That is Life

Just interludes of joy and happiness

Ashok Sawhny Oct 07, 2020

Just interludes of joy and happiness
Is that the pattern, the Grand Design,
How then can I ever lay claim on you
O Wistful, vanishing, smile of mine.

Your fleeting nature worries me, no end
As I try to hold on to you,
You leave me in those doldrums, confused
Are you real, are you true ?

Are you like the changing winds
That blow across the stormy seas
Then, as they reach the sands and shore
Calm down, and the  lovers ,softly please

But, I must confess a thing or two
I like you as you truly are
For, you are without a planned disguise
Never deceiving, seeing eyes.

I know that both you and me, are
Dependent on the vagaries
That confront us from time to time
As we try to, everyone, always please

I can’t, at even my mirror do that
‘Cause that piece of glass never lies,
It has both a heart and a mind too
And also, truly reflecting eyes

As it pierces through with silky ease
Down to the very core of me,
The unspoken words, loud and clear
“You are smiling but, are you really happy”.

Bits of joy and bits of sadness
And, bits of nothing also there,
That is life, O Ashok, and you know it well
As you’ve moved, through it all, everywhere.

(The author is a prolific poet who has over 30 poetry books to his credit. He can be reached at

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