India-Pakistan T20 World Cup ticket in New York on resale market for $175,400!

ICC said that the demand for the  India-Pakistan match tickets at the 34,000-capacity stadium exceeded supply by 200 times.

Arul Louis Jun 08, 2024
India-Pakistan T20 World Cup ticket in New York

Is there something significant about Seat 30 in Row 20 of Section 252 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium where the T20 World Cup is being held? Or is it a reseller’s flight of vanity?

The ticket for that seat for Sunday’s India-Pakistan match in Long Island, New York has been listed for $175,400 on the resale market Stubhub, where tickets for entertainment and sports events can be legally sold with markups. It doesn’t mean that the ticket will be sold at that price – it’s just the price that the seller wants.

Compounding the mystery of that high price, tickets in adjacent rows in Section 252 were listed for far less: $693 in Row 21 and $801 in Row 19.

A ticket for a seat in that section, without disclosing the seat or row number is also listed on another resale site Viagogo for that same price, perhaps by the same person.

The clamour for the hard-to-get tickets for the clash of the South Asian neighbours and fierce cricketing rivals, which many fans consider the high point of the month-long tournament spread over venues across the US and the Caribbean countries, has spawned profiteering on the resale markets.

As of Friday night, a few tickets were still available on the official International Cricket Council(ICC)  site without markups and were priced between $1,500 in the Boundary Club section and $10,000 in the Diamond Club section.

Between them were Premium Club Lounge section tickets for $2,750 for the Corner Clubs section and $3,000 for the Cabanas section.

There are stark differences in pricing and demand between matches and they can be seen with Saturday’s Netherlands-South Africa match at the same venue: Tickets were available for between $120 for Premium and $700 for Premium Club sections on the ICC site.

Tickets for the upcoming India-US match on Wednesday were listed at $300 for Premium, $1,000 for Premium Club Lounge, Cabanas for $1,350, and Diamond Club for $7,500.

ICC began selling tickets through what it called a “public ballot”, a process in which fans applied for tickets and some were randomly selected to get them,

ICC said that the demand for the  India-Pakistan match tickets at the 34,000-capacity stadium exceeded supply by 200 times.

Some of those who got tickets at the ballot, or the open online sales later in February and in April are trying to make a hefty quick buck on the resale markets.

Stubhub, Viagogo and such sites act as middlemen charging a fee to the seller and buyer based on the value of the ticket and guaranteeing the transaction.

But despite the hype of the $175,400 demand for a ticket, the asking prices on the secondary markets mostly ranged between $700 and $1,000, still a big markup. Many of these were selling and indicating the closed transactions a slash appeared through the listing.

The second costliest listing on Stubhub was for $18,000 in Section 101.

It was followed by one for $13, 496 in the Diamond section, where the lister said it included privileges like free VIP parking, and complimentary “unlimited food and drinks (beer, wine and liquor)”.

Viagogo had a $6,700  listing for a Diamond Club seat.

Most tickets on it had an asking price between the $500s and low $700s.

On Vividseats, the costliest listing was $8,013 and the cheapest $693.

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