Katchatheevu lying halfway between India and Sri Lanka (Representational Photo)

Raking up Katchatheevu: India’s internal politics affect international relations

After the Indian protests over China’s research vessels in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has indicated that Chinese vessels can dock at Sri Lankan ports for replenishment and repairs.

India-Bangladesh border (Photo: Twitter)

Reducing tensions along India-Bangladesh border: Role of local communities in promoting cross-border trust and welfare

Despite extraordinary diplomatic efforts and landmark agreements between the two countries, the ground reality along the border often reveals deep-seated animosities fueled by historical legacies, socio-economic disparities, and cross-border dynamics.

10 trucks full of arms were seized in Chittagong in 2004 (Photo: Twitter)

2004 Chittagong arms seizure: Then Bangladesh government severely compromised national and regional security

An analysis of Chetia's and Singh's interviews alongside the court's detailed judgement brings out several crucial points. Firstly, there was a concerted effort to transform Bangladesh into a sanctuary for ULFA and other rebel factions from India's northeast, facilitated by Pakistan's intelligence agency.

Representational Photo

India leveraging geopolitical strengths to develop its own AI-powered defense systems

Strategic initiatives such as "AI in Defense," "Make in India," and "Buy IDDM" demonstrate India's commitment to nurturing indigenous AI solutions.