Cmde C Uday Bhaskar (retd)

Cmde C Uday Bhaskar (retd)

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The author is Director, Society for Policy Studies

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Indian Navy conducts twin-carrier exercise in vaunted 'power projection'; but fund scarcity hobbles full combat potential

The June 10 deployment of two carriers by IN  has received favourable notice internationally and  this has added salience on the eve of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state  visit to the USA (June 21)  in relation to India’s naval capabilities. 

India@75 : Much to be proud of, amid some worrisome trends

The ideological shift in politics towards prioritizing the majority religious denomination that has morphed into assertive political Hindutva goes against the fabric of the 'Idea of India' enshrined in the constitution

New Indian Army chief faces a daunting task: Maintaining combat efficiency in face of multiple challenges

The reality is that Delhi had forfeited the tactical advantage that the Indian Army had acquired at considerable cost, to ostensibly facilitate the negotiations with China. However, despite multiple rounds of talks,  the PLA has not moved back from all the areas that it had intruded into along the LAC, writes Cmde C Uday Bhaskar (retd)…

Danger of rapid escalation of Ukraine war: India must speak out

The ‘unforeseen’ would become a frightening reality, recalling what the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had whispered piteously: "The living will envy the dead", writes Cmde C. Uday Bhaskar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

India’s export of Brahmos missiles to the Philippines has larger geopolitical significance

The Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme that began in 1983 under the stewardship of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is an island of Indian perseverance and quiet success, writes Cmde C. Uday Bhaskar (retd,) for South Asia Monitor

Mahatma Gandhi and India@75: Fabricated news making a mockery of Gandhi's quest for truth

Paradoxically, but not surprisingly,  over the last six decades, the collective commitment to truth as a principle to be adhered to with Gandhian conviction has been diluted progressively, writes Cmde C Uday Bhaskar (retd) for South Asia Monitor 

Vikrant sets sail: India demonstrates prowess to design and build aircraft carriers

Warship building and design is an arduous undertaking and India now joins a select group of nations that have demonstrated proven capability to conceive, design, and build an aircraft carrier, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

Law must be tempered by justice: CJI Ramana’s observations will restore Indians’ faith in higher judiciary

The Chief Justice of India (CJI), N.V. Ramana, struck a resounding note about the interpretation of the understanding of law per se, when he observed that “It can be used not only to render justice, it can also be used to justify oppression.”

Containing Covid: Need for global vaccination effort

Even as the Covid  pandemic numbers  are declining in India, there is growing concern that new mutations of the virus – particularly the Delta variant,  with its super-spreader qualities, could soon pose a global challenge later in the year

An environmental disaster off Colombo: Possible lapses in shipping protocols need investigation

The  slow sinking  of the  fire-stricken  Singapore-registered container ship X-Press Pearl off Colombo port, almost on the eve of World Environment Day June 5, has the potential to turn into a major  environmental disaster for Sri Lanka and neighbouring India