Indian diaspora must practice new paradigms in T&T, foster closer cultural ties with India

Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has just returned from India where he signed an agreement, among other things, to assist in the establishment of a cricket academy at Trincity in northern Trinidad. 

Paras Ramoutar Jun 01, 2024
Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

Amidst mounting robberies, murders, and other crimes in Trinidad and Tobago, there must be a new series of initiatives aimed principally to curb them once and for all. And as the Indian diaspora marks its 179th anniversary since the first batch of East Indians in the Fatel Razack burst through the Gulf of Paria on May 30, 1845, with a cadre of 230 laborers to give them new hope and new opportunity in Trinidad and Tobago, then a colonial country, much more needs to be done to offer continued peace, order, respect for the descendants of the indentured persons when between 1845 and 1920, more than 150.000 was brought to the land from India. 

The Indian diaspora must move away from the traditional floats and celebratory parades and instead forge a new forum to regenerate new thoughts, and new aspirations and advance to a worldview shaped by the wisdom and knowledge we have inherited. The Indian diaspora must avoid too much talking, and replace it with profound actions worthy to be emulated in the governance of the nation.

New thought process needed 

In marking the 179th anniversary of Indian Arrival Day in 2023, the Indian diaspora must seek to motivate a new thought process for the coming generation. There have been several MOUs signed by both governments, India and Trinidad and Tobago, and one wonders how many of the points of agreement have been practical and in the interest of both nations. And except for religious and tourism forays, and several Indian-established business entities, there is not much bilateral engagement to count.

The Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Cultural Co-operation came into existence in 2020, and has been doing a worthy job in terms of promoting Indian culture and religion. A new Indian High Commissioner, Dr Pradeep Rajpurohit,  seems to be keen on reinvigorating the relationship and dusting off the several MOUs stuck in the shelves in both countries. Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has just returned from India where he signed an agreement, among other things, to assist in the establishment of a cricket academy at Trincity in northern Trinidad. 

Giving diaspora a new meaning

A notable personality who will be missed this year is Dr Brinsley Samaroo, former government minister and professor emeritus at the University of West Indies, who for more than half a century had been diligently researching the Indian diaspora in Fiji, Mauritius, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and other parts of the Caribbean. He gave the Indian diaspora a new meaning and a new ethos. He would surely be missed as an integral figure in the whole Indian diaspora process.

And to mark his death last July, in a recent publication entitled, “From Villager To International Schola---The Life Of A Legend”, several of his associates paid tribute to him for the meaningful academic work he did in pursuance of the Indian diaspora worldwide. Dr Samaroo put Trinidad and Tobago on the international map in terms of diaspora issues.

The Indian diaspora must continue to etch its mark as a serious segment of the population of this Caribbean nation where 37 per cent of its 1.4 million people are of Indian descent. It has to make its statement boldly, affirmatively and respectfully, aimed at avoiding the pitfalls we might make. We have the leadership to mount this assignment and the challenges we might endure. It must be an academic and philosophical task, and let us not be fooled merely by floats and riverboats. We are past that stage.

(The author is a Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago-based journalist. He can be contacted at

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