will be the third such meeting of foreign ministers of regional countries where members are expected to discuss a coherent regional response to address the issue of Afghanistan

India-China normalisation of ties still distant: Beijing, Delhi differ on approach

Indian sources were quoted as saying that Wang invited Doval to visit China for talks of Special Representatives (SRs) on the broader resolution of the India-China boundary, but the latter said that he could visit only “after immediate issues are resolved successfully”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in New Delhi for crucial talks to break border impasse

The Chinese senior minister's visit comes just a day after India rejected the "uncalled reference" to Kashmir during his speech at a function in Pakistan

China’s Foreign Minister makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Fifth para, first sentence- For the Taliban….

India snub to Chinese foreign minister puts cloud on speculated visit

New Delhi's rejection of Wang Yi's comments came in the midst of hectic consultations between the two sides over a possible visit by him to New Delhi within two days

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to visit India

India on Saturday said it could not be 'business as usual' in relations with China until the dragging military standoff in Ladakh sector of the LAC was resolved and peace and tranquillity restored in the border areas


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