People wait to collect their passports at the Immigration and Emigration Department in Sri Lanka (Photo: Twitter)

Brain drain in Sri Lanka: A tragedy with a long term economic effect

This craze for migration is going to have a huge detrimental effect on Sri Lanka as it will be left with very few skilled workers to develop and contribute to the Sri Lankan economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina jointly inaugurated the 131 km-long India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline on 18 March via video conference

India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline is a major milestone in bilateral cooperation, will help regional energy integration

Bhutan and Nepal would also benefit from the pipeline project. The two nations will have the chance to take part in the regional energy market and have access to a reliable energy source. The BBIN region’s economy will grow as the pipeline project fits in with the region’s overarching goal of enhancing integration and connectivity in South Asia. 

Rohingya (Photo: Twitter)

Has Myanmar had a change of heart on Rohingya repatriation?

Acting under international pressure, Myanmar has apparently made the decision to reintegrate persecuted Rohingya based on nationality verification - with the repatriated Rohingya being referred to as "Bengali foreigners" - under the active supervision of international organizations and China, the United States, and EU countries.

A funding crisis will hit Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh (Photo: Sufian Siddique)

A funding crisis will hit Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh; India and China need to do more

However, India, China, and other regional actors have yet to establish a firm position on the Rohingya repatriation process and peace talks to end the crisis in Myanmar. While the US is strongly supporting Bangladesh on the Rohingya issue, China and India’s geopolitical and geoeconomic interests in Myanmar have left Bangladesh to manage the Rohingya crisis alone.


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