The COVID heroes in India's vaccination drive | Reimagining India

Jul 20, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over in India. Shortly after the second wave, the pressure to vaccinate the massive population of the country looms ahead. So far India has vaccinated a little over 5% of its total population of approximately 1.3 billion, of whom around 900 million people are eligible for vaccination. To fully vaccinate the remaining target population by August 2021, India would need to give out nearly 8-9 million doses every day and prioritise second doses to those who have received the first dose. The COVID vaccination process is primarily digital in India- from registering to procuring a vaccination certificate. Vaccine volunteers are making efforts to bridge the digital divide as well as the geographical divide, from troubled Kashmir in the north, to tribal-dominated Jharkhand in the east to remote areas in Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast.