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Indian national accused in alleged assassination plot against Khalistani in US extradited; US seeks full investigation from India

According to court documents, Gupta, who also uses the name “Nick”, is charged with participating in a plot with an unnamed Indian “senior field officer” to assassinate the leader of a “US-based organisation that advocates for the secession of Punjab state” and the establishment of a “Sikh sovereign state called Khalistan”.

India-Pakistan T20 World Cup ticket in New York on resale market for $175,400!

ICC said that the demand for the  India-Pakistan match tickets at the 34,000-capacity stadium exceeded supply by 200 times.

T20 Cricket World Cup sparks popular interest and business in insular New York

Anderson Economic Group, an economic and business consultancy, has estimated that just the India-Pakistan match is expected to benefit the New York metro region by $78 million – $46 million in direct benefits and $32 million indirectly.

Crowd-pulling India-Pakistan cricket match in New York threatened with terror attack

ISIS-K has carried out attacks in Pakistan and has threatened terror strikes on India. In March, ISIS-K terrorists attacked a concert hall in Moscow killing about 130 people adding gravity to the latest threat.


Pakistani Sikhs to celebrate Baisakhi on Tuesday

The Sikh community in Pakistan will celebrate the traditional spring festival of Baisakhi as well as the 321st anniversary of the founding of the Khalsa on Tuesday, the media reported

Kashmiri artistes reinvent rare weaving technique

In the face of the lockdown in Kashmir, two artistes -- Majid and Fayaz Mir -- have found a way to make the most of pashmina art by developing a rare weaving technique that was lost 60 years back

Sri Lanka’s cinema halls, artistes to receive relief

Sri Lanka’s state-owned film corporation on Wednesday said it would distribute Rs 100,000 among cinema halls for three months

S2S internet portal launched for students stranded by lockdown

A much-needed internet tool for supporting poor, needy and stranded students in the midst of the lockdown due to COVID19 has been launched by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) April 4, 2020

Helping students in Bhutan disturbed by Covid-19

The counsellor listens attentively. His voice is calming as he, in a slow and clear, tells the person on the phone to relax. After 35 minutes at 10:30 pm, he hangs up the phone

India's fashion fraternity to the fore against pandemic

India's fashion fraternity has come together to lend support for those most affected by covid-19 pandemic

Pakistani universities asked to start online classes

Pakistan's Higher Education Commission (HEC) has directed all universities and accredited institutions in the country to start online classes for the students staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, said a notification

Sangsad TV to broadcast lessons for primary students

State-run Sangsad Bangladesh Television is set to broadcast pre-recorded lessons for primary school students of grades III-V after the government was forced to shut down educational institutions across the country in order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus

Bringing people together through music

Coronavirus is uniting the global community in an effort to reduce the spread of the disease and treat those already infected

Learning should continue, e-Learning is optional: Bhutan PM

Bhutanese Prime Minister Lotay Tshering said it was not compulsory to teach students through e-learning and there was never a government directive asking to do so. He emphasised, however, there was a need for students to continue learning

Indian artist Satish Gujral dies at 94

Renowned Indian artist and architect Satish Gujral passed away late Thursday at the age of 94

COVID-19: a guide to good practice on keeping people well informed

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading across the world. For those who catch it, the vast majority will experience mild symptoms, but for a few it can cause severe disease and death. Some groups - like older people and those with pre-existing health conditions - are more vulnerable when exposed than others.

Nepal's Tribhuwan University postpones exams

Tribhuwan University has announced postponement of the university-level examinations (yearly and semester) which were earlier scheduled to commence from March 20 and March 22, and those which are currently being held

Maldives government seeks public opinion on new education bill

The Maldivian government, which has framed a new education bill that provides equal opportunities for higher education and training for all, has sought public opinion on it

COVID-19 paralyses Indian film industry

The Covid-19 shutdown has come as a totally unexpected blow for the entertainment industry as a whole, and the film industry in particular. There have been cinema shutdowns earlier but those were usually voluntary and planned, as protest against some government high-handedness or unreasonable taxes and such