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2004 Chittagong arms seizure: Then Bangladesh government severely compromised national and regional security

An analysis of Chetia's and Singh's interviews alongside the court's detailed judgement brings out several crucial points. Firstly, there was a concerted effort to transform Bangladesh into a sanctuary for ULFA and other rebel factions from India's northeast, facilitated by Pakistan's intelligence agency.

Bangladesh's recurrent fire tragedies: Will we ever learn our lessons?

After almost every disaster we see that our leaders come in front of the media to strongly express their grief and form an even stronger investigation committee. But the investigation committee's 'strong' report somehow gets lost in the dark abyss of the Bermuda Triangle.

Patriarchy breeds deep-rooted misogyny across Bangladeshi society

Women have to take risks at every step while walking down the streets. In the vast area of Bangladesh, there is hardly any place where a woman can breathe safely. Hatred towards women is being spread at every level of society. 

The ubiquitous influence of social media and rise of unsocial beings

Facebook has become a tool for spreading hatred, sexual perversion and extremism. When people comment on sensitive topics like religion and gender, many cross the line of decency. 

Dhaka's hazardous air quality: Official indifference aggravating public health crisis

In response to public interest litigation filed by Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB), Bangladesh's High Court recently issued a nine-point directive to authorities to tackle the capital's life-threatening air pollution.

Victory of independent candidates: A new message in Bangladesh's electoral politics

The large number of independent candidates winning in this election has shown new thinking in Bangladesh's politics. And the time may have come for political parties to rethink their candidate selection process.

BNP needs an image reset: The questionable path of Bangladesh's opposition politics

So, when the Maitree Express train between Bangladesh and India was attacked during the blockade program, the BNP's image was sorely tarnished in the eyes of the neighboring country.

Bangladesh has conveniently forgotten its bloody history

As a result, the saga of the bravery of the four national leaders has now faded from our lives. We have forgotten our Liberation War. We have utterly failed in the task of giving them their rightful place in history.

Why are the people of Bangladesh apprehensive about the upcoming elections?

Due to the lack of established regard for the democratic system, elections held after the 1990s have been marred by political turmoil and civic unrest. The absence of a solid democratic foundation has hindered the institutionalization of democracy in national life and politics.

Will Pakistan ever apologise for the 1971 genocide?

Until Pakistan apologizes for the genocide of 1971, it will remain a disgraced nation in the annals of human civilization.