Behind the attacks on Bangladesh's Hindus

Behind the attacks on Bangladesh's Hindus: A battle for a nation's identity

Attacks on Hindu localities and places of worship, like temples and Durga Puja mandaps, are aimed at terrorizing Hindus so that they don't assert politically, stay away from voting and even vote against Awami League in frustration at lack of protection, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor 

Turkish-Pakistani co-production

Soft power rivalries: Imran Khan backs Turkish-Pakistani co-production to diminish 'Hollywood-Bollywood influence'

The Turkish actors are immensely popular in Pakistan, even as the women actors, glamorous and without any veils, even sporting swimwear in real lives, have drawn criticism from the Pakistani conservatives, writes Mahendra Ved for South Asia Monitor

Civil society protests in Bangladesh against minority attacks

Minorities under assault in Bangladesh: Can civil society turn the tide?

While the ruling Awami League remains committed to protecting the minorities, the administration has been often unable to prevent Islamist rampages, writes Tapas Das for South Asia Monitor

India’s philosophical, spiritual traditions

India’s philosophical, spiritual traditions can give a new direction to global sustainable development

Instead of following the unsustainable growth example of the US and China, which is based on extreme greed and a very materialistic outlook, we should give the world a new direction of development where high technology is guided by spirituality

EU explores re-opening its mission in Kabul

EU explores re-opening its mission in Kabul; Taliban says it will benefit Afghan people

The European Union (EU) is considering restoring its diplomatic mission in Afghanistan in the coming months as the bloc moves to explore ways to deal with the Taliban, the new rulers of…

Trinidad’s annual Divali Nagar

Trinidad’s annual Divali Nagar will be a showcase of Indo-Trinidadian culture

Divali Nagar has now become the eternal flagship of Hinduism and Indian culture of various strains in the Caribbean


China passes new land border law making its territorial integrity 'inviolable'

Asserting that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China are “sacred and inviolable”, the country’s national legislature has adopted a new law on the protection and exploitation of the…

UN General Assembly

Pakistan seeks to distract criticism of China's persecution of Muslims by attacking India; Sri Lanka, Maldives support Beijing

India denounced Pakistan's efforts to defend China's persecution of its Muslim minority by attacking India with “false and malicious propaganda.”

Need for all to practice sustainable living for building a sustainable world

The consumptive lifestyle of Western societies is putting tremendous pressure on the world

Indian tea industry

Fake tea issue: Solution to Indian tea industry's problems lies in cooperation with Nepal and Bangladesh

India should assist Nepal and Bangladesh to obtain GI certification for their teas

India’s Adani group considering investment in Sri Lanka

India’s Adani group considering investment in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector

India's Adani Group, which has recently been awarded the contract to develop and run Sri Lanka’s strategic Western Container Terminal of Colombo Port, is also exploring the possibility of…

39 women officers get permanent commission in Indian Army after judicial victory

Piercing the glass ceiling: 39 women officers get permanent commission in Indian Army after judicial victory

Thirty-nine Indian Army's women officers have got Permanent Commission after winning a protracted legal battle in the Supreme Court, which ordered the government to ensure their new service status…