Our new-born mind

I am learning many things anew

Amit Bose Apr 05, 2020

I am learning many things anew, 
Or, perhaps unlearning tons o' stuff 
Much more than handful few. 
Our brain of course, is unique, 
But the mind far more so. 
It is a teacher, also the student, 
Even a classroom that makes us prudent. 
If you keep the doors (of the mind) open 
You need no books, no notepads, no pen. 
I am learning anew, history 
Past invations, fights, wars 
Driven by greed, selfishness, ego 
Are now, no more a mystery. 
I am learning anew, geography 
The futility of country borders, 
Of flags, passports, ethnicity 
Struggles for independence 
And sinister complicity. 
In all these, I have realized that Maths 
Has stayed frozen in time. 
For zero plus zero 
Was, is and will forever remain zero. 
Our core values of love, respect 
And being kind 
Should remain etched permanently 
Indelible in our mind. 
Till the time we do not respect Nature 
And embrace mankind as one, 
Our destiny and plight will keep changing, 
Our peace of mind, we will shun. 
The need of the hour is to be like maths 
The eternal truth of zero 
We are all part of this One Universe, 
One Nature, One Humanity 
Our new-born mind is the hero. 

(The poem's author is a senior management professional based in New Delhi who indulges in flights of creativity)


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