Operation X | Col Anil Bhat, Cdr Vijai Kapil, Petty Officer Chiman Singh, Mr. Sandeep Unnithan | SAM

Dec 16, 2020

Col Anil Bhat in conversation with Cdr Vijai Kapil, Petty Officer Chiman Singh, and Mr. Sandeep Unnithan about Operation X, which occurred during the 1917 Bangladesh Liberation War. Operation X was a three-stage naval special operation of the Indian Navy that entailed blocking supplies to damage the war waging potential of Pakistan in erstwhile East Pakistan.

Cdr Vijai Kapil and Petty Officer Chiman Singh are were ace divers of the Indian Navy and were trainers in Operation X. Mr. Sandeep Unnithan is the Executive Editor at India Today magazine and author of the book Operation X: The Untold Story of India's Covert Naval War in East Pakistan.

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Table of Contents
1. Planning of Operation X - 02:15
2. Operation Jackpot - 05:47
3. Bangladeshi Recruitments - 06:47
4. The Naval Commando Operations X - 09:32

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