Images from various SAARC summits sourced from copyright-free photos. Collage by Pragayan Srivastava

The imperative of regional cooperation in South Asia

Today, the lack of regional cooperation in South Asia impedes development and has long-term negative economic, social and security ramifications. Over-reliance on foreign powers for partnerships and financial support can have adverse economic effects as seen in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

PM Modi held talks with Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

Hasina's India visit is beneficial for regional stability and prosperity, China factor notwithstanding

India was keen to welcome PM Hasina before her China trip to ensure bilateral consensus on sensitive issues. Over the last several years, strategic ties have grown, with cooperation in science and technology, defence and security, energy, trade, commerce, and maritime issues. The goal of the visit was to strengthen these bonds.

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A world in transition: Will this lead to a new world order or disorder?

China, Russia and the US, however, give little value to international laws. They accept them only if they suit their own interests. They reject them if they conflict with their interests.

Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's debt deal with China: Implications for the economy and India-Sri Lanka relations

India and China have long been strategic rivals in South Asia. China's significant economic footprint in Sri Lanka, through investments in infrastructure projects like the Hambantota Port and the Colombo Port City, has raised concerns in New Delhi about Beijing’s growing influence. The debt deal, involving China, adds another layer to this complex relationship.