PM of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay

Bhutan's new government should safeguard territorial integrity and uphold cultural pluralism

Diplomatic efforts must be intensified to address the ongoing border situation with China and safeguard Bhutan's sovereignty.  It is also imperative to address the unresolved Bhutanese refugee issue and protracted family separation among Bhutanese Americans.

Pakistan elections (Photo: Twitter)

Pakistan elections: A rebuke to the military establishment's policies?

The time has come to drastically curb the unchecked and ultra-constitutional powers of the army chief, subject the intelligence agencies to public scrutiny and accountability, and limit their influence over domestic and foreign policy. 

Manipur's tension (Photo: Twitter)

Are Manipur's warning bells going unheeded?

Much more violence could be expected in Manipur, with Meitei radicals waging all-out war against the Kuki-Zo, with Nagas fearing they would be the next target since the Arambai Tenggol alone outnumbers the tribals of Manipur hugely. 

Mohammed Muizzu

A new 'great game' in the Maldives? Male's shifting sands a strategic challenge for Indian diplomacy

The Maldives has undergone a radical transformation. To see this as playing the India or China card would be a miscalculation. Indeed, the strategic narrative of what is going on is very different. 


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