Pro-Khalistan supotters protest(Photo: Twitter)

Canada's policy of giving a free run to South Asian separatists might boomerang on it

When the LTTE waged ethnic war in Sri Lanka with a base on Canadian soil, Sri Lanka could do nothing about it, as it was a small country facing a tough local challenge. But such would not be the case with India, a large country with considerable muscle power to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

US disinclined to jeopardize India ties over alleged plot to kill Sikh separatist

It is obvious that the U.S. sees India as perhaps its most important strategic relationship not just in Asia but even globally in the context of an increasingly assertive China.

Nikki Haley: The doughy Indian American who is taking on Trump

Will American women respond to Nikki, count her as one of them, and make her the President of the USA, now or in 2028? 

'Global Indians' in the 21st century: Why Desis are the most prepared diaspora for the mad new world order

Given that Indian settlers are generally law-abiding citizens with a high focus on education and are positive contributors to the local economy they are considered a model minority group. India’s rising economic stature and the government of India’s regular engagement with the diaspora have raised the diaspora’s stock within the host nation.


Bangladesh educational institutions to remain closed till September: PM

All educational institutions in Bangladesh will remain closed till September in view of the COVID-19 outbreak across the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Monday

School unlikely to open soon in Bhutan

Nepal's Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel said that alternative teaching methods should be adopted to continue learning activities, considering the impact of COVID-19

Bhutan football aiming for new highs

Do you know which domestic league is played at the highest altitude? The answer is the Bhutan Premier League, the national competition of the mountainous kingdom of 740,000 inhabitants with an average elevation of 10,760 feet

A Ramadan sans haleem in Hyderabad

This Ramadan, Hyderabad will miss 'haleem', the season's flavour,  as hotels have decided not to make or sell the lip-smacking delicacy in view of the ongoing lockdown to check the spread of coronavirus

SIM to cover Bhutanese students without access to television or internet

To engage students without access to television or internet, Bhutan's education ministry is now working on Self Instructional Materials (SIM), a printed version of the tele-education that has been broadcast since March 27

Bhutan considering several options on school closure

There is no definite duration on how long schools and institutions will remain closed although all the education institutions closed since March 5 following Covid-19 pandemic, according to  Bhutanese Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering

Famous Banarasi saree industry struggling amid corona crisis

The Banarasi saree industry, renowned for its production of beautiful and some of the finest sarees in India, is struggling to cope with the dip in the business it is facing due to the nationwide lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed over 450 lives in the country so far

Hyderabad to miss the hustle-bustle of Ramzan

The holy month of Ramzan (Ramadan) every year is a period of not just spiritual activity but also of unprecedented business and trade in the historic Indian city of Hyderabad,  famous for its rich Islamic heritage

Low key Baisakhi for Pakistan's Sikh community

Pakistan's Sikh community celebrated the annual spring festival of Baisakhi on Tuesday, while a simple ceremony took place at the Gurdwara Panja Sahib in Punjab province

Coronavirus combat cripples Pahela Baishakh celebrations in locked down Bangladesh

Bangladeshis are going to celebrate Pahela Baishakh at home this year with their most colourful extravaganza constrained by the cruelty of the unprecedented battle to beat back the coronavirus epidemic amid a nationwide lockdown

Pakistan PM inaugurates national broadcast education channel

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated a national broadcast education channel to mitigate the loss faced by the students due to the closure of educational institutions till May 31 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

Pakistani Sikhs to celebrate Baisakhi on Tuesday

The Sikh community in Pakistan will celebrate the traditional spring festival of Baisakhi as well as the 321st anniversary of the founding of the Khalsa on Tuesday, the media reported

Kashmiri artistes reinvent rare weaving technique

In the face of the lockdown in Kashmir, two artistes -- Majid and Fayaz Mir -- have found a way to make the most of pashmina art by developing a rare weaving technique that was lost 60 years back

Sri Lanka’s cinema halls, artistes to receive relief

Sri Lanka’s state-owned film corporation on Wednesday said it would distribute Rs 100,000 among cinema halls for three months

S2S internet portal launched for students stranded by lockdown

A much-needed internet tool for supporting poor, needy and stranded students in the midst of the lockdown due to COVID19 has been launched by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) April 4, 2020